Beware Items Without Pricetags At Liquidated Circuit City Locations

A former Circuit City employee says he visited some of his old coworkers and found out about a trick the liquidators are using that you should beware:

If an item does not have a price tag, don’t buy it. You more than likely won’t be getting much of a discount, you may actually be paying more than normal for it. The way Circuit Citys price tag system works is basically all the tags should be pretty much the same in every store.

So if the liquidator wants the price to be higher, they can’t print a tag (easily at least). So basically what they do is just not put a tag on it, raise the price, then give you the 10-30% discount. So really the customer is just paying normal or higher prices. They suspect it to be like that for a while depending on how fast they sell through inventory. If they aren’t selling through product, then they should start giving real discounts.

If there’s a high dollar product you want, I would just keep checking back every day or so because of the limited inventory, until you can get the best price possible.

With “Few Deals To Be Had At Circuit City Liquidation Sales“, and a number of the items available online for the same price, savvy dealseekers need to go into the 155 closing Circuit Citys cautiously and armed with price research about the goods they want to buy.

(Photo: Xurble)

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