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Here Are The 331 Stores Gymboree Plans To Close

Last month, children’s clothing retailer Gymboree announced that it would be filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to help it get out from more than $1.4 billion in debt. Part of its reorganization would also include closing some stores, and a month later, the chain has released its initial list of store closings. [More]

Pat Guiney

The Business Of Re-Selling Your Unwanted Christmas Gifts Is Still Brisk

The holiday shopping season is over, which means that the holiday scavenger season has begun. As we return our gifts, those items make their way to brokers who sell random stuff by the truckload, eventually ending up on the shelf of a discount store in the next state, in a popular eBay store, or a flea market table on the other side of the world. [More]


Aeropostale Wants To Reorganize, Main Lender Thinks That’s Adorable

In recent months, we’ve shared with you the bankruptcy saga of Sports Authority, a sporting goods chain that was deep in debt, filed for bankruptcy protection, and planned to re-emerge as a smaller and reorganized retailer, but couldn’t make it work, ultimately selling its remaining stores to liquidators. Teen clothing retailer Aeropostale seems to be headed down a similar path, with its biggest lender pressuring the chain to get ready to auction its stores instead of reorganizing. [More]

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All Hancock Fabrics Stores Will Liquidate, Close

Back in February, the long-troubled craft store chain Hancock Fabrics filed for bankruptcy for the second time in a decade. This time, there will be no reorganization. The chain planned to close 70 stores and tried to find a buyer for the remaining 185 that would keep the open and preserve thousands of jobs across the country. The winning bidder in yesterday’s auction in bankruptcy court was Great American Group, a liquidator. [More]

No Deals: Notorious Cabal To Oversee Ritz Camera Liquidations

No Deals: Notorious Cabal To Oversee Ritz Camera Liquidations

Sorry deal hunters, the liquidation sales starting today at over 300 Ritz Camera locations will be managed by the same cabal of corporate scavengers that oversaw Circuit City’s abysmal liquidation sales.

Inside The Mind Of A Liquidator

Inside The Mind Of A Liquidator

Interesting facts from a Boston Globe article profiling a member of the Tweeter liquidation team, David “The Junkyard Dog” Spehar:

Beware Items Without Pricetags At Liquidated Circuit City Locations

Beware Items Without Pricetags At Liquidated Circuit City Locations

A former Circuit City employee says he visited some of his old coworkers and found out about a trick the liquidators are using that you should beware: