UPDATED: Breaking: Circuit City Closing 155 Stores

According to anonymous insider tips, Circuit City is closing 155 stores and withdrawing from 12 markets. This will be officially announced tomorrow at 8am, says our source. A scan we received of a letter distributed to CC employees helps corroborate the story. The tipsters say that store employees were told this morning. No information was provided at that time about severance pay. Employees in certain departments, like car installation, and Firedog, will likely be out of a job within 48 hours. Warranties will still be honored. UPDATE 6: Here’s the complete official list of closing stores.

A Consumerist commenter on this post says this story is true, and a few posts in Google Finance forums also attest to the store closing. One post there says the store closings will be effective 12/31/08.

The news wouldn’t be entirely unexpected as WSJ reported on Oct 20th that the retailer was considering closing 150 stores. On Friday, Oct 31, CC was warned it get delisted from the New York Stock Exchange because its stock price averaged below $1 for 30 days.

You can already start to see which stores are closing by seeing which ones don’t show up in Circuit City’s online store locator.

Circuit City is officially fried.

UPDATE: A Consumerist commenter on this post and a message in the Google Finance forums have also said that the store closing are going to happen.

UPDATE 2: Another Circuit City insider writes: “A team of liquidators will be coming in and taking control of the store. They will set prices as they see fit, and price match guarantee, employee discounts, CC circulars, and the new one price guarantee are all out the window. The price you see is the price you will pay, although it ought to be at a bit of a discount. Firedog services as well as car audio installation are gone immediately. Returns and warranties have to be taken to a CC that’s not closing. No new stock will be delivered, we just gotta crank away and sell off everything, and when it’s sold, we hit the road.”

UPDATE 3: A CC employee scanned and sent us this letter he received from CC about the store closings:

UPDATE 4: In classy fashion, Chicago CC employees were told the news at what was billed as a “holiday kickoff” meeting that instead became a “holiday layoff” meeting.

UPDATE 5: Another CC insider reports, “Liquidators will be coming in on Tuesday and the affected stores will be shut down. there is likely not going to be a severance package for us being affected by the layoffs but we were given the option to get a bonus based on how many hours we worked under the liquidation process. We are not allowed to transfer to other locations and have to wait out the liquidation process before we can reapply. So essentially, we will have to take a paycut, a position cut, and more than likely an hours cut if we want to still work for the company.

More importantly I tried to find out what was going to happen to all the warranty computers. Customers will be getting a call from their local firedog techs tomorrow (Monday) about either to pick up their computers and take them to a different location to do warranty work, or for those who have already had their computers sent out for repair be told where they can pick it up. As far as I’ve been told everything that is out at our repair depots has already been set in motion and will not be shipping back to the stores that are closing. During the liquidation process we will no longer be accepting gift cards, coupons, checks, or circuit city credit cards.

I would tell people to call up their store tomorrow and see where their laptop is being shipped to because obviously that could be a very big hassle for people.”

(Photo: heartburn)


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  1. CSUSam says:

    This is all one hundred percent true. Employees will be allowed to stay at closing stores through the liquidation, but that is all we were really told. Nothing about severance or anything like that.

    • oneliketadow says:

      @CSUSam: Are you at Fort Collins (CSU=Colorado St)? I’m curious if “our” store will close.

      • CSUSam says:

        @oneliketadow: Yes I am, and the store here is safe. There will be some in the “Denver area” that are closing, but I know ours is not closing.

        • jupitertronic says:

          @CSUSam: Hah, I grew up in Ft. Collins. I’m very surprised that CC isn’t shutting down, but then again, besides Best Buy, there is almost literally nowhere else to buy electronics in that town. I never even *heard* of Fry’s Electronics until I moved to Arizona. But, ironically, almost all the Arizona CC’s (at least the ones I’ve been to) are shutting down.

  2. Turcicus says:

    Any indications as to where some of these stores might be?

    • MadelineCockatrice says:

      @Turcicus: I know all stores in the Atlanta area are closing. Used to work there, but got laid off about 3 months ago. Just talked to a manager and he said all stores in the Atlanta market will be closed around December 15th.

  3. MrsLopsided says:

    Wow. 155/660 = 23% of their stores.

    • DataRaider says:

      @MrsLopsided: I was just reading an article that stated they have close to 1500 stores in US and Canada, so it’s 10% of their stores.

      I expect the one in Fairview Heights, IL to be one of them. The last time I was in there (was trying to find a Wii, so figured why not try since no other stores had one), the place was a ghost town.

  4. Megladon says:

    Wonder if they’ll mark the items up before putting them on a 30% sale like comp usa did.

  5. Triborough says:

    This isn’t a shock.
    Now the question that comes to mind is: Will there be deals to be had?

    • oneswellfoop says:

      @Triborough: I’m sure there will be deals to be had, but lets hope they’re better than the “deals” found at the CompUSA closings.

      • Sjixxxy says:

        @oneswellfoop: Or better then the deals a local video place here had when they shut down about seven years ago. They wanted $80 for a heavily watched VHS copy of ‘Explorers’ because it was rare. Yeah, I bet that liquidation went over real well.

    • FooSchnickens - Full of SCAR says:


      I loves me some fixture sales. I got a ton of shelving from media play for our shop when they went under.

    • TVarmy says:

      @Triborough: Glad you asked it before me. I feel terrible for the employees and the shareholders, but I also want some cheap electronics before Christmas. Hopefully, it won’t be like how unpopular stores will hold going out of business sales and not lower prices or even raise them, and count on people assuming prices are automatically lower.

    • Theophilus P. Wildebeeste says:

      @Triborough: I doubt it, they’ll be using the store’s remain stock to supply the remaining stores, since Sony have stopped delivering, and in the light of this, many other suppliers might follow suit.

    • Corporate-Shill says:


      With Gordon Brother Liquidators or a similar liquidator doing the sell off?

      Can you say… “not likely”.

  6. AnF-DuDe says:


  7. tworld says:

    Hope they start selling stuff off with big discounts, I need a laptop.

  8. mrbill says:

    Has any big chain EVER closed such a high percentage of their total stores, and then NOT gone on to eventually close ALL the stores within a year?

    • mbz32190 says:


      Kmart closed quite a bit of stores 4 or 5 years ago and they are still around (for now…).

      But Circuit City is done. Even if they close just this number of stores, it’s not going to really help them.

      • Tmoney02 says:

        @mbz32190: The thing about K-mart though is they were able to merge with sears and that helped both stores from free falling.

        No such help will be coming to CC.

    • juniper says:

      @mrbill: KMart closed 110 stores in the mid-90’s (how I remember this I don’t know) for restructuring – they didn’t actually bankrupt. In 2003 or 2004 they filed chapter 11 and closed another 300 while restructuring again.

      They’ve now merged with Sears and share a CEO, and I expect they’ll tinker with the brand more, with more store openings and closings over time. Kmart is kind of the zombie of the retailer world.

    • Hanzo says:

      Within a year? Sam Goody I suppose. They were on their death bed for a few years, refusing to completely give in.

      Of course, Sam Goody did eventually go under, but not within a year of the first round of massive closures.

  9. pengie says:

    I believe this. A Firedog employee of the CC I used to work at text messaged me last night saying our store (3708, York, PA) was having an “emergency meeting.” My heart sank, but it wasn’t entirely unexpected.

    I only wonder if they’re going to close the six month old location out here in my current city (Norman, OK). Nobody seems to shop there, which actually makes it more pleasant to visit, but obviously that’s not good for business.

    • DH405 says:

      @pengie: I’ve never once set foot in that store. Don’t think I will. It’s all online for me. Does Norman even have any good computer shops any more?

      • pengie says:

        @SMSDHubbard: Not really. Best Buy’s alright, but usually too crowded. Circuit’s alright–it’s honestly quite nice to shop in peace, but it’s maddening when you DO need help and can’t find an employee. If you can take the drive, though, the Ultimate Electronics off of I-240 (OKC) is awesome.

        • DH405 says:

          @pengie: Really? I can’t stand Ultimate Electronics. I guess I’m just spoiled by online retailers, but I wasn’t at all happy with the service or the selection.

    • scootinger says:


      I’m guessing they are probably closing the Norman store as well as the one at NW Expressway and Portland, because they no longer show on CC’s store locator. But the ones at Quail Springs and I-240 are still there.


      I’ve been in the Ultimate at Memorial/Penn a couple of times, and from my experience their service was pretty shitty.

      • Wubbytoes says:

        @scootinger: I’m surprised the I-240 store isn’t closing. The last time I was there the place was a mess, the employees were all standing behind the customer service desk talking to each other, and someone had come through the video game section and opened up numerous game cases and stolen the disks inside. It was pretty unbelievable.

      • DH405 says:

        @scootinger: Figures they’d keep the one by Quail Springs. I think that’s the one they do all of their in-home service from. It’s right down the road from me and I think a number of the employees live in my apartment complex, so I suppose that’s a good thing.

        @Wubbytoes: @scootinger: @pengie: Pretty decent showing of OKC Metro area Consumerist readers for one thread. Maybe we should have a Consumerist meetup. :)

  10. jansteph says:

    I heard this a week or so ago.

  11. warloc66 says:

    Is this really such big news? Their stock price is at $0.26. Writing on the wall, kids. Circuit City is dead.

  12. oneliketadow says:

    I went into a Circuit City a few weeks back to try and buy a cell phone charger. They only seem to sell Verizon phones and accessories for Verizon phones, a total waste.

    • socalrob of the 24 and a half century says:

      Ok so I wasn’t going crazy. I went in to try and find a bluetooth headset but all I saw was the verizon kiosk and no one to help me in site. Oddly the verizon kiosk was neat and organized whereas the rest of the store was a disaster area.

    • CSUSam says:

      @oneliketadow: We have an exclusive deal to be a Verizon partner. We have some third party chargers, but that is really it.

      • oneliketadow says:

        @CSUSam: I understand pimping Verizon service, but if the store doesn’t sell accessories for other brands, it’s not really a one-stop electronics store. I was in Parker at the time, on my way to DIA with a cell phone that was rapidly dying. When I got to the airport, I found out just how much pay phones suck!

  13. Marshfield says:

    So my Firedog “free stereo de-installation in the event you sell your vehicle” will become worthless soon?


    • eddytompkins says:

      My thought exactly, along with good riddance and may this be a lesson to corporations that think there is money to be made by eliminating the portion of your workforce that knows how to do its job.

    • Theophilus P. Wildebeeste says:

      @Marshfield: Not really, I’m sure that a former employee would be happy to rip it out of your dash to sell it for food / rent / whatever money.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The SONY thing wasn’t because CC couldn’t pay, it was because there was a sinkhole at the distribution center and ALL trucks got turned around because the center was right over a main gas line.

  15. cecilsaxon says:

    Now where did I put my fork…

  16. pengie says:

    According to my tipster, two stores in the Pennsylvania area are closing as early as TOMORROW. I’m trying to get him to come over here and send in more details…

  17. Onion_Volcano says:

    anyone have a list of stores that are closing?

  18. HooFoot says:

    I don’t like Circuit City, but it sucks that the employees are losing their jobs during an economic downturn and right before the holidays no less.

    • Marshfield says:

      @HooFoot: One of the marks of an economic downturn is lots of layoffs. Might be better before the holidays than just after you’ve spent hundreds or thousands on presents and THEN get laid off. I took an expensive vacation during late 2000 and when I got back found out in a week that our dot com was dot-bust. Wound up unemployed for 2 months and could have really used that money.

      • mariospants says:

        @Marshfield: Dude… in late 2000 the writing on the wall was in such large letters I can’t believe you didn’t notice.

        You know what though? you probably did the right thing taking that vacation because when since then did you have to opportunity to do it again?

  19. dmuth says:

    FYI, following the link for the photo credit ([www.flickr.com]) gives me an error stating that it is a private page.

  20. AnnRullus says:

    I just went to CC’s website and entered find stores. The store closest to my house here in central NJ did not appear. Of course there is a Best Buy just up the road.

    • sven.kirk says:

      @AnnRullus: Same here. One that was here for a good few years, and a brand new one that opened up just a month ago is now not showing up at all

    • JamieHester says:

      @AnnRullus: The store locator on circuitcity.com is indeed a valid way to find out if your local store is closing. I already know of several stores in my region that are closing via friends in the company, including two in the Nashville market (Antioch and Spring Hill) and the entire Atlana market, and none of them show up on the store locator anymore.

    • DePaulBlueDemon says:


      I just tried to do the exact same thing and the store that’s closest to me is no longer listed… (Deer Park, IL). Hmmm….

    • madanthony says:


      Hmm. The one closest to my house (Pulaski Highway in Rosedale, MD) also isn’t on the store list anymore. And it’s just down the street from a Best Buy.

      It is one of the older stores (and a store that always seems to have clearance stuff in stock, which makes me suspect that nobody shops there).

    • DerangedRoleModel says:

      @AnnRullus: Uh-oh. I put in my zip code and all the Suffolk County ones on LI are closing.

      So add Patchogue, East Northport, Lake Grove and Bay Shore, NY to the list.

    • montanaxvi says:


      Type in my zip code (43026 Hilliard, OH) and the “new” store that just opened less than a year ago less than 5 miles away no longer shows up in the list.

    • stezton says:

      @AnnRullus: Yep, put in my zip, too. And neither of our stores (Warner Robins or Macon) showed up. The nearest one will be 74 miles. Oh well, maybe I’ll be able to score some clearance sale games.

    • pandroid says:

      @AnnRullus: It looks like all the stores in Austin TX are staying open. I wonder if Circuit City is going to close all the east coast/rust belt stores, and stick to the western half of the country?

  21. boomerang86 says:

    Great photo with the storm clouds in the distance.

    Sadly, Best Buy has been cleaning their clock for years. I dislike BB with a passion, but now there’s no other national competitor to them (only a handful of regionals such as Fry’s, Tweeter, P.C. Richard, etc.).

    Last one out hit the lights, please…

  22. Anonymous says:

    Yeah this is true. Four stores in my district (long Island) are closing.

    Here is a list of them:

    #3661 – Bay shore, NY
    #3681 – Massapequa, NY
    #3685 – Patchogue/Holbrook, NY
    #3678 – Lake Grove, NY

    They haven’t discussed any severance packages but they said they’ll let us know within a few days about that. Also, there is an incentive for associates who stay throughout the liquidation process. It sucks that I’m losing my job, but it’ll give me more time to concentrate on finishing school.

  23. GothGirl says:

    A sad day for the Richmond based company for sure. My parents bought me my Atari 2600 in the 80’s at a CC and I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for them ever sense. Im scared if BB becomes the “only option” for a mega electronics store since honestly, as much as CC has screwed up over the years I HATE Best Buy.

    • dt says:

      @GothGirl: amen sister, we just got an HH Gregg but i don’t know what to think about them just yet

      • viqas says:

        @dt: HH Gregg is lame

      • liz.lemonade says:

        @dt: I wonder how HH Gregg even stays in business. The one here is located far off a very busy street, with a Best Buy around the corner. When I drive by, the parking lot is nearly empty. I went in there last winter to price a HDTV, and nobody even approached me to see what I wanted – despite many clerks just standing around. I have no idea if the store is any good for those who’ve bought things there, as none of my friends have ever shopped at HH Gregg.

  24. Mooshie says:

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be sad if they closed Circuit City near my work. I went there to find Iron Man on blu-ray and circled the aisle where the blu-ray movies 5 times. We had to flag down some employees that were too busy talking to each other to help us to find that it was sold out.

    Terrible in-store customer service.

  25. thenerdykatie says:

    I went and did the find by zip, it didn’t look like any Houston stores were closing.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I can confirm this as well. We had a meeting this morning to discuss the holiday season already scheduled. They told us the news then.

    Luckily my store won’t be closing… yet.

  27. Anonymous says:

    This is not a surprise. Best Buy has been on the verge of putting Circuit City out of business for several years now. Supposudly most of circuit city’s profits come from sales of warranties.

    • puddle_jumper says:

      Actually, all electronic retailers make money off of warranties, services, and items with huge margin such as cables. Notebooks and Desktop computers, most of the time, are at zero margin (aka no money if sold by itself). It isn’t just a CC thing; they all do it.

  28. globalman says:

    this is pretty sad, I live here in Richmond and, ironically, they just opened a new store here in the East End of town, probably intended to be their new flagship store. Oh well, I’ll just go across the street to the new Best Buy….

  29. Anonymous says:

    as a firedog technician at ccity for the past 1 and a half years. I was not at all surprised as to hear the news. With crappy upper Management, an extreme amount of internal theft, and them being way to greedy. It was just a matter of time before this happened.

  30. allstarecho says:

    Just did a store search on their web site. It only brings back 2 stores.. 1 that is 8 miles away in Jackson, Mississippi and 1 that is 78 miles away in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. That means the 1 that is only 3 miles away in Flowood, Mississippi is being closed. Me thinks it’s time to buy a new TV.. maybe, possibly. Usually these liquidation sales are just markups anyway. But one would think they would just move the inventory to the closest store.

  31. Gaambit says:

    Athens, GA here. I plugged in my ZIP code for the store that is about 10 minutes from my house, on Atlanta Highway. It’s no lobger listed. The closest store I got in response was 60 miles away in SOUTH CAROLINA!

    No big surprise, actually. Our Circuit City is a few hundred feet from our Best Buy.

  32. gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

    i tried googling “circuit city in Charlotte NC” and cross-referencing that list with the list of charlotte-area stores on the CC website… it appears we’re going to lose at least 2 stores… but it looks like they’re in the older areas of town

  33. fleebailey33 says:

    they got more a warning then me working at compusa did.
    exactly like compusa, close 130+ stores. they will close the rest eventually.
    but honestly. I know people working there are mad. I was at compusa. But everyone from my store found a better paying job they liked. it may not be the same. but there is hope.

  34. MelvilleAlcaeus says:

    The part about Sony pulling their products is false. The Sony trucks were told to turn around when they entered a distribution center in Washington because of a sinkhole. We still have all of our major vendors and they are working very closely with us. It would be a bad deal if Sony pulled out right now because all of us Circuit City employees get 60% off their televisions as long as we are authorized to sell them. Good thing I already ordered mine!!

    But in recap: Yes, we are closing stores. We NEED to close stores. The majority of these stores closed were not making any money. And, we had to do something to satisfy the NYSE’s request for a plan. IMHO, we needed to do this a year ago.

  35. Trick says:

    I would like to think that I had a hand in this since I have swayed at least 10 people looking for high end TV’s to shop elsewhere.

    What a shame CC didn’t think word of mouth would ever hurt them.

    Good riddance to rubbish.

  36. MSUHitman says:

    Just did the store search and the St. Louis area seems to be unaffected, if this is an accurate way to tell.

    • MrsLopsided says:

      I very much doubt that CC has immediately removed all “to be closed” stores from their website.

      • MSUHitman says:

        @MrsLopsided: Well all the other commenters here seem to think that’s a way to tell so I would say it seems to be a possibility. I guess we’ll see for sure tomorrow.

      • SunnyLea says:

        @MrsLopsided: I wouldn’t think so either, but, sure enough, my local CC is no longer showing up under the store locator, although the one that is only slightly farther away is.

      • cromartie says:

        @MrsLopsided: Then you ought to check that doubt because the Brooklyn, OH, Cleveland Heights, Mayfield Heights, all three Cleveland locations, both Akron locations, Elyria, and Mentor locations are all gone from their store locator. Closest one to Cleveland proper is now Aurora, OH.

    • t325 says:

      @MSUHitman: The only STL store I could find that seems to be gone is the Mid Rivers Mall one. As long as the one in the Chesterfield Valley remains open, I’m happy.

      • The Stork says:

        @t325: Mid Rivers (#506) is still there (it’s under St. Peters). The only St. Louis area one I see missing is 534 Ferguson, which should have been closed years ago.

  37. Anonymous says:

    circuit city will release a list of all the stores being closed within the next day or so. confirmed markets that are being closed completely are kansas city, atlanta, and phoenix. these stores may shut down as early as this tuesday, november 4th.

  38. Anonymous says:

    All Circuit City stores are scheduled for a “Holiday Kickoff” store meeting TONIGHT, and all news released this morning to employees about the store closings has nothing to do with this meeting.

  39. Psychosocial says:

    Yeah, St. Louis stores seem to be unaffected.

  40. DH405 says:

    This is really sad for all of those workers. At least, though, many of the jobs were so low-paying that they will be somewhat easily replaced. This is the result of some amazingly bad management. I won’t miss them, but my sympathies still go to those who lost their jobs.

    Also, don’t trust a liquidator. You have to wait until the final days to clean up on the good deals.

    • Anonymous says:

      @SMSDHubbard: agreed about liquidation. I worked at a relocating store for another retailer, and the liquidator actually set most of our prices HIGHER than the well-advertised prices for the rest of the company. Being in liquidation, those prices did not apply to us, but we would honor them if a customer asked. We actually had the lowest markdowns in our district for some time. It wasn’t until the very last couple weeks, when it was the odds and ends and we looked like a garage sale, that the prices were truly a great deal.

    • DaltonAchelous says:

      I don’t know about the other stores, but I started at a cushy $8 an hour. Granted, I was only hired there 5 months ago, but it seems to me they have began to appreciate their employees more (the ones not laid off) since the management shake up.

      • DH405 says:

        @DaltonAchelous: $8/hr isn’t cushy even here in Oklahoma City. If you’re living on your own, $8/hr makes it hard to make ends meet and impossible to save for a “rainy day.” I suppose it can work if you live with a few roommates, though.

  41. BuddyGuyMontag says:

    I am so, so, SO happy I used my Circuit City $40 off coupon to by my PS3 last weekend.

    I had to stop myself from laughing at the redshirts (ironic?) who offered me extended warranties not just at the register, but also at pickup AND the security guy who wanted to see my receipt out the door.

    I said the same thing to all three: My credit card doubles the Sony warranty for free.

  42. MaxIsmene says:

    Surely the beloved “free market” has “golden parachutes” for all the employees set loose. Right?

  43. Crim Law Geek says:

    FWIW, the store finder is also not listing the CC in the Palisades Mall in Nyack, NY.

  44. cf27 says:


    Common liquidation tactics:

    1. Take $100 product, put $200 price tag on it, then mark it as on sale, 50% off.

    2. Augment store’s inventory with cheap knock-offs, defeating reliance on store’s quality.

    3. every product is always the last one they have, so buy it now or never.

  45. lizk says:

    This is sad for the employees, but honestly, this could’ve gone a whole lot worse. They could’ve given no notice at all. At least the employees have a shot of finding something new in time for the holidays… retail stores around here are still hiring like crazy.

  46. toddiot says:

    Will this affect The Source By Circuit City stores in Canada?

  47. lauy says:

    Possible goodbye to stores in Phoenix. A search on the store finder for Phoenix brings up nothing, and a search of my zip in a Phoenix suburb brings up two stores, in TUCSON, AZ.

  48. liz.lemonade says:

    Circuit City has/had over twenty stores in the Atlanta area. Now their website says that the closest to my zip code is in Rome, GA. So I guess we’re one of the twelve markets.

    While I’m usually a big fan of schadenfreude, this one just makes me sad. I’ve always preferred CC for no real reason beyond a gut feeling — even though their policies often stink. Plus, I like buying things in person because I like to see them before I spend that kind of money, so this means potentially higher prices. I feel bad for those who’ll be out of work, especially in this economy.

  49. Anonymous says:

    No stores in South Carolina are closing according to my store director. The story about Sony turning back with their product is not true. There was a sinkhole about twenty feet wide outside of the warehouse in the parking lot. No trucks could get around this. Sony is still a dedicated vendor to Circuit City.

    All stores have competition. CC is the second biggest electronics store in the country–behind Best Buy. They will stay alive, even though they are struggling. The decision to close the stores was made by a firm that was once hired by Kmart, a company that is on the verge but still exists. And Kmart has more competitors. Just saying.

    Circuit City isn’t thriving necessarily, but it will be around.

    • puddle_jumper says:

      @RomeoAgave: Speaking of competition, Best Buy’s worst nightmare is for CC to completely close. If CC ever did close every store, Best Buy’s closest competition would be Walmart/Sams. Customers would gather their information at BB but purchase their product at a less expensive Wal/Sams.

  50. Kero says:

    I have a new CC in my neighborhood that has yet to open…I wonder if there is any merch in the store, that would be fun watching it open to a going out of business sale.

  51. Kounji says:

    Best Buy can add another kill mark to its death ship. First Tower Records then The Good Guys now Circuit City.. pretty sure they’ve got sears in their sights next.

    • DerangedRoleModel says:

      @Kounji: Honestly, Sears is more likely to be destroyed by Wal-Mart. K-Mart is surprisingly still holding on, but who knows how long it will last?

    • waybaker says:

      @Kounji: To be honest, CompUSA killed Good Guys when they bought it and didn’t know what to do with it. Probably put one of the many nails in its coffin.

  52. Leofan7 says:

    Not that searching for my store on the website is any indication of closing, but all of the CC stores in my area are still on the site. The Denton, Lewisville, and Southlake, TX locations are still up. I’m really glad the Denton one isn’t closing, since I always like to go browse, then jet to the BB down the road and get what I was looking for cheaper.

  53. BamAlmighty says:

    Don’t expect any good deals. If it is like any of the other company liquidations, the liquidator will jack up the prices before slapping on their discount sticker.

  54. TonyTriple says:

    This is terrible news. I just quit my sales position there and I have to say that had a great time as an employee. Everyone there was honest, smart, and dedicated (believe it or not). Now these folks, many of whom have been there for well over 5 years and have stock as part of retirement, will be out of a job.

    The only incompetent people at CC are in the corporate headquarters.

  55. mbd says:

    Good Ridden to ’em.

  56. endless says:

    I heard a 3rd had rumor from someone inside the retail world that CC is pulling out of the kansas city area. wouldnt surprise me.

    • t325 says:

      @endless: Putting KC into Circuit City’s store locator:

      We’re sorry; there are no Circuit City stores within 100 miles of KANSAS CITY, MO

  57. MichaelLC says:

    Arlington Heights, IL store not listed.
    Just opened last fall. Great job, CC, getting people to quit their jobs to come there, then closing them down. You so classy.

  58. ZukeZuke says:

    This is sad. Less competition among the big-box electronics stores is never good for the consumer. I’m hoping the one that just opened up last year in our area doesn’t close…

  59. legion says:

    I also like that little bit in the CC corporate letter: “Circuit City has not yet determined whether it will provide severance pay in connection with this layoff.” Charming. I’ll wager all the incompetent execs that got them into this situation are still spending last year’s bonuses, but the poor schmucks getting dumped just before the holidays get the shaft. Typical.

  60. NotYou007 says:

    I doubt the CC will close where I’m at in Maine but if they did I’m sure Best Buy would jump for joy as they are the only other large electronic retailer. We do have a Sears which carries a crap load of TV’s but they can’t compete with Best Buy.

    I don’t think or CC will go away though. Even though the store looks like crap on the inside I’m sure it will remain but we shall see.

  61. temporaryerror says:

    well, the (I think) single store here in Wichita, KS is still showing up on the store locater and it is just down the strip from a BB, and it seems as if they usually are pretty busy.

  62. Pious_Augustus says:

    In the end this means Best Buy will be able to set prices for most of the items they sell because they have no competition

  63. AlexandraCurvus says:

    ds mrns! Bt jst WHR h WHR wll w fnd jbs fr ll ths ndctd zrs??? Jst mzs m. Rtl mrns nvr lrn

    • TCTH says:

      @AlexandraCurvus: Where do they find jobs for all of the educated zeroes? Having a college education does not automatically preclude you from being a moron.

      Just ask the thousands of former employees of some of our major financial institutions who will be right behind the retail “morons” in the unemployment lines once the fallout from the actions of the “educated” types subsides a little.

    • LuminousMuse says:


      I think calling the people who work there “uneducated zeros” (zeroes, dear) shows the kind of attitude that ensures only poor quality workers will stay in regular retail jobs. Retail jobs are great for college students (far from zeroes) to help keep their college loans in check. Unfortunately, most good workers leave after a few run-ins with the kind of customer that treats them with an utter lack of respect such as you have shown; leaving the people who couldn’t care less and show up simply for a paycheck to serve the rest of us who DO know how to put the shoe on the other foot and treat everyone with the consideration they deserve. SOMEONE has to work retail jobs, and as long as consumers treat workers with at least a modicum of respect, we have a hope of attracting a better class of workers to an undervalued job market.

    • surfer88 says:

      @AlexandraCurvus: Don’t you think that’s just a little harsh?

      • DidIDoThat says:



        bad CC, getting price matches like pulling teeth, receipt checks at door, poorly trained employees, Better deals online 9/10 times, firedog, bad product replacement program…

        • Juxmodo says:

          @JessMeNU: Some of your points are valid, but “receipt checks at door”? Every electronics store does that if your item isn’t in a bag.

          • STrRedWolf says:

            @Juxmodo: Mine was in the bag over at Best Buy (an Asus EeePC 900A that I declined any “Geek” Squad service on and any extended warranty because just me being there voided it). The staffer saw something relatively large, asked for the receipt, and we chatted over how small and cheap the netbook was.

          • jamar0303 says:

            @Juxmodo: Not the Best Buy stores where I live.

        • CSUSam says:

          @JessMeNU: Eat me. Price matches at my store are cake, we don’t check recepits at the door, I know more about everything I sell than you do, our firedog techs are awesome. The other two things I can’t really argue with, aside from saying that it is the eact same at any other retail store.

    • wellfleet says:

      @AlexandraCurvus: Wow, I see you’re keeping it classy. I happen to be one of those retail morons here at Best Buy. When I’m not busy smoking crack, buying Noxema for my pimply face, or dropping out of high school, I like to beat my dog. Great stereotyping AlexandraCurvus, very imaginative. I’ll take my two advanced degrees, awesome salary, and great benefits and cry in a corner now.

      Or maybe I’ll feel a touch of sympathy for fellow retail management and employees who are not only competent, but who love meeting new customers every day and getting to know them, who now face not only a crappy economy, but also joblessness.

      I just don’t understand this glee. Circuit may not be your retailer of choice, but it’s not a nameless, faceless company. 150 stores x minimum 50 employees per store = 7500 jobs lost at a minimum. How, exactly, is this a good thing? Have we not lost enough jobs since the beginning of the year?

      I don’t know what some of you do for a living, but even if you work for a company I do not shop at, I do not wish you poverty and unemployment.


      • Anonymous says:

        @wellfleet: The big electronics store is just a failing model. The employees don’t care, their service is shit, and the prices are too high. Consumers would rather do their own research online, go to a “faceless” web site with lower prices than deal with you. Maybe you’re good at your job, who knows, but there are a couple thousand others who suck at theirs so much that they’ve ruined any chance of you having a good reputation. Oh well. It’s a free market, it adjusts. Deal with it.

        Loss of jobs sucks of course, but again, this was all inevitable. Take your “advanced degrees” and find something better to do. There’s no happiness in retail.

        Speaking of which, I don’t understand why you have “two advanced degrees” and you work at Circuit City anyway. Degrees in what? English and Sociology or some other major that leads to no career?

        • wellfleet says:

          @HenriettaCotta: Wow… Well, I don’t work at CC, I work at Best Buy if you read my reply. Maybe more people should get English majors. I work at BBY, freakin’ love my job, I’m good at it, and my employees better care and give great service or they won’t work for me very long… I live in a smallish town where 60K a year jobs are few and far between. I get to run a 45 million dollar business, not something too many people my age can say they have done.

          What many here fail to understand is that in many parts of the country, people do NOT shop online. They don’t trust the intertubes. They may not even have a credit card. Please stop assuming that everyone knows monoprice or newegg.

          Is big box a failing model? Maybe like newspapers are a failing model. But you can’t find an adequate substitute to the tactile experience online. Yet.

          I found out yesterday that the CC next door will be shutting down. It’s sad.

          • tenuhcgal says:

            @wellfleet: I agree with you. I usually don’t buy any sort of electronics device until I go into a store, touch it, play with it, see how it works for me. Then, if the price is right there, I’ll buy it. If not, I’ll go online and look for an equivalent for a better price.

            And I have never had problems with “uneducated zeroes” at any electronics store, especially CC and Best Buy. A great many of my friends have worked at both stores to help pay for the rising cost of tuition in college. Actually, to tell you the truth, the people who work at the Best Buys and Circuit Citys in the three cities I have lived in get all the respect in the world from me. When I’ve had problems with my laptop, they fixed it. When I had problems with my digital camera, they sent it in somewhere and got it fixed for me. Not to mention, when I was int he market for a new laptop a few years ago, I went to Circuit City and was about to buy a laptop and the guy helping me was honest enough to tell me the thing was a piece of crap and I’d be better off spending my money on a different laptop….and no, he didn’t get more commission b/c the other laptop was less expensive!

        • mariospants says:

          @HenriettaCotta: HC, you generalize too much. The majority of big box stores I’ve been to have had helpful, interested staff who are mostly enthusiastic about their jobs. In comparison, most mom-and-pop shop owners seem to me to be dour, unhappy and over charge for everything.

          I’d like to know what your alternative would be?

          Anyway, the real #1 problem with big box shops (in my opinion) is their corporate mismanagement. There’s plenty of markup in the chain to keep everyone profitable, the problems arise when you set up a system intended to pump as much of those profits into the upper management chain. I’d love to compare executives’ and board members’ salaries against their actual contributions to the bottom line.

    • Anonymous says:

      @AlexandraCurvus: @AlexandraCurvus: @AlexandraCurvus: @AlexandraCurvus:

      So you don’t care at all about MORE unemployment in this nation? Anoter thing, retail employees are NOT uneducated zeros. I worked retail when going through college. I also worked retail as a part time job after having children to bring in some extra money. I met many older folks working retail for simply something to keep them busy during retirement. Retail workers are a vital part of our society, because if it werent for what you so harshly call “retail morons” there would e no store for anyone to shop in. ALL JOBS from being a doctor to being a waitress, cashier, or garbage man are very important. No one should e devalued because of the profession they are in.

    • Meathamper says:

      @AlexandraCurvus: Good thing you’re disemvoweled.

  64. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    I checked out stores in the Chicago area. It list only 19 stores within 100 miles.
    Stores not listed are Touhy Ave. in Niles, Golf Rd. in Skokie, Vernon Hills & North Ave. in Chicago.
    I can’t check out any others as I don’t have a phone book for the south or west suburbs.

  65. Anonymous says:

    The following stores in IL no longer come up on CC’s website: Arlington Heights, Vernon Hills, Lake Zurich, and Crystal Lake. This is not a complete list.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Not a moment too soon. I have had nothing but terrible, indifferent service from Circuit City. The last time I was in one, I stood around for twenty minutes without any employees asking if I needed help. They were apparently too busy gossiping with each other. I concluded that they didn’t want my business and haven’t been back since.

  67. drjayphd says:

    Anyone have a list of stores besides the locator? I could’ve sworn there’s more than nine in CT, and the only ones I can think of are still on CC’s site.

  68. jsnorcal says:

    A new CC just opened in the town next to mine and it took over the bulding that had become vacant when CompUseless went out of business. No one will want that building if it is one of the stores to be closed…building have bad JuJu!

  69. eh_remraf says:

    Store 3165 Western Hills Ohio will be closing.

  70. yargrnhoj says:

    Bolingbrook IL store (not ‘The City’ in the Promenade but the almost-always empty one near the soon to be empty Linens-n-Crap is also not in the store locator. Like I said, no surprise — this store always had a high employee-to-customer ratio and they just opened ‘The City’ concept store a few miles away.

  71. vicorp says:

    I just check the Jacksonville area and we are keeping 2 of our stores, so at least that is good for the people that have jobs there…for the moment. I kind of hope that they somehow manage to stay open as that will provide some kind of competition to Best Buy. More than HH Gregg will here.

    /Somehow we got to keep our 2 CompUsa stores….

  72. Anonymous says:

    Shame. I was against Circuit City for the longest until I went in there with someone and just enjoyed the uncluttered space and selection. The only problem they have/had is marketing. The prices were competitive, but they were/are the ones who price match at the registers (even let me use their internet if I needed to check a price, believe or not).

    Now as for Fry’s, get lost. All they’ve done is jack their prices up the past year. Worthless. None of the online prices apply to in-store prices, and they never have. What kind of store operates like that? If I have to order online to get that price, guess what, I’m not ordering from those aholes and their pricing.

  73. IrvCrapper says:

    Circuit City was an overblown convenience store for electronics, and by “convenience store,” I mean that it was convenient to shop there but it had convenience store markups. If you were patient, you could find better prices elsewhere at a non-big box type store.

    Who care.

    • Nate128 says:

      @IrvCrapper: I wouldn’t say it was convenient to shop there. More often than not they did not have what I was looking for, despite what their website said about that particular location having the item in stock, and despite what was advertised in their circular.

  74. Anonymous says:

    I am a cc employee and it comes to me as a shock. We have been told by our store director that since we were one of the concept stores and we should not have any concerns about closing. Now I am trying to hold myself together. It could be blessing in disguise but it just does not feel that way right now and all the info form the insider is aboslutely 100% accurate. This is all the information I received this morning. It was a terrible start to my sunday morning.

  75. Anonymous says:

    As far as I’ve heard, all stores in the Kansas City district (where I work), and the Phoenix area will be closing. It seems store directors received and email at midnight last night about the decision- they had no warning before that. In fact, a few weeks ago, my store director was told that our store would be staying open. We were also supposed to come in for our “holiday kickoff meeting”, this morning. No one had any warning.

  76. Barney_The Plug_ Frank says:

    Does anyone know if the store in Frederick, MD (5606 Buckeystown Pike)will be closing? For CC, its a decent store–the employees at this location seem to care.

  77. UASteph says:

    Looks like ours is closing – along with all the ones near Atlanta. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually going to miss our CC. Sure, it was crappy, but for some reason, they always had the ONE thing I would need, while the Best Buy across the street had everything but.

  78. t325 says:

    I might be one of the only ones, but I like Circuit City and don’t want to see them go. I have never had issues returning stuff there, and their employees never bother me with the warranties. If they ask (and that’s a big if) they’ll take “no” for an answer the first time, unlike Best Buy employees who act like sleazy used car salesmen with those damn warranties.

    Looks like the one 5 minutes from my house is staying, as are most in the St. Louis area, so I’m pretty happy, for now at least.

  79. sqwigeebo says:

    In the L.A. district the only store that will be closing is Industry….. outside of the L.A. district is Pomona, Compton & Brea. Roughly about 30 so cal stores will be closed. All the other stores in the region will be on 60 day performance evals…. the stores that perform will stay around and the stores that don’t will also be closed. So it may be 155 stores now, but there will be more in the future. The only employees to keep their jobs in the store closures will be the store directors.

  80. KeeganGwar says:

    Just checked, and there are “no” locations within 100 Miles of Phoenix, AZ. Google Maps shows 15 locations in Phoenix, plus some in Tucson (within 100 miles). Ouch

    That being said I’ve lived in Phoenix for two months and haven’t seen Circuit City anywhere.

  81. Corporate-Shill says:

    I smell higher prices at BB, Newegg et al.

    Lack of competition only means higher prices for the consumers.

  82. billsquared says:

    In the Detroit area, the Circuit City at 2636 S Adams Road in Rochester Hills — which has been open for under a year — is no longer showing up.

    Additional missing:
    2169 S Telegraph Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI‎
    4600 Baldwin Rd, Auburn Hills, MI‎ (Great Lakes Crossing)
    20570 Kelly Road, Harper Woods, MI‎
    550 N Telegraph Rd, Pontiac, MI‎
    5600 Mercury Drive, Dearborn, MI
    28690 Telegraph Rd, Southfield, MI‎

  83. Marshfield says:

    I went down to my local CC and tried to beat the 24 min guarantee but dang it they had the order sitting right there. Well, it was a good price on a 100 CD spindle anyway.

  84. HughNermit says:

    Shades of CompUSA…

  85. Raving Rabbid says:

    The problem with Phoenix is that you need to open too many stores just to survive.

  86. Jnetty says:

    looks like only one out of the four CC’s is closing in Long Island.

    • DerangedRoleModel says:

      @Jnetty: Unless you mean Nassau only, that’s probably not right.

      Patchogue, Lake Grove, East Northport, Bay Shore and Massapequa have been removed from the store locator.

  87. gatewaytoheaven says:

    My management team at a competitor was told that the ‘end date’ for CC is right after the holiday season.

  88. Anonymous says:

    I feel terrible for these people. The same thing happened with my chain (also around 600-something stores): we started a round of closing one-hundred something stores, added a second round a round a few months later of something like 75, and then in the past month announced the whole chain’s liquidation. But at least we are receiving severance. They are getting nothing.

  89. johnnya2 says:

    While I could care less about CC as a company the part that pisses me off is the contracts that they will end up not honoring. KMart did this with their bankruptcy. Small businesses that plowed their parking lots in the winter were told sorry no money for you, etc. These small businesses are REQUIRED under the temrs of their contracts to do certain things, and then when they can’t pay they get stuck with the loss and still stay in business. What about the landlord who rented to these guys in good faith, and now will have a large box store empty.Housing foreclosures are nt all that are going up. The commercial real estate market is going to have the same fall out. With stores like Comp USA, Linens and Things, and CC leaving many areas with loads of vacancies

  90. Purrrz says:

    So the $195 extended warranty package (that specifies Circuit City will fix any/all problems in the next two years)my father purchased for his laptop 8 months ago is now shot to hell?

  91. Corporate_guy says:

    “We’re sorry; there are no Circuit City stores within 100 miles of KANSAS CITY, MO 64112”
    And the nearest one to Purdue University is now 57 miles.

  92. carefreeamit says:

    They are pulling out of Phoenix market altogether


  93. narayan1121 says:

    HH Gregg is doing fairly well with the big-box model, and they use straight-commission employees. It’ll be interesting to see Best Buy and HH Gregg slug it out. HH Gregg just slashes prices because they’re commission and have to close a sale to get a paycheck, but I don’t know if constantly cutting your profit margins is really a successful long-term business strategy. I think that’s what Circuit City did, but along with slashed profits comes slashed expenditures on labor/customer service…

  94. waybaker says:

    All 3 for the Grand Rapids, MI area still show up.

    The way this is being handled screams Gordon Bros to me. I was part of the massive closing of CompUSA last year and to the letter, this is how it went down with CompUSA.

  95. MSUHitman says:

    I’d kill for a Fry’s in St. Louis, closest one is in Indianapolis.

  96. Dawgs_Phan says:

    This is a true sign of how the economy is doing =/ To be honest, I don’t shop at CC. But I hate to see them slowly fade b/c I detest BB.

  97. Schmeg Peg says:

    I quit 10/13, my last day was 10/27. I worked at a flagship store so I’m sure it isn’t one that’ll be shut down in this wave.

    But with the constant reminder from management that I was the highest-paid non-salary employee (in-home Firedog tech), I’m sure once they had to make cuts at my store I would have been the first to go.

    I’d also like to mention that if you’re pointing out the incredibly low stock price and falling sales to another employee, managers and store directors will be quick to come over and try to discredit you so the rest of the employees still have morale (if that’s even possible) – they’ll lie about the company’s financial positions.

    My store director, a week before I quit, denied anything was wrong with the company and that it was sitting pretty as a whole. He specifically denied the impending store closings, and he acted like the fact that a Powerball winner could afford the company wasn’t anything to worry about.

  98. chrisjames says:

    According to the locator, all the stores in Atlanta are closing? Why pull out of such a major market completely, and stay in cities like Rome and Chattanooga? There’s competition in some of these places, so they might as well stick in a high visibility area like a major city.

  99. blachole says:

    I’m sure most of this has been said but here are some facts:

    A: Last week a Sony truck was said to have been sent back because CC couldn’t cut a check. This is FALSE as CC had a major sinkhole at its loading bay at their distribution center and wasn’t even able to ship loads to their own stores last week, so that wasn’t a money issue problem.

    B: The closing are happening in markets that perform poorly, mostly in the Midwest. This doesn’t mean the company can’t sustain itself. The company acctually has enough money to keep the entire company running privately for the next 3 years.

    All company’s go through this type of thing during rough economical times. Look at KMART and the soon to be failure ToysRUs. It will bounce back people.

  100. Anonymous says:

    As a former long time employee, this all started about 10 years ago when they stopped carrying appliances. The guy who started the car audio dept,(very profitable) thought it was a good idea to drop appliances and stock that area with modems, video cards, and other low profit items with the thinking that,”we will sell 100 modems before we sell 2 washers and make huge profit” Well the problem was that you had to sell 200 modems to make up for the profit in 2 dryers and people weren’t doing that. Then they got rid of commission sales which did nothing except turn CC into a social club for teenage/young adult workers. Not to mention it seemed like every 6 months they were “sending the company in a new direction.” The guy who brought the appliance elimination deal retired/forced out.

    The corporate guys expected the kid who was making 8.25-8.50 hr to have the same incentive to sell as the guy who was making 15-25 hr. It was a new breed of salesmen and the company refused to acknowledge that for at least 5 years. Then they brought in some old BB guys to run the company. They screwed it up even more and I believe most of them are now gone too.

    With Walmart and Sams Club getting into the TV business, CC was really hurting. People seem to think that Walmart is always cheaper because they’ve built that reputation but really they just sell junk. (seriously just check the reviews for most of the stuff they sell.) Prices were forced down because of so many new competitors and profit margins went to crap. TVs were so profitable about 12-8 years ago. When HDTV first came out, commision salesmen could make about 100-170 on just the tv, not including the service plan. by the end it was around 1-55 not including the service plan.

    I still have friends that work there and wish them luck but this move should’ve happened a long time ago. Instead of opening up more and more stores they should’ve focused on refitting the stores and staff in the old stores. I know of at least 4 locations that were rebuilt in the new look that are closing now. (within 2-4 yrs of being opened.)

  101. Anonymous says:

    Here is the official list: http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/CC/455361627x0x245809/2BFAC9D9-6CEF-4027-9E51-1C635F42F7A7/110308%20Store%20Closing%20List.pdf

    And here is the official statement: http://newsroom.circuitcity.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=344747

    Due to the sound of the vendor credit problems, I don’t expect CC to be living much longer.

  102. Anonymous says:

    I work p-t at a Big Lots. I was told that BL did a 7 million dollar buyout of Circuit City electronics. I knew it was true when Flat Screens and laptops starting showing up.

  103. Justinh6 says:

    Bah humbug, I haven’t stepped foot into that ripoff paradise in several years.

    People have this thing called the Internet now, where UPS will deliver items directly to your house, tax free, lol.

  104. Anonymous says:

    And yet my electronics store is booming after 20 years. biggest problem is getting staff. I am in Recession proof Saskatchewan Canada and my store manager is from North Carolina. If you love to sell electronics email me at infolav@logans.ca

  105. darkoline says:

    One of the stores that is closing is a brand new location in suburban Kansas that hasn’t even officially opened yet.

  106. chemrebel says:

    Well, it seems that CC has won the race to the bottom. Seems fitting since they were the ones who started it.

  107. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, they never were a strong competitor against Best Buy….and I think CC has closed stores in the last few years too…so it looks like they are loosing their footing……I like choices and only having Best Buy as the biggest electronics chain store…is worrying a bit.

    Store offered Credit was probably a big hurter for them too just like the banks…alot of other companies besides electronic stores will probably have to do the same to survive in the coming months or year.

  108. mdovell says:

    I don’t see any closings in mass or RI…it’s odd. They made the LARGER version of the store (much better btw) at that area in plymouth (superwalmart area)

    The liquidation might beat the crap out of some other places.

  109. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone remember that Circuit City, just a few years ago, was the best performing company in Jim Collins’ book “Good to Great”? Obviously, Mr. Collins’ approach to management is worth some reconsideration given the fall of Circuit City. It would seem a new approach to management would be worth considering. Read more at http://www.ThePhoenixPrinciple.com

  110. ItsMeZed says:

    This is probably just the start of the downward spiral around the bowl. As with CompUSA, if you are a national company of this size, you are either in business, or you’re not; you can’t simply close such a huge volume of locations just to cut costs. Not only do you lose a chunk of sales volume, but you also lose a chunk of your purchasing power so stock for existing stores costs more. Add to that the fact that customers may just assume their local store is closing, whether or not it actually is, and you lose and even bigger chunk of sales volume.

    I may not be sad to see CC go, but it’s always a shame to see that many people lose their jobs through no fault of their own.

  111. Anonymous says:

    I figured they would close the Clarksburg, WV store its always dead and looks so trashy inside. The employees are never really very nice but since its the only electronics store in that area I guess its doing well enough to stay open. I guess the Best Buy in Morgantown hasn’t quite killed it yet.

  112. Anonymous says:

    Well, I guess I should get my newly acquired CC Rewards Visa paid off and see about getting a Best Buy card instead. They should never have this problem.

  113. Anonymous says:

    I went to Circuit City today(11/5/08) to see if there were any real deals/aren’t any. TV’s marked down 10%, computers 5%, Ipods 5%, stereo equipment 10%. Sounds decent but their prices are higher to start with compared to other places online or around town.
    Looking at an LCD TV and offered 20% off their price and they wouldn’t budge even with cash in hand. They said everyone is paying with cash so not a bargaining chip and that they can’t negotiate prices. I guess I will wait for future markdowns b/c the TV’s were not moving from what I could tell.
    I ask a guy working there when they plan to have the next wave of markdowns and he didn’t know if or when there would be one. He also said that based on merchandise leaving the store today they may not have to mark down any further. I disagree with his assesment b/c of my sample of 10 people leaving the store only 2 of them purchased anything. The others like me left empty handed and wished I had that time wasted back.

  114. sqwigeebo says:

    just received a call… the socal district has been shaken up with the firing of most of the district staff including the dm, district operations manager as well as the regional vice president.

    This is like people screaming before they reach the zenith on a rollercoaster…

  115. suzapalooza says:

    They are actually opening a store near my house in KC.

  116. waybaker says:

    And Circuit City files for Chapter 11….