CPSC Issues Warning For Carter's Tagless Babyclothes Causing Rashes

The CPSC has issued a warning about Carter’s “tagless” clothes causing rashes. The warning was made on Oct 24, Consumerist first told you about it on September 5th. Carter’s tagless clothes’ claim to fame is that instead of an irritating flappy label, they use a flat label embedded in these clothes. It’s this very label that’s causing the rashes. The warning only applies to the Carter’s Fall 2007 line which has a raised surface with a solid, instead of a stenciled, background.

One mother, Amy Muir, told KNBC of the postage-stamped rash, saying, “The pajamas were stuck to the skin and back of his neck. I started to pull and the skin came off with his pajamas.”

Carter’s has not recalled the product, saying the rashes are just rare allergic reactions, and that it received fewer than four reported rashes for every 1 million sold.

Parents are advised to stop using the Carter’s clothes if rashes develop, and you can send them back to the manufacturer for a full refund by contacting 1-888-282-4674 or contactus@carters.com.

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