Walmart Employee Hates New Trash Cans, Will Throw Yours If You Set It Near Him

Ricky had a bizarre run-in with “Larry” at his local Walmart, where he was shopping recently with his mother, who needed a new trash can. While Ricky browsed the automotive accessories counter, his mom did mom things in the silk flower department, and she left her new trash can next to Ricky’s leg while she wandered off. It turns out, you do not leave trash cans anywhere in Larry’s line of sight if you know what’s good for you.

She didn’t want to tote it back across to the floral section when she replaced the scented oil. I was standing there looking when all of a sudden a man named Larry (who worked in the automotive section I assume) grabbed the trash can that I could feel touching my leg, yanked it up, and did a half slide/half throw toward the hardware side of the store. Well, that made the empty trash fly and crash in a loud kinda empty trash can sound way, very loud, almost 2 1/2 to 3 aisles down from where I was standing. As if my embarrassment wasn’t enough, he left it in the middle of the aisle and started to return to the Automotive counter.

Surely you didn’t expect him to go retrieve it, Ricky? Crazy and manners don’t often go together.

Ricky, who incidentally worked for twelve years in a big box retail environment, writes:

I walked past him and said, “Thanks Larry for throwing my trash can,” while 10 to 15 people just stared in amazement… It was very embarrassing. I hurried to where the can was lying in the middle of the floor and tried to pick it up without being looked at like a three-armed sideshow freak.

Larry was also trying to beat me to the trash can, the whole time saying that an “old woman” just left it there. I then politely said that “old woman” was my mother, and it was right beside me the whole time within 2 inches of my leg. He then ran back to the automotive sales counter where they change the oil, but never apologized as if he did nothing wrong. By that time I was so mad my head was throbbing, I was so embarrassed by how I was treated that I took the 2 wire items I needed and replaced the trash can back on the counter and said Wal-Mart will not get a trash can sell from me today.

Ricky went out to the parking lot to cool off, then called the store phone number that was printed on a receipt.

I was like, “I can’t let this pass.” I phoned and asked for the Store Manager, and the operator said she was on vacation. I then asked for the co-manager, [and the operator] said he was not there. I then politely asked, “Can I speak to whoever is in charge of the circus there?” She transferred me to Assistant Manager Mike.

Well, I told him my complaint and he never really said too much, said he would be mad too if it happened to him. [I felt] I was given the ole’ “I don’t have time to speak to you because I have to get back to setting the Christmas department planogram” song and dance–he was very rushed and short.

Ricky told the assistant manager the approximate time it happened and suggested he check the store security tapes for confirmation, and he left his number and asked that the store manager call him back upon her return from vacation. We hope at the very least Ricky receives an apology for how he and his mother were treated, and that Larry is “retrained” (to use a recently popular corporate term) to not throw the merchandise until after it’s paid for.

(On a related note: Ricky, learn to write in paragraphs! With punctuation! Yes, I am wagging my finger at you now! It took me three days to figure out how to edit your story down to a readable level. This isn’t just me being a jackass—you’ll be taken far more seriously by companies if you can make a concise, well-written argument on your own behalf. Maybe not by Walmart, which has a reputation for ignoring customer complaints, but there are certainly other companies out there who actually respond to customer feedback on occasion.)

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  1. thesadtomato says:

    “Larry went out to the parking lot to cool off . . .”

    You mean “Ricky?”

  2. Harrison20 says:

    Well, Wal-mart doesn’t really have the highest standards for employees.

    • boxjockey68 says:

      @Harrison20: True, I worked at a walmart ever so briefly…it was almost 90 days, the thing I noticed most was that there is a different class there if you know what I mean. I don’t believe that some people are better than others, I believe some are better off, or make better choices in life, but I REALLY was able to notice a big difference in my short time there.

    • Treefingers says:

      @Harrison20: This all could have been avoided by not shopping at Wal-Mart…

  3. The Falcon Cheerleader Jean Tassle Intern says:

    There’s an important omission here.

    Ricky had just told Larry that Walmart was out of Snickers.

  4. MaxSmart32 says:

    Thank goodness I’m not the only one who thought the OP’s writing was a bit off…I can’t imagine what the original was like!

  5. Phydeaux says:

    Consumerist: Now We Blame the OP So You Don’t Have To!

    I keed, I keed!

    • Chris Walters says:

      @Phydeaux: No, it’s true this time.

      We actually get a *lot* of tips every week that we can’t follow up on or post because of the writing quality–either it will take too long to edit into something presentable, or the narrator comes across as too unreliable to make the story convincing (even when you suspect he’s telling the truth).

      It’s so important to write a concise, clear complaint.

      • tweemo says:

        @Chris Walters: That’s crazy because so many of the ones you do post are hard to read–the ones you don’t post must be really, really bad.

      • Traveshamockery says:

        @Chris Walters: That’s why “” creates their own dialogues – can you imagine if they just posted what was sent to them? No one would ever know what happened.

      • silver-bolt says:

        @Chris Walters: “” Ricky told he manager “”

        Your writing could use a read over too… No need to blame the op.

      • TVarmy says:

        @Chris Walters: I’m not saying you did a bad job, or that you were wrong to offer constructive criticism, but perhaps it would have been better if you proffered your advice through a private email.

        • "I Like Potatoes" says:

          Chris just wanted to make sure that he got that point across before he leaves Consumerist world. Thanks for the public service announcement.

      • kyle4 says:

        @Chris Walters: Thank you for doing this though, I like it a lot. It’s great if you can point out how the OP could have handled a situation better or written something better. The Consumerist serves consumers, and their behavior can be just as bad as the employees that served them. Pointing out what to do is essential, so thanks.

  6. Farquar says:

    “Larry went out to the parking lot to cool off, then called the store manager’s name that was printed on a receipt.”

    You have your hero and villian confused here.

    Which I can understand.

  7. BrianDaBrain says:

    That’s an odd story. Wal-Mart employees can be so random!

    @Chris – Looks like that was a real treat to fix! I just finished editing a 160 page technical doc, so I feel your pain! :)

  8. rpm773 says:

    Meh. You know what I’d do? Not shop at that store again, and then leave it at that.

  9. backbroken says:

    Maybe he thought it was one of those new ‘hover-cans’ I’ve been reading about.

    Maybe he moonlights as a garbage collector and momentarily confused his jobs.

    Maybe he was traumatized by an Oscar the Grouch toy when he was a baby.

    See, there are plenty of rational explanations.

  10. RomanaNuggler says:

    Wal*mart cares NOTHING for “customer service” all they care about is getting the merchandise out, so people can buy it, and then getting your money from you. PERIOD.

    They don’t care if they tick you off, they don’t care if they REALLY tick you off. They don’t care if you vow never to shop there again, cause they know you will.

    they care about nothing other than the all might dollar.

    Do not expect the manager to do anything for you either.

  11. Shark1998 says:

    Really, if he’s shopping in Walmart then obviously he is not very bright. He should have gone to Targé or Jauke Penné’s instead. Where the sophisticated people go.

  12. IrvCrapper says:

    It’s Wal-Mart. Duh!

    If you want stuff for next to free, expect the service to suck. Can it be more simple?

    If you want better service, show where you’ve heard the service is better.

    I’m sorry, just who is it that is under the impression that service at Wal-Mart is average or above?

    • AuntieEm (robots from the year 2000 > zombies) says:

      @IrvCrapper: that’s not expecting good customer service, that’s expecting some random crazy employee to not run up and throw your intended purchases, I really don’t think that’s too much to ask even from Wally-World

    • Tiber says:

      @IrvCrapper: The service being incompetent, unhelpful and/or nonexistent is one thing. The service being crazy and deliberately causing problems when the customer was minding his own business is something entirely different.

    • Traveshamockery says:

      @IrvCrapper: Agreed. Obviously this is an outlier, but Wal-Mart service sucks*, and when it does, people complain like they didn’t expect it to happen.

      *no one should expect someone to play discus with their item.

      Another point – this guy was destroying Wal-Mart inventory. Shouldn’t he have been disciplined or fired for that?

  13. Murph1908 says:

    This behavior would cause me to become puzzled, shocked, confused, and maybe even a bit amused.

    But I doubt I’d get headache-inducing-can’t-let-it-pass mad about it.

    • LoriLynn says:

      @Murph1908: exactly what I was thinking. This is a story to tell in the lunchroom or bar, basically.

    • CountryJustice says:

      @Murph1908: Ditto from me too. That’s not to say it wasn’t a stressful situation, just that I tend to deal with stress and pressure by openly laughing at it.

      A situation like this would have me bent over in hysterics.

    • ~Ian~ says:

      @Murph1908: I think I would be very amused I mean yeah I would be pissed off but what could be more funny and random than having some employee at a store walk up and throw your trash can across the room lol .

    • TVarmy says:

      @Murph1908: I agree, but throwing a trashcan around is nothing an adult should do. I’d have a good laugh, but I’d let the manager know what happened. The guy could have hurt someone, and may try doing stuff like this again, since he didn’t really show any remorse. Walmart isn’t a playground for manchildren.

    • Green Goth Brit Chick - AlternatEve says:

      @Murph1908: Hey, if someone referred to my mother as “that old woman” I’d be pretty annoyed too.

  14. vladthepaler says:

    “Larry went out to the parking lot to cool off, then called the store manager’s name that was printed on a receipt.”

    Wait, so Larry’s out in the parking lot after throwing a trash can, he finds a receipt with his manager’s name on it, and he just screams it out?

    Or do you mean that Ricky (not Larry) called the store manager, WHOSE name was printed on the receipt?

  15. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    Having been a department manager at Wal-Mart, I can attest…crazy people work there.

    I would have just been like “wtf?”, and gone and gotten a trashcan that wasn’t damaged from someone tossing it around.

    I’d also write The Consumerist as it’s a funny story, but I wouldn’t complain to the store manager. Seriously, what retraining needs to take place? A review of the chapter “Don’t throw things”?

    • kathyl says:

      @AlteredBeast: Uh, if you have an employee that THROWS things randomly around the store when he’s ticked off, then yes! Yes, yes you do need to retrain that individual not to throw things like a two year old having a temper tantrum (although my two year old wouldn’t be that irrational and destructive, so perhaps my statement is a disservice to the preschool set.)

      If your efforts to remind the individual that throwing items around the sales floor, especially items that are TOUCHING one of your customers, is beyond-the-pale insane, then they should be trained in the route to the nearest unemployment office and then advised to use it.

      • AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

        @kathyl: I never said it was a good thing that he throws stuff, or that he shouldn’t be instructed not to throw stuff.

        I meant that the idea of “retraining” an employee typicall means going through the corporate training materials…and I don’t recall it ever having to specifiy “don’t throw things” at any point. Then again, perhaps it should.

    • Ein2015 says:

      @AlteredBeast: How about firing the guy for being so incompetent that he can somehow fling store property, scare customers, insult a customer, and look like a complete tool in a matter of seconds?

      I doubt this guy could flip a burger right without it landing on a customer’s face or something equally retarded.

      • AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

        @Ein2015: Oh yeah, I would agree with firing right there. He could have seriously injured someone. The point I made was it the idea of now throwing stock around in such a manner is something so obvious it wouldn’t actually be in the training manuals.

  16. TheCheez says:

    I would make a habit of leaving random large items around the Automotive dept anytime I noticed that this character was working.

  17. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    Maybe he was showing everyone his hilarious Bobby Knight impersonation?

  18. S-the-K says:

    I don’t understand how the OP could feel embarrassed or humiliated by Larry’s temper tantrum. I deal with social anxiety myself and am uncomfortable in busy public settings. However, if something like that happened to me, I would be feeling “WTF is your major malfunction?” rather than embarrassment.

    I’m also unclear as to the size of the trash can and what it was made of. A plastic kitchen-type trash can wouldn’t make *that* much noise. A 55 gallon aluminum or metal garbage can would make a terrible racket.

    • TheSeeker says:

      @S-the-K: I was going to the same thing. Why did the OP get embarrassed. I would have left the trash can where the guy threw it and maybe start talking in a loud voice. “what’s this trash can doing in the middle of the aisle?”

      Or have more fun and start yelling that the employee hurt you with his can throwing tantrum.

      But this can be good fun for future Walmart trips for everyone.
      Get a trash can, set it in the aisle, and start putting store items in it. then just leave it there. Will the employees think it is all real trash and dump it?

    • EyeHeartPie says:

      @S-the-K: I agree. Why would someone become embarrassed because some employee threw a trashcan that you were next to? And why would something like this make him “so mad [his] head was throbbing”? I would have felt embarrassed for the employee. And the OP seems to think that people dropping things in a Walmart is as rare as a “three-armed sideshow freak”. I drop stuff, I’ve seen people drop stuff, and no one has stared and begun whispering behind their hands about it.

      It was probably more of a people-looking-to-see-if-there’s-a-fight-or-need-to-run look, and not a people-looking-to-see-the-guy-who-dropped-or-threw-a-trashcan-to-laugh-at-him look.

    • Mary says:

      @S-the-K: yeah, I don’t see why the OP should be embarrassed. An employee picked up something off the floor and threw it. How that would reflect on the OP in the eyes of the other customers is a mystery to me.

    • Speak says:

      @S-the-K: I’m with the commenters who think this incident was hilarious. My advice to the OP would be to stop beating himself up over what happened and start polishing his story for dinner parties. I think most people will get a kick out of this, especially if Ricky can physically play up Larry’s wildly inappropriate throw.

      • arcticJKL says:

        I would have walked over and picked up another trash can a put it the the same spot as the original.

  19. csdiego says:

    He hates those cans!

  20. mike says:

    I want to take a step back. It sounds like Larry might have mental issues. I know a few walmarts who hire mentally challenged people to help them integrate into society.

    Was this the case? If not, then it’s a different story.

    • Ein2015 says:

      @mike: Walmart hiring retards (yes, I’m offensive, I recognize this) to make them somehow useful to society is like a blind guy leading the blind around randomly.

    • TVarmy says:

      @mike: That’s a noble cause, but if the person can’t be trusted to behave, than he or she should be better supervised. This sort of thing shouldn’t happen in a retail environment.

  21. baristabrawl says:

    I never feel sorry for people who have a complaint about shopping at Wal*Mart. If you shop there, you kinda get what you pay for.

    That is all.

    • shepd says:

      Exactly. In the same way I never feel bad for people shopping at the Bay (or any other expensive store!) I figure if you have that much money, the stereotype says you must be doing something wrong to have it. Everyone should just shop at Sears and be done with it, like every good stereotypical middle-aged person.

      We are talking about stereotypes, right?

      • Sarah Vivelafat McCain Palin says:

        @shepd: HA! Brilliant. I was gearing up to write something but you said it so much better then I ever could.

      • Evil_Otto would rather pay taxes than make someone else rich says:

        @shepd: You’d have a point if this weren’t WalMart we were talking about. WALMART. Every second I’ve been in one of those places I feel like I’ve lost IQ points.

        Baristabrawl has it right. I’m surprised that Consumerist readers have anything other than a ‘zero tolerance’ position on that .. place.

        • shepd says:

          Well, I don’t know how Walmart is where you are, but where I am (KW, Ontario, Canada) , Walmart offers better service than any other company in this city, IMNSHO.

          They are the only 24-hour department store (and, more than that, they are the only department store with reasonable hours — closing at 6:00 pm on Saturday is NOT reasonable anymore!). They actually have stock of everything (something I find other stores in this area are pathetic about). The workers there are always happy and very helpful.

          The stores are usually somewhat dirty and things are often in the wrong places, but I’ve seen all too often this is the fault of the people shopping there. I see workers all night moving things back where they belong and cleaning the store, so I know they’re doing their best.

          The one iffy thing is how knowledgeable the workers are. My good experiences have been in the paint and automotive sections, my bad experiences in the shoes and electronics sections.

          Their value tends to be very good as well. Their GV brand groceries generally tend to be good knockoffs, too. Much better than my experience with the no name brand in other grocery stores. Their low end products usually surprise me for what I get for my money: I bought some $18 CDN dress shoes there, and the things are only starting to look tattered after 6 months of constant use (and I am HARD on clothes).

          Their returns department has dealt with the occasional return from us with fewer issues than most other large chain stores (Best Buy, I’m glaring at you).

          Overall, I don’t know where the WalMart hate comes from. Yes, it attracts the poor. That doesn’t make it a bad store!

          Perhaps others have had bad experiences there, but I suspect they’re buying different things at WalMart than me. I stick to the low-end items there, because that’s where they excel. I wouldn’t buy anything high-end there, because I’m not certain how well that would work out.

          Hey, if that makes me scummy, then call me Scummy Mc. Scumbags! ;-)

    • TootTootToot says:

      @baristabrawl: “If you shop there, you kinda get what you can afford.”

      Fixed that for you.

    • SunnyLea says:


      I’m afraid I don’t understand this comment, or several others I’ve seen along these lines.

      Sure, I often get shoddy service at Wal-Mart, but by shoddy service I mean I get surly cashiers and floor workers who have no idea where the light bulbs are.

      Not throwing my stuff.

      I’m afraid that’s out of line “even” for Wal-Mart.

  22. Corporate-Shill says:


    Children work for Walmart.

    Is this news?

  23. vastrightwing says:

    With stories like this and my own experience at retailers, there’s no point in going in to a store. It’s a waste of your time and money. Have you tried calling a store to save gas? Don’t bother: if anyone answers the phone they won’t actually go out of their way to look for something. They will make up an answer. They are mostly rude. The economy will have to get much worse for this to change, I’m afraid.

  24. Yurei says:

    I hate to break it to Ricky, but there are rarely any “Security tapes” to check in a wal mart. D: Almost all the cameras you see in the store are just dummies from what I heard from fellow employees when I worked there. I worked in a large 24 hour super center, and out of all the floor cameras, only 4-5 supposedly worked, and only in the most shrink likely areas, such as electronics and cosmetics. There was also a couple in the parking lot that work as well as some in the back employee area i’d bet.

    And, having worked in wal mart for 8 months, I can sadly say I can feel for poor, neurotic Larry. When you have a bad day working there, and everyone has bad days (and that’s almost every day at wal mart) then you tend to be in a bad mood a lot. And while I never pitched a trashcan around violently, I felt like I wanted to do something similar quite a bit.

    People DO leave tons of crap lying around all over the store where it doesn’t belong, especially on the weekends. It starts to wear on your nerves after a while, especially if you’re the one forced to clean it up. So yeah, I understand his behavior, though it was totally NOT the correct action to take.

  25. bohemian says:

    But was it a plastic or a metal garbage can? Those metal ones would have made a ton of noise!

  26. Gort23 says:

    I’m not going to “blame the OP”, but honestly at this point, you just have to learn that the world is full of jerks and idiots, and as long as you got to buy what you came there to buy, there’s no point in wasting your time.

    People like Larry have rotten lives and are either like that because they have rotten lives or have rotten lives because they are like that. There’s really no point in letting yourself get worked up about it. Just tell yourself “damn, I’m glad I’m not like him” and get on with your life.

  27. DanGarion says:

    So where did the embarrassment come into play? Did Ricky throw the trash can across the store? I’m confused???? :(

  28. VigilanteKitteh says:

    Thanks to all commenters for the LOL’s! I mean, this story is a bit funny, but I had to scroll down to write my comment here, cause of all the LOL’s they were inducing! (I’m at work, BTW)

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      @DanGarion: Some people are embarrassed to have a bunch of people staring at them, especially if they’re looking at you like you did something wrong. Some of the onlookers were probably wondering what Ricky did to set Larry off.

      It can also be embarrassing for someone to act as though you’ve done something wrong even if you haven’t. Ricky’s minding his own business and suddenly Larry’s acting like leaving the trash can sitting there was the most offensive thing she could have done.

  29. scoosdad says:

    Great “related note”, Chris Walters….

    I get email from customers writing like that all the time, full of run-on sentences and lack of punctuation and paragraphs. It sometimes takes three or four back and forth exchanges to figure out what they really want. These are people working for mostly large corporations and colleges.

  30. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    I then politely asked, “Can I speak to whoever is in charge of the circus there?”

    The only way that question could be asked politely is if the incident occurred at a circus.

    Ricky probably got the Asst. Manager defensive before he even got a chance to speak to him (because the operator almost certainly warned him that they had a ‘live one’). You have to keep your cool, especially when you’re trying to get someone to help you.

  31. fett387 says:

    It’s actually normal to hurl trash cans in walmart. It’s what I look forward to everytime I go there. Larry is one of the champions there. May he thought you were challenging him when you stood in his territory with a trash can right next to you.

  32. 2719 says:

    So what’s the big deal? He had to go back 3 aisles to get his trash can back? Do you guys ever think how irritating is to keep restocking the place and cleaning up the mess people make?

    Yeah I am sure the management will dedicate their time to review the security tapes because of this…

  33. PrestonBerryworth says:

    This isn’t a real customer service issue. This is crap. Consumerist isn’t going to be taken seriously if they keep writing about petty complaints. To the OP, you need to seperate a company from an employee. You are mad at ‘Larry’, not at Wal-mart. He sounds like a crappy employee, but to keep prices down all Walmart employees are under paid, thus crappy. Really, so this is such a stupid complaint, and this is why I’m so thankfull not to be in customer service anymore. Ofcourse the assistant manager was busy, everyone is busy and they don’t want to hear your stupid complaints.


  34. BytheSea says:

    So, the guy grabbed a trash can and threw it? So what? Not like the OP did it, or Larry threw it at the customer.

  35. introductoryperiod says:

    this is why the trashcan only costs $2.74

  36. Johnny_Danger says:

    Well, damn.

    WalMart employees are really just getting more ridiculous every day.

    It’s like when I went to my Cleveland, TN WalMart looking for the Blu-ray of Iron Man (fingers crossed, of course, cause you know how WalMart employees can be with “that there new-fangled technology.” Actual quote, btw).

    I only saw one copy of each Blu-ray movie and the Iron Man slot was empty. The DVD had only been out one day. Surely not all of their copies had been sold out. Cleveland, TN is not known to be the most technologically forward towns. The Home Electronics guy I asked about the DVD told me that they were all recalled because something was wrong with them and he didn’t know when they’d be back in. I knew this guy was one of those late night WalMart guys who were working 3rd shift and didn’t give a flying [expletive deleted].

    Out of curiosity, I came back by the next day and was told that they only keep one copy out on the shelves at a time and the rest were under the counter. They were never recalled. They had plenty.

    My money went to Best Buy…

  37. Deleteme says:

    having worked at walmart as the guy behind the counter in the automotive section, i can somewhat appreciate larry’s sentiments.

    People carry things around the store, and leave them in other departments all the time, especially in the automotive area. Sometimes it’s employees who leave things in other departments which can be extremely frustrating.

    Larry is an idiot and is likely to be put on notice for doing something that has the potential to injure a customer.(being on notice lasts for 45 days and if another incident occurs, you are immediately fired).

  38. mariospants says:

    Rick, you should have yelled “WHAT THE FUCK! MY KID’S IN THERE!!!” You know, start the moment off on a good foot.

  39. copwriter says:

    In most Wal-Mart stores, the security tapes won’t show anything because most of the security camera domes mounted on the ceiling are empty. Stores with high theft losses will have extra cameras in the most victimized areas, e.g. electronics, tools, OTC drugs, etc. Beyond that, the cameras will be on each entry and exit and on selected cashier stations. Cashiers suspected of theft (or those that are conspiring with someone else to commit theft) will be assigned to those monitored registers. The cameras in the cashier domes will be switched around now and then so the cashiers won’t know which registers are monitored.

    But unless the area where the trash can throwing contest was taking place was a high-theft area, there won’t be any security video to watch.

  40. maevealleine says:

    It’s WalMart. Duh. I have no respect for BOTH those that shop and work at WalMart. I haven’t spent a penny there in over 5 years and never will again.

  41. makeitirish says:

    You could just not shop at WalMart, their evil you know. They sell the products of sweatshop labor, slave labor (from subcontractors they could never actually check on of couse) and bust unions. They even sued a crippled woman to get back health care costs. There is a high price in human misery to low prices on the shelf.

  42. mr.dandy says:

    If Larry loses his job at Walmart, it sounds like he’ll have a perfect opportunity to become the new American Tourister gorilla.

  43. LogicalOne says:

    Well, since you brought up editing the OP’s story:
    “…Wal-Mart will not get a trash can sell from me today”

    Perhaps while you’re helpfully editing the OP’s remarks, you could change “sell” to “sale”? (I think that’s what Larry meant to say.) Although they sound similar, the two words are different. One’s a verb and the other is a noun.

  44. Quilt says:

    I would have confronted the guy in front of all the customers and employees.

    “Why the HELL did you just throw that garbage can?! You could have seriously hurt someone!”

    He really could have.

  45. SindhuMarlborough says:

    You actually can go one the website and make a complaint to corporate and they will get back to you,
    I went to wal-mart before to get the oil changed in my car and nobody was outside. So I parked my car and went inside. And I was just trying to give them the info and the guy got all in my face yelling at me to get back in my car…..I told him I wasnt going to go back outside with my child into the cold just so we could have the same conversation out there…and he yelled at me again. So I turned around and left the store. Came home and went on the corporate site and filed a complaint about that person.
    The store manager plus the regional supervisor both called me within 24 hours.
    It’s very effective.

  46. brodie7838 says:

    “three-armed sideshow freak.”

    I take offense to that.

    (Flips you off with all 3 middle fingers)

  47. itmustbeken says:

    I enjoyed that post until the Grammar Police showed up at the end. They never fail to zap the joy out of a room.

  48. Urgleglurk says:

    Wal-Mart has hiring standards? You mean besides having a pulse and breathing?

    I despise Wal-Mart.