How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Cash4Gold

UPDATE: Cash4Gold Offers Blogger $3,000 To Remove Negative Post

Rob at saw a late night commercial for Cash4Gold (“Sell your jewelry NOW!”), so he decided to test their service. His friend Brent gathered up some scrap gold and first had it appraised at a local pawn shop. Then, armed with a baseline of what to expect, he mailed it in to Cash4Gold. Their offer: $60, or one third of the appraised value. When he called and rejected it, they countered with a surprising new figure.

Brent called Cash4Gold and immediately and asked for his stuff back. They made a new offer on the phone: $178!

Can you imagine? They covered their smell a little by suggesting that they could manipulate the numbers on their end so that it would look as though he sent in more than he had….suggesting that they were doing HIM a favor by upping his offer to this new, more attractive number.

The two things to remember if you send in your gold to Cash4Gold:

  1. Get your gold appraised first so you know what’s fair, and reject any unreasonably low offer over the phone so that they have the option of making a counter offer;
  2. Do not use their “FAST CASH” option, which offers a direct deposit into your bank account, but forces you to accept their first offer. You will almost certainly be paid a fraction of what your gold is worth.

“Cash4Gold Will Offer One-Third of the Actual Value for your Gold “ [] (Thanks to Michael!)

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