This !@#$% KitchenAid Refrigerator Won't Stop !@$% Beeping!

Beep… Beep… Beep… That’s all Robin’s new KitchenAid fridge does. For the past two months, nothing but !@#$ beeping. Sears claims that they replaced every circuit board in the fridge, and that Robin’s only choice is to wait another beeping month for a replacement unit. Think that might drive you a little crazy? Try reading Robin’s letter…

We have a brand new KitchenAid Refrigerator beep beep beep that has been beeping since it was first plugged in. beep beep beep A call to Sears, resulted in a 3rd party repair man beep beep beep showing up. He, over the course of 3+ weeks replaced every computer board in the unit and this beep beep beep still did not solve the problem. Following their torturous policies meant a replacement could not be ordered until he had been out to repair the unit at least 3 times. beep beep beep The new unit is on order and won’t be shipped until October 30th. At that point we will have been listening to the beep beep beep ing for well over 2 months. KitchenAid says they are only human and they make mistakes but there is nothing more they can do. beep beep beep If they are acknowledging that they are human and make mistakes; shouldn’t they keep a few units around as replacements for the ones that are faulty? beep beep beep The beep sounds just like our security alarm. Not a pleasant way to live. I don’t recommend beep beep beep KitchenAid or their customer service to anyone. Well, maybe the Defense Department would like to use our refrigerator beep beep beep as an instrument of torture, but, wait, that is illegal. beep beep beep.

Maybe a smoke detector is stuck in the fridge and the batteries are running low?

We wouldn’t expect anything from Sears, but KitchenAid is known for their excellent customer service. Call their executive office and explain that constant beeping drives people to lose their minds and their brand loyalty. If they don’t have a replacement unit on hand, considering the suffering you’ve clearly experienced, it’s not unreasonable to request a free upgrade to something—anything—that is in stock.

(Photo: Meggito)

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