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Nobody Really Knows What To Do About Regulating The Sharing Economy

The car in front of you has four wheels and goes “beep.” For a certain fee, its driver will pick you up from where you are now and will shortly thereafter drop you off at the place you want to go. Twenty years ago, that car was an ordinary taxicab that you called on a landline. Now, it’s an Uber you summoned with an app on your smartphone. What’s the difference? In the world of regulation, everything. [More]

BBB Warns Against Time Share Scam Artists

BBB Warns Against Time Share Scam Artists

Unscrupulous companies are preying on struggling time share owners looking to unload their ill-advised purchases by getting them to pay thousands in upfront fees, promising sales that never come. Since the market for timeshares plummeted 40 percent in 2009, according to the BBB, there’s little market for reselling them. [More]