Apple Offers Cash To Powerbook, iBook Owners With Defective Power Adapters

Apple has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit prompted by PowerBook and iBook power adapters that could fray, break, or dazzle the eyes with spectacular bursts of dangerous sparks. Anyone whose power adapter failed within three years of purchase and then bought a replacement adapter is a part of the settlement.

Apple originally agreed to settle the suit early this year, but recently expanded the number of eligible models. Class members are eligible for the following payback:

Purchase Year Cash Payment
Year 1 Actual amount paid for the replacement adapter, up to $79
Year 2 $40
Year 3 $25

For adapters purchased before October 14, 2008, fill out and submit your claim form by February 11, 2009. For replacement adapters purchased after October 14, 2008, submit your claims within 120 days of the purchase, or by May 31, 2009; whichever is earlier.

More details are available on the class action’s website.

Gordon v. Apple Computer, Inc.
Apple settles class-action suit over faulty notebook adapters [AppleInsider]
(Photo: Educational Technology Blog)

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