The Video That Got A Grandmother Escorted Off JetBlue In Handcuffs

JetBlue really doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone! Remember Marilyn Parver, the grandmother who was arrested for videotaping a fight between two other passengers, and then refusing to delete it? Well, it seems that after the whole thing had blown over — JetBlue had to go and send the woman a nasty email in which they accused her of being “argumentative, condescending and belligerent” and refusing to obey the instructions of crewmembers. Dumb! Now Parver has released the tape in question and we can’t see anything wrong with what she did. The fight is one of those basic “I’ve been on a plane for a really long time with your out-of-control child and I’m having a nervous breakdown” altercations. Nothing cookies and hugs wouldn’t fix!

Here’s the video. One passenger is heard telling a woman and a child to get the hell out of his seating area, and the woman says that he should go to sleep and take a sleeping pill. The man also asks why the woman can’t control her child, blah, blah, blah.

Christopher Elliott says JetBlue could have handled this differently, and we have to agree. He’s his take on it:

I think JetBlue could have handled this differently. Rather than sending a lengthy, defensive letter to the customer, the airline could have tried to patch things up. It’s obvious that she wasn’t taping the flight deck for nefarious purposes. Arguments between passengers such as the one she taped are pretty common these days.

The crew overreacted and the company overreacted. Its letter to Parver has just reopened old wounds.

Here’s the video that got grandmother detained on JetBlue flight [Elliott]

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