This WaMu Sign Is Incredibly Accurate

Mark writes:

I’m currently a Chase customer, but my brother is WaMu. As he was walking down the street in Brooklyn the other night, he managed to catch this picture.

That’s one smart sign.


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  1. summerbee says:

    Once, I saw a BIG LOTS sign with the “L” burnt out. “BIGOTS” stared off into the central Pennsylvania night.

    This is much better, though.

  2. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    Y’all are gonna use that photo for any future WaMu posts, aren’t you?

  3. jusooho says:

    I get it, cause WAS is past tense and also, WaMu is now gone (“past tense”)


  4. springboks says:

    I once saw an ANCHOR BANK sign that read “HOR BANK.” Not as funny or as fitting as this WAMU sign.

  5. ThatShortGuy says:

    The bank carousel keeps spinning, as Citigroup has purchased Wachovia…Wachovia’s stocks are down to $.91 after pre-market trading:

    Article via Yahoo.

  6. Jevia says:

    I guess that credit card solicitation I got in the mail from Wamu on Saturday doesn’t mean a whole hell of a lot now, eh?

  7. Chols says:

    I have a WaMu card now, I guess I’ll have to accept my new Chase card. I knew I couldn’t dodge all those pre-approved letters for long…

  8. MoogleLally says:

    I was preapproved for a WaMu credit card last week! It was AWESOME. 0% APR until March 2010, unlimited cash back savings… But the preapproval expired September 22nd… Sad. *sigh*

  9. azntg says:

    I already miss WaMu. WaMu gave me my very first checking, savings and credit card accounts. In my case, they’ve done no wrong to me (and I think they’ll probably be the only major bank that’ll leave with that distinction in my books)

    I don’t think Chase will do WaMu much justice.

  10. SalmaDamrit says:

    Not as funny but I’ve seen SEARS turn into SCARS and DENNY’S turn into DENY

  11. Meathamper says:

    I’m already a Chase user, but I honestly thing that Chase will probably improve WaMu. The bailout is bad enough, so I hope that private companies won’t buy out companies as piss us off, creating a cartel or something

  12. PhilipNipperkin says:

    I’m sad to see WAMU go, as they generally treated me well as a customer. Plus their ad department had a sense of humor; they ran an ad in today’s (2008/09/30) Oregonian which said “We love Chase. And not just because they have a trillion dollars.”