VIDEO: WaMu Ad Has New, Dark, Meaning

Now that Washington Mutual completely imploded on its garbage-pile avalanche of home mortgages, this old WaMu commercial from August 2006, starring Scott Adsit pre-30 Rock, takes on a new, darker, meaning…

ANNOUNCER: The uncertainty of getting a home loan made Paul irritable.
Paul pops child’s balloon.
ANNOUNCER:Then he went to Washington Mutual. Thanks to their flexible lending rules, he got quick approval. Now he’s always in a GREAT mood.
A series of horrible things happen to Paul, but he remains cheery.

“Flexible lending,” there’s an understatement. Full video below.

[via Wall Street Fighter]


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  1. dmuth says:

    “Paul” is a great symbol of the current state of our economy.

    Getting whacked in the nads by a bowling ball pretty much sums it up, I think.

  2. adster says:

    My poor WaMu account…

    Is that the guy from 30 Rock?

  3. xQuizx says:

    Haha You Got Me! =)……oh…=(

  4. mizj says:

    I loved this commercial when it debuted. So funny, so unlike anything a bank would ever do…wait.

  5. TacoDave says:

    “We lend money to clumsy morons just like YOU!”

    Should’ve been the tagline.

  6. Jonbo298 says:

    I love how WaMu intentionally made the guy look like a “poor businessman”. Backfired, eh WaMu?

  7. Dillenger69 says:

    Look at that boot … I couldn’t afford my house … OR parking for my car!

  8. I wonder what happened to the corral of “old stuffy” bankers.

  9. ironchef says:

  10. dallasmay says:

    oh that hurts to watch.

  11. LibertyReign says:

    Have no fear! The Morgan family is here!

    alla ur b@nk$3$ b3l0ngah 2 U$

  12. james says:

    Wonder if Paul is still cheery now that he lives in a dumpster?

  13. SteveBMD says:

    Love how it all started with the popping of the kid’s balloon. Sort of like a bubble….

  14. azzy says:

    First thing I heard when I got into the car this morning “And here’s sports sponsored by WaMu …”

  15. hardtoremember says:

    That is a funny commercial! The bowling ball made me choke on my coffee! Woohoo.

  16. Absolute favorite commercial ever, makes me laugh out loud every time. There were others in the series that were also hilarious; time for some Googling.

  17. MasterThief says:

    Here’s a more accurate video…

  18. That is a very funny commercial. Too bad the current financial situation isn’t funny at all.