Verizon Breaks Your Router With An Unrequested Firmware Update, But Won't Replace It Because It's Out Of Warranty

Brielle is angry at Verizon for ruining her router. What’s worse is that they won’t do anything to fix the problem they created.

They acknowledge the router got an upgraded firmware image automatically (forget the fact I had explicitly disabled that feature for this very reason), but I’m shit out of luck. Even though the fact my formerly perfectly working 6100 is now bricked because of something Verizon did without my approval or knowledge, they will not provide me with a new one for free because the router is out of warranty.

Brielle, try this Verizon contact info to reach someone who can resolve your issue.

Update: Brielle has added the following to her post on her own site, in response to people suggesting she flash the router:

There is no way to flash the router at this point. I’ve not been able to find an actual image file of the firmware, just a tool in .exe, which does not work right cause it really stupidly assumes anything in 10/8 is My home network is Tool can’t find router, so no way to force an old firmware on to it.

“Verizon is a bunch of assholes” [Brielle’s Ramblings] (Thanks to Mickey!)
(Photo: *nomad*)

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