Pizza Hut Accuses Customer Of "Making The Coupon Up"

Pizza Hut called Danielle a liar for trying to redeem a promotional coupon they emailed to her and displayed prominently on their website. In exchange for completing an offer from TrialPay, Danielle should have received two free medium pizzas, one with toppings, plus breadsticks. Instead, her favorite pizza place told her, “M’am, you’re lying about what the coupon promised.”

Danielle writes:

I am a loyal Pizza Hut follower, even thought I know I probably shouldn’t be… it’s just what I grew up with.

I spend a fair amount of money with the various stores in my city, and I expect to be treated nicely when dealing with the company. Not like royalty, but nicely.

I get the pizza hut emails because I order online.. I’ve opted out before, but it seems like every time I order online, I get opted back in.

About a month and a half ago (beginning of August), Pizza Hut emailed me a coupon which was linked to the website “TrialPay”. The coupon claimed that if I completed one trial pay offer, pizza hut would send me some free pizza (A medium natural, plus one other medium one topping, plus breadsticks)… it was an amazing deal, and immediately some “too good to be true” bells started going off in my head. So I went to Pizza Hut’s website, and sure enough, the coupon was there as well, linked at the very top of their “Deals” page, where all their coupons are displayed.

So happily, I clicked away, chose an offer (a free trial of a Rhapsody account, followed by a paid subscription), and had it complete (I then went back and canceled the membership with Rhapsody, because their selection was terrible, but I was within the rights of the TrialPay agreement to do this). I got an email from TrialPay, saying I had completed the offer fully, and it provided a link to the Pizza Hut website, where I could redeem my “prize”. I clicked the link and followed the instructions in the email, and when I went to check out I saw I was being charged ten dollars.

According to the coupon, everything was included, tax and all.. the only extra charges would be for substitutions (none), extra toppings (I didn’t order any), or delivery (the order was for carryout).

Seeing that this was a mistake, I called TrialPay’s customer service and asked them to confirm that the bundle was indeed, free, and that I had completed the offer correctly. The nice lady I talked to said yes to all of these things, and even said that it was OK that I had canceled my Rhapsody membership.. I still got credit for completing the offer.

She suggested that it was probably a problem on Pizza Hut’s end, so I decided to call their 1-800 number. I spoke to a nice young man who had -no- idea what coupon I was talking about, so he offered to transfer me to his supervisor. I agreed. I then started the customer service call from hell. Throughout the conversation, which ended up lasting just under an hour, I was put on hold several times, without warning, for five to ten minutes at a time. The woman was also rude, and belligerent.

The woman I talked to claimed that I was “making the coupon up” (her words), and that I was “complaining about a legitimate charge”. I then asked her “If it’s legitimate, what is the ten dollar charge for, then?”. Her offer was that it was for delivery fees and taxes. I told her “The order is for carry out, and it breaks down the sales tax separately.. the sales tax is only a dollar or so of the charge.. what is the rest of it?” She couldn’t tell me. She claimed the coupon didn’t exist, and that it wasn’t sanctioned by Pizza Hut.

I asked how the coupon got emailed to me, in a Pizza Hut newsletter, and how it was linked on their website, and how their website recognized the coupon then…

She said “If you read the fine print, it says the two companies aren’t connected, and that we have no responsibility regarding the coupon”.

I said “That would be all fine and well, expect -your company- is who sent me the coupon. Hence, I want it honored, and honored properly.”

She then proceeded to stonewall me some more, until I got her to agree to pull up the website, using my address, and see the coupon on it.

She did this, and admitted that she saw the coupon, and said I still had to pay the ten dollars. I staunchly refused, and demanded what the coupon promised. I felt stupid arguing over free pizza, but at this point I was rather upset.

She called me a liar. Straight out. She said “M’am, you’re lying about what the coupon promised” with the coupon that lays it out right in front of her.

Eventually I got her to call my local store, and get the charges taken off, and I got my pizza. It was a major hassle, and the store manager at my local store was none-too-happy to remove the charge and hand me a free pizza, despite admitting that the customer service rep told him to do exactly that.

Upset over this experience, I filled out the “Comments, compliments, and complaints” form on Pizza Hut’s website, detailing the experience, and typing into the comments box “I want to be contacted by a manager” as well as checking the box that indicated that I would like to be contacted.

A week passed, and no call had come for me. So I called back the 1-800 number, and told the rep that I hadn’t got my call back, and I would very much like to be contacted by a manager. He apologized and offered to put me back in the queue to be called. I agreed, and he told me I would be contacted within 3 business days. This was a Friday night.

Next Wednesday night, no call had come. So I called the 800 number yet again, more upset this time. The woman I talked to said it was “all she could do to ‘escalate’ my problem, and put me back in line to be called.” I said that was fine, I supposed, since that was probably really all she could do. I then asked when I should expect my call by. She said “the end of the week, for sure”.

The end of the week came, no call. That was two weeks ago. I call the 800 number once every three days to let them know I still haven’t been called back. I’ve talked to the manager of the call center. He says he has no contact information for the manager of my district (the man who is supposed to be calling me). All they can do is put me back in line to be called.

I ended up ordering from Pizza Hut the other night, paying in full this time, and the pizza I had delivered was cold when it arrived, and rather sauceless. Upset, I decided that since I already had plans to call the number, I would just tell them about this then. I told them about the cold pizza, the man said he was “documenting the complaint” and that I would be contacted. I laughed at this, and asked if it would be ok to contact my local store myself if the issues wasn’t resolved (aka, I didn’t get my call back). He said I “shouldn’t do that”, and that the hotline was for complaints.

Three days later, still no call on either of my complaints, I was about at the end of my rope.

I called my local store to ask if they had the number for the corporate office. The lady read off the same number I’ve been calling for weeks. I told her they weren’t helping me.

She asked what the issue was, and I told her one issue was with the customer service people and a coupon, and that there was nothing she could do about it, but that the other issue was with a pizza her restaurant had delivered.

She told me she could help with that issue, so I told her what had happened. I ended up talking to her manager, and he told me he could give me some partial credit for the pizzas, for next time I ordered, and apologized they had been sent out that way, but said that there was nothing more he could do because I’d waited so long to complain.
I told him I had actually complained that night, to the customer service line posted on Pizza Hut’s website, and that they had told me -not- to call the store.

He said I should -always- call the store if I have issues with the pizza, so that I can get a speedier and more helpful response.. the store has the capability to send out new pizzas, etc. He also said that as far as he knows, it’s policy to direct the customer back to the local store if they have an issue with the food.

So now I’m stuck.. no calls back from pizza hut, and I paid for a crappy cold pizza and now there’s’ nothing to be done about it because the customer service people continue to screw up.

I’m thinking about visiting the Pizza Hut corporate offices tomorrow. Maybe being there in person will get me -some- sort of attention.

Pizza Hut clearly holds a dear place in Danielle’s heart. It’s a shame a local joint can’t swoop in and save Danielle with superior pizza and service.

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  1. Frank_Trapasso says:

    Is it really that hard to put your oven on 300 and toss the pizza in for ten minutes?

    I’m sympathetic, but her approach is stalkerish at best.

    • ReidFleming says:

      @Frank_Trapasso: I go on a business trip for a couple of weeks and see that the comments section still has people blaming the OP. The second pizza order was but a small part of this whole mess — they got a poorly-made and cold pizza and did exactly what the policy had them do. That turned out to be the wrong thing to do according the franchise owner.

      As it stands, the customer enjoys Pizza Hut and would simply like them to honor the promotion they are advertising. That advertising is both on their own web page and being sent via e-mail directly to the customer. They appear to be actively trying to get rid of their base.

      In the spirit of disclosure, I stopped buying pizza from Pizza Hut about three years ago after many, many problems. We have been going to Godfather’s since then and have never looked back.

    • insightpatch says:

      @Frank_Trapasso: I’d like to agree with you, but there’s also the issue of a lack of sauce to be considered… Unless you bought the Pizza Hut official pizza sauce injecting oven.

      When it’s a local issue with a pizza chain, you seriously HAVE to stay local. Domino’s has been more than satisfactory in their efforts to keep myself and my roommates as customers (even in a hectic college town): We once ordered a three-meat thin crust that came with only pepperoni. We called and told them about it, and they delivered the three-meat and got to keep the pepperoni.

    • wtrwlkr says:


      Agreed, while there is no excuse for Pizza Hut’s horrible customer service, if an ultimately honored coupon and cold pizza cause Danielle to devote this much of her time to calling the manager, well she should be glad these are the most of her worries in life. I know this might be borderline “against the comments code”, but perhaps Danielle should check out a local “family owned” pizza parlor instead of continuing to patron the corpororate places.

    • catskyfire says:

      @Frank_Trapasso: It may not be hard to reheat one’s pizza…but if I order a pizza from a pizza place, I expect it to be ready to eat when I get it. Unless I pick it up and do an ton of errands, I expect it to not be cold. That’s part of the point of ordering pizza. If I wanted to cook one in my oven, I would get one of the fancier ones at the grocery store.

    • Consumerist-Moderator-Roz says:

      @Frank_Trapasso: “Is it really that hard” to follow the comment code? Helpful suggestions are fine, but this comes across as snide.

    • ThinkerTDM says:

      @Frank_Trapasso: Is it too freaking hard to get the ingredients and make the damn pizza herself? No. But she wanted (as is her right as a consumer) to get what she paid for.

      Also, it is becoming clear to me that when the words “will call you back” are uttered, you won’t be.

  2. That sucks….but why would you order from Pizza Hut again when you have this outstanding complaint against management? I don’t get that at all…

  3. mgy says:

    In direct contrast to the first poster, my first impression was

    “Danielle, I think I may love you.”

    I love persistence.

    • @mgy: Agreed. My Ex used to give me the eye and the sigh when I would got back to a store to complain they overcharged me 34 cents on my order. I would love to find someone who shared my frugality.

      @Frank_Trapasso: How is this stalkerish? The ONLY way you could say this would be stalkerish is if she hunted down the people from the call center and the local store owner, and parked outside their house. She is following up. If the company didn’t say, “Someone will call you within three days”, she wouldn’t be calling each time they didn’t. If your bank debited $300.00 from your account, and said it would be back in there in three days, and it wasn’t, would you not keep calling?

    • eakwave1 says:

      @mgy: I’m with you. It’s my money and time, and I want what’s rightfully mine or promised to me. When I’m in the checkout line at Safeway and I have a coupon that should work but isn’t scanning, I will stand there until it works. I have no problem stepping aside for another customer while a problem is solved, but I will not leave until that $1 is taken off! Life is hard and expensive enough…

  4. bjcolby15 says:

    TrialPay seems to me to be one of those companies that sells such stuff “Get Free M&M’s if you answer this survey!” or “Win a Free iPod nano!”
    The OP must watch out for those “get something for free!” sites, because most of them tend to be spam and/or scam sites.

    (I should know – I had my identity stolen when someone got a hold of my AMEX Blue card – they didn’t do much damage, just a $100 or so, but it wasn’t fun calling those companies to tell them the charges were fraudulent.)

    If the coupon is a legitimate one, there would have been promotional codes, scanning bars, directions on how to enter the discount, etc. This way, the cashier and the store could easily indentify it as one of their coupons. Unfortunately, it’s also at the discretion of Pizza Hut to honor the coupon or not – perhaps they had gotten stung many times before for seemingly legit coupons, only to discover that it was indeed a fake.

    The best thing for the OP to do is print the coupon out and send it along to the Pizza Hut corporate offices (EECB?) and have them explain whether it was real or not. Pizza Hut can then say (a) “Spammers do this to us all the time…thanks for your eagle eye, here’s some legitimate coupons”, or (b) “It’s a real coupon – if you have more information, we’ll be glad to take that Pizza Hut to task for not honoring the coupon. Meanwhile, here’s some valid coupons for a future visit – doesn’t have to be that store.”

    The OP said it best and should follow this rule for future reference: if it’s too good to be true, and especially from the internet, it probably is. I would also advise the OP look at her credit card statements, as sites like these tend to steal your identity and charge your card for subscriptions, memberships, vacations, cars, and other stuff.

    • @bjcolby15: If you read the article, she went to PIZZA HUTS website from the email, and the coupon was THERE. It’s hard to say it’s a scam from another company if Pizza Hut is the one issuing the coupon.

      • insightpatch says:

        @Git Em SteveDave loves this guy–>: The problem is the fact that Pizza Hut is arguing that the coupon is being issued by another company (TrialPay, in this case).

      • bjcolby15 says:

        @Git Em SteveDave loves this guy–>:

        Hence, sending the coupon to Pizza Hut to have them verify whether it was real or fake won’t hurt her cause, as it will force them to come up with a reason. In fact, adding that she was called a liar and that she was told the coupon was fake would really help in her instance to solve the problem, as she would have evidence to back up her claims that that Pizza Hut wasn’t doing

        And yes, I did read the article – and the thing that caught my eye was printing out free coupons from a third-party website like TrialPay, even if Pizza Hut did send out these offers. If her “free” pizza causes her email box to expand with spam, or her credit card got walloped for several thousand dollars, then that’s a pretty freakin’ expensive pizza – and a huge amount of other troubles the OP would have to go through.

  5. xspook says:

    I wouldn’t order from your usual Pizza Hut location any longer, Danielle. They’ve probably got you flagged in their system and who knows what will end up as “toppings” on your next order.

  6. EricLecarde says:

    Papa Johns tried to pull the “Coupon Doesn’t Exist” line with me one time. A quick phone call to their corporate line and for 6 months I recieved a free pizza post card every month plus I got the coupon deal that night. I loved those free pizza coupons.

  7. Cyco says:

    A couple of years back I ordered a split pizza from Papa Johns. One side bacon, the other side pineapple and sausage. An hour and a half later the pizza arrives. I pay the guy and head into the kitchen to eat, only to find they messed up the pizza. They put the sausage on the bacon side. Thing is, I hate sausage and the pineapple/sausage side was for my girl. I promptly called them up, explained the issue and they told me they would be sending out a replacement.

    Another hour later the pizza arrives. I open the box in front of the driver and once again the order is wrong. We both look on the side of the box and see that the order was typed up correctly, but just made wrong. I thank the driver, take the pizza and call the store once again. I spoke with the manager and he told me he made the pizza himself. I explained that the driver verified that the pizza was made wrong and that the side of the box had the order right. He apologized and said he would send out another pizza and it would be there in an hour. At this time it was already 9pm. I told him it was ok, that we would just eat what we had instead of waiting to eat until 10. He said he would give me 50% off my next order instead. He was real nice about it and seemed upset that the orders were wrong.

    The point of this long story is don’t just accept something you pay for. If you got a cold pizza, you should have called up and complain about it. You paid for it, it should be what you want instead of what they give you.

  8. Hongfiately says:

    It seems like a long way to go since it was basically settled after the call to the local store, but I support Danielle’s pursuit because she was promised a call and that hasn’t happened yet. Multiple people have promised that she’ll be contacted by certain deadlines; Pizza Hut has failed to do so. She needs to speak to someone at a high enough level to correct the obvious failure that is their customer service system. If you aren’t going to (or can’t) do something for me, don’t promise that you will.

    That doesn’t even speak to the problem of being called a liar. That’s a nasty accusation that is tossed around far too casually these days. There may have been a disagreement about the coupon’s terms or whether there was a duty to honor it under the circumstances, but throwing down the L-word is disgusting and shouldn’t be tolerated.

    • ReidFleming says:


      It seems like a long way to go since it was basically settled after the call to the local store,

      But that’s not what happened. That is an aside to the main point of the story. A coupon was used but not honored and, to add insult to the injury, they tried to charge her $10 for the “free” service that she canceled.

  9. bjcolby15 says:


    sites like these refers to sites like TrialPay.

    Frank_Trapasso: Actually, some of the frozen pizzas I’ve gotten taste much better than Pizza Hut’s, and without the surly temper.

    wtrwlkr: I agree. If you have a local parlor in the area, chances are they’ll make a better product to keep their local base.

    • wtrwlkr says:


      That and i’ve found the local places have tastier pizzas. I used to live in Pensacola, FL and there was this place (forgot the name) that was owned by Americans who spent some time in Italy. They opened this place and imported an authentic wood-buring oven. They made the pizzas Italian-style with cracker thin crust and fresh toppings and cheeses. I’d give my right arm to eat one of their pizzas again.

      • HogwartsAlum says:


        OMG I just drooled down my shirt. Thanks! ;)

        Pizza Hut has gone way downhill. They used to be great but the one in my hometown started bringing me pizzas with the ingredients (including the sauce) in a little pile in the middle of the crust instead of spread out over it. Like they just dumped it on there or something.

        I thought it was a fluke until I moved here and ordered them and got the same crap. So Papa John’s, Dominos or local places from now on.

  10. Trick says:

    This is why Pizza Hut continues to do bad business. The OP had a really bad experience *YET* continued to do business with Pizza Hut.

    Why bother to change when you can treat your customers anyway you want and they will continue to come back for me?

  11. hardisonthefloor says:

    Dominos FTW.

  12. ARPRINCE says:

    2 words…..”PAPA JOHNs”!

  13. bjcolby15 says:


    as she would have evidence to back up her claims that that Pizza Hut wasn’t doing their job.

  14. gmoney says:

    You know if you’d just order from the local college-style independent pizza joint, you’d get rude and belligerent responses to your complaints much more expediently.

    Yum Brands is a monolith. They live on volume. Without them coming right out and saying it, they just aren’t going to be motivated to work with individual complaints very carefully.

    I just don’t find it very likely you’ll ever get serious satisfaction from them.

  15. panzerschreck1 says:

    i think ordering from local pizza places from on would be the correct thing to do after this.

    pizza hut doesn’t even make decent pizza.
    (but neither do a lot of local pizza place. i’m blessed with several fantastic places however)

    its definitely worth the extra money.

  16. snoop-blog says:

    talk about writing a book. Hey, Carey, can you email me the cliff notes on this story?

    Anyway, I like Domino’s because they run the exact same coupons (in my area anyhow) every month, so even if the coupon you have is expired, it’s really not. I literally make my coupons up with them and have never been asked for my coupon once they arrive.

  17. TacoDave says:

    Write a letter to the corporate office. An old-fashioned postal letter. I’ve found this gets a much better/faster response than using an online email form or an 800 number.

    One corporate chain sent me $20 in gift cards plus a free meal for my family after I sent my letter to the CEO.

    • goodywitch says:

      It seems like the franchise itself was OK, but it was corporate that she had issues with. They messed up her coupon, but she still liked the pizza, and so far it wasn’t the local office that gaver her the problem. When it comes to these get pizza free deals, that’s corporate, not local.

      She only had the issue with the local when the pizza was cold/lacked sauce, and when she called the corporate complaints, they said NOT to call the local. The local is apparently OK because they partially compensated her (considering that they only knew of the complaint so late). She should go ahead and patronize the franchise owner, because once they KNOW of an issue, apparently they take care of it. Do what TacoDave said and write a letter to corporate. And next time, take the names of those you contacted in customer service.

  18. R3PUBLIC0N says:

    For the love of all that is holy, take your business somewhere else. It’s not even that hard to MAKE a pizza.

  19. Ninjanice says:

    I’ve had horrible service at Pizza Hut before, but they always took care of it at the store. One time I ordered acrry out. Whe we got there, the pizza wasn’t made. So we decided to just dine in since we would have to wait for another pizza. We were drinking beers and luckily our bread came out in a timely manner, so we had something to munch on. The server had apparently never put our order in (again). Then we get our pizza and it was wrong. At that point, the server told us to go help ourselves to the pizza buffet and salad bar for free while he had them make our pizza again. We got our pizza and it was correct this time. So, we ate and then asked for the bill. The server gave us everything for free (including our beers) and gave us extra breadsticks to take home with our leftover pizza and a coupon for a free pizza next time we ordered. When I called in the next time to order, they had apparently put a note on my phone number to also give me free breadsticks and pop with the next order. What’s amazing is that we never really complained because things happen and they were really trying to make it right. They just wanted happy customers. And that’s what they have at that location- happy customers that will go there as long as that place is open.

  20. closed_account says:

    I had a similar issue in 07 with HR Block with my taxes. I filed with them and was supposed to receive a free pizza from Papa Johns. I never received the coupon after contacting both HR Block and Papa Johns. I ended up disputing the charge for my taxes with HR Block. I won because I filed as required and they did not provide me with the service (free pizza) they promised. Result: Free filing of taxes. Hungry me. I never heard from HR Block.

  21. evslin says:

    I ended up ordering from Pizza Hut the other night, paying in full this time, and the pizza I had delivered was cold when it arrived, and rather sauceless.

    I don’t know about you, but if a company accuses me of lying like that I’d have a hard time justifying giving them any repeat business. I think their message is pretty clear – they don’t care about your complaint. Call Papa John’s next time you want pizza.

  22. BiZarRroBALlmeR says:

    Take a deep breadth, and support your local pizza parlor instead, you cheap nut.

    • AllenK says:


      That’s what I’m sayin’! Pizza Hut is ok,but you can’t beat a good Mom and Pop pizza place.

      Speaking of pizza,I’m about to have one from Schwann’s. They’re pretty good,but we probably could’ve gotten a better pizza for cheaper if we were anywhere but here.

  23. jefino says:

    I like pizza hut. We only had a problem with them once. Ordered a pizza, 2 1/2 hours later(we lost track of time) called the place, sd they were busy and apologized, i didnt ask for anything, i just wanted my pizza.. i finally got it about 3 1/2 hours after i ordered. About 2 weeks later i get a coupon in the mail for a free pizza due to the situation. All good.

  24. 5h17h34d says:

    I ordered a pizza from Papa John’s in 2004. Still waiting for it.

  25. thesschultz says:

    I work for a local franchise Pizza Hut in my area. Just to let everyone know, the 800 number that’s on the box never goes anywhere but the franchise owner unless its a corporate store. The best way to handle a complaint is to talk to the manager directly… If they can’t handle it in an acceptable way, don’t order from there. Simple as that.

  26. puyro {who was banned for "junk comments" what? says:

    I got three small pizzas from the Domino’s for 4 dollars each, ordering online with a coupon which worked fine. One pizza was pepperoni, the other 2 were no sauce, extra cheese. (One for myself, one for my mom, one for my brother) Domino’s delivered a pepperoni, and 2 pizzas with sauce and regular cheese. My brother and I HATE sauce, so I logged back online to check and see if I ordered it correctly. I did.
    My mom called up Domino’s and told them our last name, address, and what happened. The lady promptly got a manager. She told what happened to the manager, and the manager said “Well I have nothing showing that there was to be no sauce on any pizza” And my mom said her daughter had ordered the pizza and she had just doublechecked the order and that she had done it correctly. The manager and my mom argued for a good 5 minutes til the manager finally agreed to send out 2 correctly made pizzas and that I would print out the order to show that it said no sauce. Which I did, gladly.
    The poor delivery lady got there (different from the first time) and had no idea what was going on. But the pizzas were right and I handed her the printout I had made and explained what that was all about.
    Just really dumb that the manager would accuse us to be liars/scammers. We said they could take the 2 wrong pizzas back! The manager also wanted us to come to the store to bring the printouts. Uh, no, we paid for delivery and its like 10pm and we’re in our pajamas.

    • @puyro: I think you were 100% in the right dealing with Domino’s, but I have to say… You hate pizza sauce?? It sounds like you weren’t exposed to enough variety in food as a child if you can’t handle a simple bland tomato sauce. I don’t say this to attack you, I just wonder how someone (two people, apparently) could come to have such an annoying food hangup. Especially when you said your mom doesn’t have this problem. So what’s the deal?

      • puyro {who was banned for "junk comments" what? says:

        @West Coast Secessionist:

        I hate pizza sauce but I love tomatoes and occasionally like tomato sauce on spaghetti. I mostly don’t like how a lot of pizza places put WAY TOO MUCH sauce on the pizza, so it’s just easier for us to say no sauce please! And it’s one of the few things I don’t like, not a picky eater. :P

      • @West Coast Secessionist: Tomato-based sauces trigger heartburn in many people. It varies from sauce to sauce, too, one restaurant’s sauce may trigger it while another restaurant’s sauce won’t.

        I thought everybody already knew that, but then again, I was exposed to all sorts of stuff when I was a kid. :P

  27. johnnya2 says:

    First off, why should she have to order from somewhere else when she LIKES the taste of their pizza? It may not be to your liking, but it is the number one pizza place in the US. Yes there may be a local stores that make pizza, but many independent restaurants suck worse than national chains. I expect PizzaHut should examine if it is a third party coupon using their name in an unauthorized manner or if it is authorized they are responsible to accept the coupon. I will say that many franchised pizza places come back to the rule that offer not accepted at all locations. Call the store first to see if they do accept the offer. You may think they are the same, but if you went to a McDonald’s in Detroit, they do not necessarily serve the same offers on the same days as one an hour north in Lansing.

  28. sleepydumbdude says:

    I had a problem with that first online order coupon from pizza hut. Called the store who referred me to the line. The line told me to call the store so I threewayed to the store and the line told me there was nothing they can do.
    Cool whatever by the time I got done arguing and hanging up I just got off my lazy butt and went to go get something else.

  29. Chongo says:

    She should just go to the Olive Garden instead. I hear that have superior quality food.

    • evslin says:

      @Chongo: Fear the never-ending pasta bowl?!

    • ChuckECheese says:

      @Chongo: Or she could have gone to Fazoli’s.

      In many cities across the U.S., pizza selection is terrible. Believe it or not coastal-types, the flyover section of the country is very short on Italians and their vittles. I remember Phoenix in the late 80’s throughout the 90’s. Awful. And freakishly expensive. I remember having to drive miles to buy fresh pasta sheets for cannelloni and lasagne.

      So you may not have many pizza choices other than chains. Then it’s a matter of choosing the least evil one from among those that are in your area through pizza-trial and error. I’ve ordered Pizza Hut online several times. It’s often trying. There are online coupons that the stores refuse to acknowledge, or they require you to hand over a printed copy to the delivery person (not likely if you’re ordering from a hotel, for instance).

      Then the PH website at times just doesn’t work, and after you order, it tells you “this order cannot be completed. Please call the nearest PH location to complete your order.” Twice in the past 3 years I’ve contacted PH’s online customer support and never received any acknowledgement or reply. Consequently I eat less pizza.

      • MsAnthropy says:


        Too right. Everyone banging on about how it’s all the OP’s fault for daring to order from Pizza Hut in the first place should consider themselves lucky for being so blessed with such great local pizza joints. I only wish I had just ONE such place around here. In the year and a half I’ve lived in the US I’ve had precisely one to-die-for pizza (from a restaurant in a city I don’t live in) and a ton of ‘just about what you’d expect’ pizzas from Dominos, Donatos and, on occasion, Pizza Hut.

        I’ve tried the ‘local’ pizza places, and they’ve ranged from ‘beyond appalling’ to ‘bad’, and in every case have been of sub-Pizza-Hut standard. It’s saying something when Domino’s is the best pizza available around here – it may not be great, but you know what you’re going to get, and it beats the local ‘mom and pop’ places hands down. They suck. I’m all for supporting local businesses but… yeah, they suck.

        In London I would never, ever have dreamed of calling up a Dominos or a Pizza Hut etc. But then I had a choice of local pizza parlours which knew how to make a damned good pizza. How Pizza Hut etc stayed in business locally was beyond me. But here… I’ve tried those local places, and am yet to find one that actually knows how to make a pizza.

        And yeah, I can and do make my own… but if I’m calling out for a pizza, that is because cooking ANYTHING is not featuring highly on my list of priorities at that moment.

        • ChuckECheese says:

          @MsAnthropy: Your comments make me wonder what kind of pizza they sell in London. Perhaps a marmalade sauce topped with curry and chips.

          Making your own pizza is a considerable chore, one which I would never willingly undertake, despite being an ex-professional chef. Far too much effort for little result, like trimming one’s pubes for a trip to the dentist.

          • Years ago I worked for Domino’s, owned by a franchise, and back then there were two sauces that were used, one went on the bottom of deep dish dough, and one that was used for the garlic breadsticks. The breadstick sauce was yummy, and one day I found out that they were not going to use the garlic sauce on the breadsticks anymore, and instead start using the same sauce that they used on the deep dish dough. I was apalled, that shit didn’t taste anything close to buttery garlic goodness… insane… I quit soon after that, can’t remember if any customer’s complained about, or noticed, the difference.

            @ChuckECheese: Far too much effort for little result, like trimming one’s pubes for a trip to the dentist.

            You obviously don’t know my dentist.


          • MsAnthropy says:


            Haha, no, no marmalade pizza (although I did see tandoori chicken/chicken tikka on the occasional pizza menu – never ordered one, though), just… good pizza. And plenty of awful pizza too, granted. All I need is one decent late-opening pizza place that will deliver, and I had several.

            I’ve made pizza a few times, but it’s definitely a bit of a chore, the kind of thing I’ll contemplate doing if I have time to kill and am in the mood for cooking – but if I’m calling out for a pizza, you can bet I don’t have the inclination to cook anything, and most likely the fridge is empty too. Pizza delivery is for when you want someone to bring dinner to your door, NOW (well, in about 40 minutes or so, anyway).

      • margit says:

        @ChuckECheese: Your Phoenix story makes me so sad. I don’t think I could live more than 5 miles from an Italian import store.

        • ChuckECheese says:

          @margit: I grew up in western PA, just a few miles from DeLallo’s in Jeannette on Rte 30. I was surprised a few years ago to find they’re distributing nationally. Italian food is good but I am not as interested in it as I used to be, tho I made spaghetti and meatballs last night.

      • ChuckECheese says:

        @ChuckECheese: Fazoli’s is closing throughout the U.S. as I write. They are closing all their AZ stores and most in TX and many more throughout FL. And that’s only what I’ve heard about. I can’t find much in media about it, although I did find a few stories.

  30. jgonzz says:

    When I was in school i worked at Godfathers Pizza. There was often a “coupon issue” or problem. I saw it all, from some frat moron trying to use two coupons on the SAME pizza to a woman trying to use an expired coupon and claiming/yelling because she was ‘black’ we wouldn’t bend the rules. trust me kids if its expired its expired.

    Pizza Hut is a large organization with promotions all over the world. Corporate ‘oks’ the promotion(s) then they are briefed to all of the related locations. Its the store manager’s job to brief his staff of these things, but this NEVER gets completed. Even if the worker is a smart kid/good worker, people show up 30 seconds before their shift. they get paid to make/serve pizza. You think an 18 year old kid cares about a memo from corporate? exactly….

  31. Ben_Q2 says:

    Takes me 3mins to make the dough, a hour to set out, 1 min to roll it out, 2 mins to top it, 15 cook and to cut it. All for a cost of under .25 (well maybe .40). Where did the cost come from? Guess. Its cheaper for them to give them away if your not happy then to tell you NO.

    • johnnya2 says:

      @Ben_Q2: You obviously make crappy pizza because the cheese alone costs more than 40 cents. Then you think time is free. By your own calculations, (which do not include clean up time) you have 1 hour and 20 minutes into the pizza. So lets pretend you only get paid what a pizza boy gets paid at say $6 per hour, you already have $8 into the pizza, PLUS the cost of ingredients. Four ounces of cheese alone would come to about 60 cents, plus buying flour, pizza sauce, pepperoni etc

  32. Cupajo says:

    I had a very similar experience with Papa Johns years ago while I was in college. After several months without satisfaction, my hooligan friends and I instigated a campaign of ordering 2 or 3 pies at a time to non-existent addresses next door or across the street to parties we were attending. Juvenile? Yes. But also extreeeeeeemely satisfying.

  33. yikz says:

    I nice letter to the editor of your local newspaper will do an amazing job of getting attention. Also, post to Craigslist. I’m sick and tired of scumbag bait-and-switch tactics by these corporations. They deserve to be called out publicly for their thieving behavior.

  34. newfenoix says:

    This whole problem brings up the big issue of bad customer service again. General managers and some assistant managers are paid a salary AND bonuses. These bonuses are based on several things and one of those things is increased sales. You can not increase sales with bad customer service.

    This is a major problem with the franchise used by most fast food corporations. Owners want to franchise to make money and most corporations really don’t care if the person has ANY food service experience. It’s a situation of money, money, money. If you have the money, the corp. will give you the franchise. I do know of a major exception to this; Domino’s requires that its prospective franchise owners have GM experience with Dominos.

    Another issue that leads to bad customer service is the fact that most managers believe themselves to be bosses. A manager IS NOT a boss! He/she is just what the name implies; a manager. A manager is supposed to be aware of EVERYTHING that goes on in that establishment. Good customer service WILL NOT HAPPEN if the manager is in the office on the phone or playing games on the computer. Here’s a heads up…most franchisees spend little to no time training junior managers.

    As far as this specific situation goes; the OP did everything right except for one thing. Never, ever go back to a store that has refused to fix a problem OR one who’s parent corporation won’t give you the time of day. True, Pizza Hut’s parent company is BIG, but, look at what has happened to Sears, K-Mart, Bennegan’s and several other companies that are either dying or DEAD! Your dollars is what keeps a company in business. That is the ultimate control in this society.

  35. Llydis says:

    I’d like to say as a former Pizza Hut delivery driver, crap rolls downhill. I was actually working ofr a franchise company, so the owners try to act like mini Bill Gateses.

    But, if there is one thing that vexes me. It’s the people who have to be antagonizing to the delivery drivers. 8/10 we won’t be making your pizza because we are too busy delivering to addresses to make our tips. I mean, there’s a limited amount we can do at the door to actually do a discount or store credit. Usually managers get in our cases if we actually show any customer service initiative.

    Or, in my case now, a local pizza company that has a phone center.

    Please, anyone, don’t pull the kind of shady tricks to antagonize drivers. It’s a waste of both of our time, we could be taking two deliveries that could be making us tips and you’re just trying to get your kicks off of what is basically harassment.

    Also if it takes an hour to get your pizza, don’t blame the driver. It’s usually the store manager’s fault since they understaff for what could be a busy night. We’d rather not deliver you cold and late pizzas(sometimes, that is not the case since we’re so busy that the pizza really did take about 20 minutes to get to making) since that’s not doing us any favors in making tips.

  36. mr.dandy says:

    You’re actually saying Rhapsody’s selection was “terrible”? That’s the story you’re sticking with? Aside from a few high-profile holdouts (Beatles and Led Zeppelin), what music could you possibly want that isn’t on there? I’m just curious.

  37. unsleepable says:

    Wow, Danielle needs to prioritize her life. Seriously. All of this fuss over some pizza? I wonder how she’s going to handle lifes REAL problems. Sigh.

  38. Moosehawk says:

    You know this reminds me…

    There’s this coupon that has been on Pizza Hut’s website for a few months now, and a coupon identical to it was on there for over a year. The coupon is for 2 medium, 1 topping pizzas for $12. But when you use the coupon on the online ordering the total comes to over $18 (for carryout, so no delivery charge).

    I haven’t tried calling Pizza Hut yet, I find it so much more convenient to just order from them online.

  39. Birki says:

    Unfortunately, it’s probably the easiest way out for a customer service rep to say “someone will call you within 3 days”. What do they care, they know the caller will be assuaged and will not likely get that customer service rep on the phone again. Pizza Hut needs to give the lower-tier CS the enpowerment to solve issues like this, rather than passing the customer around and ignoring her, in the hope she’ll give up. And if the coupon was on the corporate site, it is corporate’s responsibility to handle this problem. They can work with the local manager if need be to get her the free pizza.

  40. brennok says:

    Unfortunately this is standard procedures for Pizza Hut. I ordered a pizza online for carryout using one of their advertised deals on the website. When I showed up to pick up the pizza, they refused to sell me the pizza since I didn’t have the coupon from their website. At no point during the order did it tell me I would need their coupon, they offered me off their site, to pick up the pizza. I walked out that night without a pizza since they wanted $17 for something that was supposed to cost me $9.

    I gave pizza hut a second chance at another location close to work. I called in and placed a pickup order for some wings and pizza. I arrived at the store only to be told they didn’t make the wings because they no longer offer to split them half/half with different sauces even though they took the order this way. They told me I must have been routed to the corporate call center that handles call overflow and that next time I need to call the restaurant to confirm my order. At no point did they tell me I wasn’t speaking to the restaurant.

    We haven’t eaten at Pizza Hut since especially now that cheese counts as a topping.

  41. muppetjones says:

    Papa John’s does the same thing. I’ve had 3 separate occasions where they messed up royally and did not honor their promises.

    1) I ordered pizza, and they said it should be somewhere 30-45 min. I called after waiting an hour and ten minutes. “Oh, it’s on it’s way…should be there in 10 min”, they said. I called back 20 min after that and received the same response. Another 20 minutes passed before I called again. After waiting a total 2 hours for my pizza on a run-of-the-mill week night, I finally got my pizza. I filed a complaint on the website and received a coupon from corporate 4 days later. The store manager called the day after and apologized, offering me a free pizza for the trouble. I told him about the coupon, and he said that was from corporate and this one would be from the store. He promised to put it on my account, and it would show up the next time I called in.

    2) I ordered again about a month later, planning on using the 2 free pizzas promised by the manager and from the coupon I had received from corporate. the lady I talked to was nice, but there was no record of the manager’s promised pizza. I explained what had happened last time, so she talked to a supervisor and accepted it anyway. “Should be there in 30-45 minutes”, they said. 1 hour after calling, I called back to ask where my pizza was. They had no record of my order!!! This time they called me a liar when I mentioned the free pizzas promised me, but after getting very impatient and almost yelling at the guy, he consented. It’ll be there in 20 minutes. 40 minutes later, I called again. They guy was on his way they promised. Luckily, he showed up 10 minutes later — almost 2 hours after I ordered. Again! I filled out another form on the website. No coupon from corporate this time, but the manager from the store called again and promised another pizza. I explained that wasn’t much good to me as it didn’t go in the system last time, so he kept me on the phone while he typed it in.

    3) I was pissed at Papa John’s at this point and didn’t want to use them again, but 2 months later in a moment of studying desperation and nothing in the fridge, I called out for pizza. This time, the lady refused to listen to me or why I had even received a free pizza in the first place. She called me a liar outright and even hung up on me after a couple of minutes.

    Needless to say, I don’t ever order Papa John’s anymore.

  42. attercob says:

    She spent more time arguing over this than the cost of the item was worth. If it had been me I would have just 1) ordered item, 2) ignored it not taking the coupon, 3) gone to pick it up, 4) told the store that the website was messed up and they needed to take the coupon, 5) if they refused argue for not more than 5min, 6) pay with credit card and then file dispute.

    It’s like 80% of the posters on this site go out of their way to make things extra difficult.

  43. tahamaki says:

    It seems that YUM! brands are not responding to their complaints filed online. I filled out a complaint form for the Taco Bell near my house, asked to be contacted by a manager and never heard a peep. No response via email and no phone call.

  44. samurailynn says:

    About a year ago I called in a delivery order to Pizza Hut and read the coupon code off the coupon to the person taking my order. She told me that it wasn’t a valid coupon. I was looking at the coupon on their website under the “local deals” section. The coupon also specifically stated that it was for carryout or delivery and for online or phone orders. I told her about that and she finally agreed to let me use the coupon, but she said “you’d better print it out and have it available to give to the delivery driver or he won’t let you have it for that price”. The delivery driver didn’t ask for the coupon so I tried to give it to him and he said something along the lines of “why would I take the coupon? We don’t need them.”

    Now we usually make our own pizza or we pick up the Little Cesar’s $5 pizzas.

  45. superchou says:

    pizza hut food is gross

  46. k6richar says:

    “two free medium pizzas, one with toppings”
    should this read with one topping?

    • pigbearpug says:

      @k6richar: Nope, one was cheese, one was with one topping.

      I’m mad that I spent three minutes reading her story. I feel for her, but come on…just don’t give them your business and let them know you will no longer be giving them your business. Personally, given their employees, I’d be worried I’d get a free topping on my pizza that I didn’t want.

      Make your own. It’s much better and easier. Look up Alton Brown’s recipe on youtube.

      • petitcerise says:

        @pigbearpug: I agree. I mean yes it’s annoying to be right and not listened to and ignored but really, you’re spending hours of your precious time over this. Take a deep breath and move on. Obviously you looove Pizza Hut lady. You’re going to keep ordering from them. So get over it.
        I’ve had really bad pizzas from chains and I’ve had really good ones. Really it’s hit or miss sometimes with them. We had a really good local joint that delivered but it went out of business a few years ago. RIP Fast Eddie’s.

  47. invo24 says:

    FWIW. If you’d like to actually hear from the local district manager fill out a job app online or in the store. They will call you usually within 48 hours. Obviously omit the ssn. Since they are continually interviewing for drivers this should get you in contact with someone who can ACTUALLY do something. Cheers.

  48. just don’t hold the delivery driver hostage if they won’t honor the coupon. We all know how that ends…

  49. Parting says:

    Look at the bright side : you will eat less of greasy, horrible food. They don’t care about you, why should you care about them ?

  50. GoVegan says:

    Just hope that they didn’t add anything special to your pizza for complaining!

  51. ShadowFalls says:

    Pizza Hut obviously doesn’t value this person as a customer. Vote with your dollar and go elsewhere.

  52. IMHO, this story sounds like the customer service rep had actually encountered this problem before.

    For some reason, many customer service people go into this mode of defiance when faced with something they can’t resolve. I don’t know why. I’ve had the same thing happen.

  53. This website appears to be in on the conspiracy… Alert that customer service rep!


    TrialPay advertiser David’s Cookies, an online retailer of cookies, cakes, and other specialty desserts, has seen substantial results with the service, said Dennis Consorte, director of e-commerce for the company. He believes the addition of the gifts and gourmet category from TrialPay will help David’s Cookies even further because it will pair its offers with merchants with similar products, for example and Pizza Hut

  54. onecentsmrt8563 says:

    In situations like this, I always like filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Pizza Hut will pretty much freak out when they are informed that there is a big issue that can get them a lowered score for everyone on the nation to see, so they’ll resolve it. If anything, it’ll guarantee some high up manager finds out about this stuff.

  55. emt888 says:

    I’m kind of surprised by Pizza Hut’s reaction. A few months ago Pizza Hut forgot my cheese bread with my order. I called the store and the manager was really rude, blaming me for not checking my order before the driver left (I had the new pasta and the driver said the cheese bread was in with the pasta). She wouldn’t give me a refund or send out a new order of bread. Long story short, I called Pizza Hut’s 1-800 number and three days later I had 2 coupons for free pizzas.

  56. AustinS says:

    This is very interesting to me. I’ve had great experiences with both Papa John’s and Domino’s Customer Service.

    I actually emailed Papa John’s about an idea I had for a new type of pizza box and got a call the next day from a regional manager who gave me a free large pizza unlimited toppings from my local Papa Johns.

    A few weeks ago I ordered online using Domino’s system and I ordered one of the new sandwiches and it was terrible. So in the online ordering window it gives you a little box to say how your meal was, I said the sandwich is not good because it just is tasteless and has barely any meat on it. I receieved a call from the local store asking my if they could do anything to rectify the situation to which I responded that, no, I just won’t order it again and thought it was pretty bad. He agreed and didn’t like them either and was sorry for my experience. Nothing free, but I wasn’t trying to get anything free, I just wanted them to know that the sandwich tastes bad.

  57. dohspc says:

    I also got that Pizza Hut trial pay offer and decided against it. Glad I did lol.

  58. Onouris says:

    I always thought America was the place where you can complain and get something done, and that England was the place where no-one gives a crap.

    I would probably have done the same, kept calling to make sure I got some free stuff or someone got a bollocking for basically lieing to a customer. Never been to Pizza Hut in America though, seems only a shell of what it is here in England. Abby’s, now that was good.

    Only real problems I had while in America were my order from Taco Bell or some such place was slightly wrong, and I couldn’t really care less, and my girlfriend called them up anyway and got the whole order for free. That’s insane.

    Then there’s my first Wii (Which I got about 10 minutes after deciding where to get it from) developed some fault where every now and then it would throw a tantrum and not read discs. Took it back and had a picture ready for them to prove what I was saying (English for you), and they just said yeah it’s all good have this one.

  59. dggraphics says:

    Wow! After your experience I would never order from them again, unless it is the only “pizza” place in your town.

    Aside…Why the hell are people eating Pizza Hut. Seriously it can hardly be called pizza. It IS THE WORST “pizza” on the planet.

    You poor people.

  60. humphrmi says:

    I am always flabbergasted at the amount of wasted energy these companies expend on policing coupon redemption. Coupons are tricky, if you over saturate, your customers begin to expect the reduced price. But once you have them out there, they are liked ringed bells… you can’t unring them. And you (i’m speaking to the store managers here) can’t refuse a coupon without causing damage to your customer relationship. That’s why years ago these places used to just take them without argument, and it never made a huge impact on the bottom line anyway (other than maybe increasing sales.)

  61. Avengelist says:

    After all the time spent, the pizza is certainly no longer free.

    Mos of the major chain pizza is crap anyway. Order from your local shops.

  62. UnnCachaco says:

    I would call the Pizza Hut hotline and summarize how you have been toyed
    around with for weeks, and let them know that if your issue does not get
    resolved in a professional manner promptly that you would be formally filing
    a complaint with the *Better Business Bureau *to have the situation

    It’s funny how once you actually threaten to hold them accountable for the
    service they provide, they’re much more willing to cooperate. A little while
    ago I had a similar problem of being toyed around with and I
    finally let them know that I would be contacting the BBB, as well as the
    headquarters of and parent company Ebay. Within a day I received a
    response email clearing up the situation.

    Good luck.

  63. SpearXXI says:

    Never call a call center or corporate for problems with such things as pizza. You want to talk to an on shift manager, then a general manager, and then the franchisee if really need be. Just stay away from corporate, because they cannot do anything. If worst comes to worst, she could always just go to the next closest Pizza Hut, since she is only accustomed to their style of pizzas. lol I would say move on about the coupon… Oh, and always call immediately to the local store, where you bought the pizza from, because even after a day, they most likely will not do anything, because of the scammers, who call and try and scam free food.

  64. shufflemoomin says:

    It’s hard to believe that a location that has a bloody Pizza Hut doesn’t have a local place that does pizza that would deserve the business more. I have a Dominos here and a local place on the same street, the local place has better pizza and for half the price. Why support crappy franchises when you can get a better product and support the little guys. Have a look around for other places and if you find one, tell Pizza Hut to shove it. Make sure you tell as many people as possible too. As an added comment, in Denmark, I came across a McDonalds that had closed down due to lack of business and discovered there are no starbucks there because the people won’t support large American corporations. My kinda place.

  65. Cyclokitty says:

    I haven’t had pizza from Pizza Hut in years. When I was a kid I adored the greasy deep dish stuff like crazy, but now not so much.

    But, the OP had a coupon that matched the one on Pizza Hut’s site, so of course they should honor it unless the franchise is allowed to opt out accepting coupons. Definitely complain to HO if the pizza you purchased isn’t up to it’s usual glory.

    That all said, I suggest to the OP to buy a deep dish pizza pan and explore the wonderful world of homemade pizza making. The first few will take forever and look rather un-pizza like, but after that you’re gold, Ponyboy. I make much better pizza – from crust to sauce than any I order. I even found in the latest issue of Bust Magazine (sorry boobie aficionados, it’s a perfectly respectable women’s mag) a recipe to make my own mozzarella at home, and I can’t wait to try it out!

  66. blockbustarhymes says:

    Papa John’s put bacon on a pizza instead of black olives. I always do carryout because delivery charges/tipping/etc just don’t make sense unless you live far away and don’t have a car (personal opinion)

    Anyways, I got there and opened the box (really glad i did that) and pointed out the mistake. First, the manager argued with me and said I was wrong. I pointed to the sticker on the side of the box where it clearly said black olives and then pointed to the bacon. Despite the obvious nature of the problem and the solution, we needed to have trial about it before the problem could be resolved. So, the employee who made the pizza was brought up to look at it and had an “oops” expression on his face. Ok, so they made another pizza while I waited outside.

    But, there was not even an apology from the manager about the situation and then she’s yelling at the guy that she has already had to give people free pizzas/discounts because of his f-ups (yelling this in fornt of 3-4 customers). Then she had one of the delivery guys come and give me my pizza 15 minutes later.

    I walked back in and asked her if there was anything she thought she should do to compensate me for their mistake and my wasted time. She was like what do you want me to do? I said, well it’s not worth offering me a free pizza, cause I’m not coming back. I’d like this one free or discounted. Nothing. I submitted a feedback via e-mail to papa johns and was offered a free pizza coupon. Gave it to a roommate who liked papa john’s and haven’t gone back since.

    Vocelli’s for the win. despite the price, best pizza and good service

    • ChuckECheese says:

      @blockbustarhymes: Can we please talk about Papa John’s some more? In particular, those ads featuring the narcissistic poodle-permed owner, which is to say, all of them?

      One of my earliest impressions of the brave new world of HDTV featured a PJ’s ad with him, where it was clear that he was severely made up with trowled-on layers of special-effects latex, color Spanish pumpernickel. “I’d like a large pepperoni and some eyebleach please.” People, please allow yourselves to get old.

  67. MightyJoe36 says:

    The funny thing is, every time I call Pizza Hut and tell them I have a coupon, when the delivery person shows up, they never ask for the coupon.

  68. blackmage439 says:

    Wow, talk about bad luck.

    My local Pizza Hut (Danada Square, Wheaton, IL) has been nothing but spectacular. I cannot remember a single instance when ordering online had a wait time of more than a half hour for the food, normally it is 20 minutes or less, and this is always when ordering during peak time (5-6).

    I always have loved Pizza Hut. Last time I ordered, I tried their Chicken Alfredo; good stuff. And their Stuffed Crust has been, and still is, unmatched. Yes, I agree the quality of the pizza itself has diminished somewhat, however, the local joints around here have worse tasting and MUCH greasier pizza.

    Oh, did I mention *every* time I order I use a coupon from their website? +1 for easiness, +1 for quickness, +2 for delicious, artery-clogging food.

  69. JPinCLE says:

    Boy, you guys are vicious. While I am luke-warm on Pizza Hut (no pun intended to the OP), I completely understand where she is coming from.

    Just because you have one (or two or three) bad experiences with a place that you grew up on, and/or is your favorite, doesn’t mean you have to abandon them. I don’t think that’s in the “consumer rules and regulations” guidebook, is it?

    I’m a firm believer in fighting for what is right and what you deserve.

    First, Danielle tried to redeem a coupon that sounds like it appeared completely legitimated, in that it was on Pizza Hut’s web site AND in the email she got from PH AND on the trialpay site.

    She got screwed, and fought it until she won. End of discussion on that one, in my opinion.

    Next, having received a satisfactory resolution (if a bit lengthy and frustrating) on the original issue, she decides she wants a pizza – from her favorite place, and orders on.

    When the pizza showed up in unsatisfactory condition, she followed the company directions and called the 1-800 number.

    I just don’t understand this ganging up on the OP.

    • newfenoix says:

      @JPinCLE: Because many of the people that post on this site are corporate “moles” or just plain malcontents that insist that the customer is always wrong. When it comes to coupons, it is FOOLISH to argue with the customer. Our company just issued a memo to ALL employees, district managers on down, that basically stated that they WILL ACCEPT ALL COUPONS, PERIOD! Any employee not accepting coupons will be terminated. They have already fired two GM’s for not accepting coupons. There is NO EXCUSE for ANY company not accepting their own coupons. And there is no excuse for this OP being maligned this way.

  70. picardia says:

    Last night I was looking at pizza recipes and wondering why I never make my own. This seems like as good a reason as any to start —

  71. econobiker says:

    We are less than 5 miles from the nearest Pizza Hut but our town does not exist to them. They can only deliver to a spot on the main highway. Yet we get pizza hut targeted ads in our mail. Go figure…

  72. BusyBusyBusyBusySleep says:

    I had the same thing happen at Gap last year. I received a birthday coupon – my name on it and everything. The folks at the Gap decided that I’d received it from “someone else, not Gap”.

    (Years of network experience showed me that either a) someone had hacked into Gap’s servers and sent me, specifically, an email, in the month of my birthday, or b) it was a legitimate coupon and I was dealing with an unhappy cashier.)

    Despite my requests to have them enter the code on the bottom of the email, they wouldn’t budge.

    I called Gap card services and said “hey, um, I’m having this problem and…yeah.”

    CSR: “Okay, how much are you buying?”
    Me: “Umm… (dollar amount)”
    CSR: “Well, since it’s a 15% off coupon, I’ll go ahead and apply a (15% of dollar amount) credit to your account. Have a nice day!”)
    Me: *stunned* …thanks!

    Now THIS is the way to treat your customers. Clearly Pizza Hut corporate could learn at least a lesson from this!

  73. Anonymous says:

    I work for Pizza Hut – Beebe, Ar.
    as a driver and Shiftleader.
    CSC people work from their bedrooms.
    I know cause I delever to one! while she was taking an order!
    I as well have always told my customers to keep ringing my store phone till they get us, means THANK YOU FOR CHOSSING PIZA HUT recoding = hang up and call again.
    I have been so help full to my customers they”ll drive to the store to order even a delivery! Good job on staying on the backs wish you where here!