Spirit: Now With Mind-Numbing In-Cabin Advertising

Kick open the exit doors and release the inflatable slides, Spirit is outfitting their entire fleet with cabin-saturating ads. Billed as Spirit’s “latest innovation,” the ads will litter “seat backs, window shades, overhead bins, tray tables, drink carts, napkins, cups, menus (what menus?) boarding passes, trash bags, soap dispensers,” and probably even barf bags.

Spirit suckered the Bahamas, supposedly the epitome of relaxation, not annoyance, to serve as the airline’s first spam advertiser. More will follow.

Spirit’s press release asks: Where else can you find 100 percent saturation with a targeted captive audience that will be actively engaged by your ad for an average of three hours?

Spirit is right. Saturation does have an effect. A profoundly negative effect. After starting at the same taunting ad for three hours, we’d want to stab every ad exec and airline official with a Hurricane-sharpened palm tree. But we’re vindictive and have “anger issues.” Who would you stab?

Spirit Airlines Launches Mile High Media (Press Release) [Spirit via Jaunted]

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