This Saturday (September 20th) is the Better Business Bureau’s “Secure Your ID” day: in select cities, “bring up to three boxes or bags of paper documents that contain your personal information and we’ll shred them.” Or, you know, just do it yourself all year long. [BBB]


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  1. Josh Smith says:

    Lets hope they don’t get over-run and stash some bags in a closet until they get to them.

    Cool to raise awareness but why not hand out coupons for shredders?

    • jonworld says:

      @Josh Smith: Exactly! As the old saying goes: “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime”

      Shred someone’s paper and protect them for a day, give them a paper shredder and protect them for a lifetime.

      • Lucky225 says:


        X2, America relys way to much on government, corporations and other organizations to protect their information, the only person that can truly protect your information is yourself. Whose to say the BBB doesn’t have a bunch of interns from college who could care less about you helping out to shred YOUR documents? Are they going to shred them right there IN FRONT OF YOU?

  2. fdx3k1 says:

    Or don’t trust your local BBB….mine is like the Gestapo with ruining local businesses by not allowing them to respond to complaints. They tell you to email them and then the email bounces back and they won’t accept it any other way. Thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather just throw my bills away un-shredded.

    • bbb_alison says:

      @fdx3k1: I’m sorry you’ve had problems with your local BBB. I’m not sure why your email complaints are bouncing back but I assure you, your BBB absolutely wants businesses to respond to complaints. If you’re willing to give us another shot, please feel free to file complaints online through our website at

  3. ironchef says:

    I burn them at the campfire when I got camping. Boxes and boxes safely disposed of.

  4. bbb_alison says:

    The shredding will be done by shredding companies that are volunteering their services for free. There will be shredding trucks on hand at most locations. In some cases, the location is actually at a shredding facility.

  5. winnabago says:

    Ugh, I have no shredder, or fireplace, so anything with sensitive numbers just goes into a big bag. I wish we the shredding truck would show up here!

  6. fdx3k1 says:

    @bbb_alison: I wasn’t filing a complaint, I was responding to one for my wife’s business. Our local person (Austin, Texas) is very rude and didn’t tell us about it until it was nearly to late to respond. They told us that letters were mailed, but we never saw anything and they had no proof. My wife emailed her response in and then it bounced back several times. Neeedless to say, she has a bad mark now and it has hurt business…for something that wasn’t her fault it was just a customer that wanted to be a jerk (he has done it to other people).

    • bbb_alison says:

      @fdx3k1: If you wouldn’t mind emailing me, apreszler(at), additional information (such as your wife’s company’s name) I can reach out to the Austin BBB and hopefully we can work this out.