McDonald's & Microsoft To Let Zune Users Download Music While Scarfing Burgers

Is there really a need for this? Microsoft says that they’ve partnered with McDonald’s to offer access to the “Zune Marketplace” to Zune owners via a free wifi connection inside 9,800 participating McDonald’s. This is apparently going to “attract new customers whose digital lifestyle extends beyond their home and office,” according to a press release.

Wired’s Gadget Lab points out that this is essentially the same deal that Apple inked with Starbucks — only greasier.

McDonald’s: Would You Like Free Wi-Fi for Your Zune?
(Photo: iCanHazPix )


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  1. silver-bolt says:

    Change your user agent and mac address to fit the zune browser and wifi card, and free internet. Soon to be a lifehacker article :D

    • ViperBorg says:

      @silver-bolt: Exactly what I was thinking. Either way, yeah, it’s not great, but as a Zune user, it is nice to have that, kinda. I’m the person who uses his cell phone to take a picture of the song that is playing on my Sirius display for downloading later.

      Then again, Amazon is all MP3, unlike Zune Marketplace.

      Hmm… Another point for Amazon.

      • silver-bolt says:

        @ViperBorg: Your phone doesn’t have a voice recorder option? Record yourself naming the song and then part of the song, to help you find it. It’s easier then trying to make out a blurry picture.

  2. Bladefist says:

    With the new versions of zune, it’s going to have wifi anyway, I don’t think this is special to McDonalds, just a marketing act

  3. LatinoGeek says:

    I thought the Zune didn’t have a Web browser. If that is the case, then of what real use would wifi be?

  4. gilamon says:

    I look forward to running into the other two zune users at Mickey D’s one day. Maybe we’ll get social

  5. gamabunta says:

    Can you still use the wifi for your DS?

  6. dweebster says:

    Zune and McDonalds. Two things that continue to hang around long after they should have closed up shop…

  7. WraithSama says:

    “…this is essentially the same deal that Apple inked with Starbucks…”

    Seriously, what is it with Microsoft copying everything Apple does lately? I’m no Apple fanboy, but this is getting ridiculous.

    There was a story posted recently about how they’re sending out Microsoft Gurus out to retailers akin to Apple’s Geniuses. Someone on that story posted about how Apple unveiled the Widget, to which Microsoft countered with the Gadget. The Zune was Microsoft’s ill-fated attempt to copy the success of the iPod. And each new iteration of Windows tries to copy more of the look and feel of Apple’s latest OS, incorporating many of the same or similar features.

    What gets me is that pretty much every tick-for-tack move Microsoft makes has been a half-baked failure, but they keep doing it.

    • mugsywwiii says:

      @WraithSama: Yeah, Apple had the Pippin and Microsoft followed them with the Xbox. Oh wait… that one actually turned out better for Microsoft.

      Apple gets a lot of hate from a lot of people, but they must be doing something right.

    • silver-bolt says:


      Seriously, what is it with Microsoft copying everything Apple does lately?

      Your definition of lately needs to be updated. :P

    • Parting says:

      @WraithSama: Not really, just competing. Microsoft’s marketing team isn’t that skilled. For example Zune is on overall better that iPod. (Not all Apple does is as good as Mac computers).

  8. MexiFinn says:

    So, is McDonalds trying to turn into a new wave of cafes? I just saw a stupid-ass add yesterday for new McDonald’s fru-fru coffees…

  9. Voltanis says:

    I always wondered what McDonalds was going to do with all that defunct WiFi equipment they used to have for getting kids’ Nintendo DS’es online.

  10. MexiFinn says:

    Ok, I can’t find the add, but this is what I’m talking about:


    Looks like it’s mainly midwest, but it’s odd that there was an add for it last night here in the Boston area.

  11. IAmMarchHare says:

    So, some place I no longer frequent is going to attract me with something I gave away a year ago? They were born for each other!

  12. darkryd says:

    Sitting on hard plastic seats eating a big mac as a life-size Ronald McDonald statue looms nearby under harsh flourescent lights doesn’t exactly scream “lounge environment ideal for downloading and appreciating hours of new music”.

  13. MattO says:

    hate this as much as you want, but i have a zune and LOVE it compared to the wife’s ipod….for many reasons that i will not list herre only to become flamed, i think this is great – not that i frequent McDonalds…but hey, lets just all complain some more about new features and how it iss such a rip-off of someone else….not like they are businesses trying to be competitive or anything…

  14. darkryd says:

    And the number one question, of course, is: Will the soundtrack to “Mac And Me” be available there for download?

    Oh for the love of god, please say it will. Please, Please…

  15. Raiders757 says:

    I don’t see what the problem is here. I don’t care if Zune’s suck or not, at least it’s not another store kissing Apple’s ass due to their below average iPod players popularity. Sure Apple has the largest market share, but selling more doesn’t make them the best. It’s just great marketing and consumer stupidity that took them to the top.

    I’ll stick with ripping my own CDs onto my Creative Zen Vision M for now, which is still a better player than the new Zune’s and iTurds. I don’t think I need to download music at my local grease pit. Hell, they wouldn’t have anything I wanted anyway. Online music stores suck. Every damn one of them.

  16. joellevand says:

    Starbucks and Apple cater to indie hipster scum; McDonalds and Microsoft both go for the overworked, overweight geeks. I don’t see what the problem is.

    I mean, think of it this way. You can picture Justin Long in a Starbucks, right? Now picture John Hodgeman in McDonalds (as the PC, natch.) Seems to work for me.

    • magic8ball says:

      @joellevand: My impression is that hardcore geeks tend toward Linux/anything open source as a first choice, then Apple. MS is probably their last choice. McDonald’s, OTOH … well, the geek I’m married to will happily eat cold Spaghetti-O’s out of a can, so McD’s would probably be fine with him.

  17. Parting says:

    Attract new customers. HA HA HA HA !!!

    And I prefer Zune’s software, it doesn’t cause my computer to lag. Apple’s software is like spyware, always in the back, always interfering, alway sucks.

    (And I’m not the one using both of those mp3 players. My family does. On my computer… So if you value your computer, get anything but an ipod. )

  18. Wubbytoes says:

    I played Star Wars Battlefront one time on my PSP outside of a McDonald’s just to see if I could. I have a Zune but I doubt I’ll use this service since I don’t normally eat at McDonald’s.

  19. Tankueray says:

    Microsoft + McDonalds
    Apple + Starbucks
    AT&T + McDonalds and Starbucks (free wi-fi)
    AT&T + iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile

    I’m sure there’s some evil, world dominating plan here.

  20. MinchinWeb says:

    Apparently everywhere but Canada :(