Send Charter An EECB

Here are 16 email addresses to load into your EECB should you feel the need to launch one at cable company Charter Communications.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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  1. ganzhimself says:

    This could come in handy… Thanks!

  2. zentex says:

    ahh! good timing.

    My father is having issues with them, and the techs are incompetent. I’ll be sure to link him to this and the ‘how-to EECB’ article as well.

    thank you ben

  3. noi56u says:

    love the pic

  4. madfrog says:

    Charter sucks, that’s why I have Dish

  5. Brazell says:

    Furthermore, if you e-mail a few of them, you get an out of office with more contacts, though no e-mail addresses. This may not be difficult to find them though:

    Finance – Larry Kaschinske
    HR – Sherry Olds
    Marketing – David Andreski
    Tech Ops/Engineering – Sean Hayes
    Sue Weiske – Legal
    Dave Seykora – Government Affairs
    Jill Stark – Charter Business

  6. Brazell says:

    Further, one of the contacts has a cell phone number in her out of office message. I’m not going to post it here.

  7. medfordite says:

    I will let everyone know how it went. Last night I emailed Neil Smit’s email only and got a swift result today. So, as long as they hold up on their end, it will be good.

  8. TotallyStumped says:

    Great timing! They cut “The Rachel Maddow Show” for the past two nights for some documentary. It also happened on a Texas cable company. Thanks!

  9. imrcly says:

    After working for this POS company for a few years I bet you could send a company wide email and still get no service. The executives do not care about their employees or their customers. There are times where they do not even seem to care that they are being sued for burning down a million dollar home in St Louis where their corporate office is located. Your best hope is you find someone local who works for the company that cares and even then it is a gamble.

  10. DimitroffVodka says:

    Having issues with them now about my bill thanks

  11. Trickery says:

    Don’t use the EECB for silly reasons such as your “bill” or someone cutting your fav show off.

    Escalate, Escalate, Escalate. This should be your last resort. Just makes it harder for the rest of us when an actual issue arises.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Charter Tech Support needs to get a clue, The last time My Cable was fixed For My Internet I Fixed it. The service Is really bad to get someone to come to your home to fix something they could fix easily by replacing the OLD worn out boxes they use for better updated systems. I Think Charter Cable Needs to get there act together.

  13. medfordite says:

    Mary.white, Grier.racline, David.Andreski, and Neil.Smith are no longer valid.