How To Reach Someone At CVS

An anonymous tipster sent us the following information today on how to reach the executive level at CVS. Remember, don’t use this to be a jerk to anyone—use it when you have a valid complaint that you can’t get resolved through the recommended paths.

Here is some information you might find handy.

Call 401-765-1500 and press #

This will get you into the Company phone directory. All you have to do is say the name of the person you want to call…including the CEO (Tom Ryan). You wont get him, he has 2 dedicated secretaries, but it will get things moving along.

Also, if the people being “nasty” are pharmacists or in-training, the worst they will get is a slap on the hand. There is a lack of pharmacists in the country right now so no-one will get fired.

The most customer service can authorize is a $25 gift card. That is hard-coded into the system. The only person that can go over that limit is the District manager. You can usually find their name on the main store door (should list the manager and DM).

If you need a list of CVS executives to navigate the directory, check here.

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