What Can You Do With $1,000?

It used to be that $1,000 was a good amount of money. Then again, it used to be 1980 once too.

Certainly time and inflation have eroded the value of what one grand can buy, but Kiplinger’s says there are still several useful things $1,000 can do. Their list supposedly contains 37 “new” tips on what to do with $1k, but they read like a who’s who of tried-and-true tips: invest it, save in a 529, give to charity, yada, yada, yada. In other words, we started yawning on tip #3.

That said, maybe some of the “best” ways to use $1,000 are the most basic — saving it, investing it, using the money to pay down debt, and so on. If pressed to recommend what someone should do with an extra $1,000, these suggestions would probably be among the first we’d offer up.

But what would you do with $1,000? Anyone for something a bit more exciting or unusual like taking a unique trip, splurging, or starting a pretzel business?

What $1,000 Can Still Do [Kiplinger’s]


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