Blockbuster Double Dips In PayPal Account; Naturally, PayPal Does Nothing

Blockbuster debited Anthony’s PayPal account two days in a row for the same monthly plan. PayPal won’t help—they say it’s between Blockbuster and Anthony, offering further proof that PayPal is a great service only as long as nothing goes wrong.

Anthony writes:

Called both Blockbuster and PayPal this morning and of course one pointed the finger at the other for the double subscription charge. So here I am with two charges and no way to resolve the issue since Blockbuster does not see both charges in their system and PayPal says I need to contact Blockbuster for resolution.

[Note: we edited the above screenshot for space, but we did not remove any figures.]

Has anyone else had this problem with Blockbuster’s PayPal account agreement? It’s a small amount in this case, but that’s only because Anthony’s plan is the cheapest Blockbuster offers; they charged him the full subscription fee both times.

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