Discover The Wacky Side Of Food Poisoning

Did you know Jesse Jackson was hospitalized with food poisoning last week? Or that a recipe typo in a Swedish food magazine left four readers poisoned? These are two of the many interesting facts we just learned after a few minutes browsing the BarfBlog, a food safety blog with categories like “Celebrity Barf” and “listeria”.

VeryShortList says that BarfBlog is

a site maintained by a group of food-safety experts at Kansas State University, [and] seeks to keep the public informed about the latest food-poisoning outbreaks.

It also has interesting items about related issues, for instance this recent post that THC, the “happy” compound in marijuana, has antimicrobial properties.

If you have an interest in food safety the way some consumerists here love discussing personal finance, this is the blog to bookmark.

BarfBlog [VeryShortList]
(Photo: Getty)

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