Rogue Sandwich Delivery Guy Wants To Tell World Not To Buy Chips

This little email from an apoplectic-sounding Jimmy John’s delivery guy just popped into our inbox and we felt the need to share it with you, our readers. The moral? Don’t buy overpriced chips.

Jimmy John’s Guy writes:

I work at jimmy john’s, delivering.. and there’s something I just don’t get. Why in the world, anyone… ANYONE.. would pay what they charge for potato chips.

Today I’m delivering some platters to [redacted].. they ordered 30 bags of chips, you know.. the small ones.. so i decide to figure it out.. 30 x 2.125 ounces.. roughly 64 ounces of chips.. how much did they pay for them? $52.50!!!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?!! for the chips alone.. WWHWHHYYYYYYYY????? that’s insanity.. anything would be better than paying that.. it’s like they found a way to charge 10 times what something should cost and got away with it.

that’s all.. tell people not to buy chips..

Will do.

(Photo: strobist )