Rogue Sandwich Delivery Guy Wants To Tell World Not To Buy Chips

This little email from an apoplectic-sounding Jimmy John’s delivery guy just popped into our inbox and we felt the need to share it with you, our readers. The moral? Don’t buy overpriced chips.

Jimmy John’s Guy writes:

I work at jimmy john’s, delivering.. and there’s something I just don’t get. Why in the world, anyone… ANYONE.. would pay what they charge for potato chips.

Today I’m delivering some platters to [redacted].. they ordered 30 bags of chips, you know.. the small ones.. so i decide to figure it out.. 30 x 2.125 ounces.. roughly 64 ounces of chips.. how much did they pay for them? $52.50!!!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?!! for the chips alone.. WWHWHHYYYYYYYY????? that’s insanity.. anything would be better than paying that.. it’s like they found a way to charge 10 times what something should cost and got away with it.

that’s all.. tell people not to buy chips..

Will do.

(Photo: strobist )


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  1. Kaitydid says:

    he’s mad as hell and he is not going to take it anymore.

  2. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    That’s a mighty expensive Jimmy Johns this guy works for.
    The one near my job charges $1 for chips. This place apparently charges $1.75.

  3. innout3x3 says:

    I try to avoid buying small bags of chips. In fact, I have been avoiding eating chips in general.

  4. chipslave says:

    The salt + vinegar chips there are so yummy!

  5. Murph1908 says:

    Growing up, when we stopped at McDonalds for food, my mom never let us order drinks. We had pop at home.

    Still to this day, I avoid buying soda at fast food restaurants. When I am heading out, and know I’ll be stopping on the way at a FF joint, I’ll take a can or 2 of coke with me.

  6. theblackdog says:

    Well it’s just a convenience charge for ordering chips through them rather than going to the grocery store and picking up a few big bags.

  7. citybuddha says:

    the guy has a chip on his shoulder

  8. snoop-blog says:

    I use to work at Jimmy Johns and our chips were $1 also. And if you are concerned with the prices of food, you should avoid JJ’s as there is NO dollar menu NOR kids meals. They are perfectly happy appealing to their demographic only. If you don’t like the music being played there, go somewhere else. If you don’t like what comes on the sandwich, too bad, it isn’t a damn subway, nor does it want to be anything like subway. Also, their food is fattening, so it’s nothing like a subway.

  9. AlexTheSane says:

    So what’s his solution? You have a lunch meeting or your boss decided to treat his team to lunch. Does this guy want me to put a bowl of chips in the middle of a conference room table? He surely can’t expect me to share from one big bag of chips with my co-workers, I barely want to shake their hands. And what happens if we all want different chip flavors and types? Hey sandwich guy, stick to delivering sandwiches, leave the “advanced finances” to the pros.

  10. snoop-blog says:

    they sandwich’s come in one size, 9″, and either french sub style bread or wheat slices (like you get in a loaf at the store). We hated it when people came in and acted like it was subway.

  11. snoop-blog says:

    anyone else think they have the best tuna sandwiches? and also try a vito, with turkey, mayo and dijon added to it, it will cost a little more, but I promise it is fire! OOOh, and their pickles are the best!!

    • thelushie says:

      @snoop-blog: No, I think their subs are garbage. And in our local store, if the manager isn’t around, the music is extremely offensive. I know people who have complained and were called racist. (Think of the worst bitch and ho rap you can think of) One sub I had was like their roast beef or prime rib or something (it was that memorable…not.). It had one very thin slice of meat on it…barely enough to taste. The rest was bread (I don’t get much on my subs except onions and maybe lettuce). And it was cold. It was pretty gross too.

      The chips are ok. The last bag I had was extremely greasy.

  12. Won’t someone PLEASE think of the CHILDREN?

    That said I love me some salt&vinegar chips. I think that this dude needs to calm down and … dare I say … have a bag of chips?

  13. dadelus says:

    I used to LOVE Jimmy Johns. Their sandwiches are the best. Unfortunately I got food poisoning from them a few months ago so now just thinking about them makes me feel a little queasy. :(

  14. dakotad555 says:

    Is a fast-food place charging extreme prices for add-ons really that suprising? Most pizza places charge like $2.50 for a 2-liter of Pepsi. You’re not paying for the actual item, you’re paying for the convenience of not having to go get your sides and drinks…

  15. TheDude06 says:

    Boy do i have a newsflash for this guy. Do you know how much five cents worth of flour and three slices of turkey cost?

    Ill give you a hint: its not $5

  16. Not Alvis says:

    About two years ago I was waiting for my sammich at a deli, and I overheard a man explaining to his four-or-five-year-old daughter how she shouldn’t get the snack-sized bag of chips, because she could have a full 5oz bag for a few cents more. Got to start training these kids to shhop smart young.

  17. Mr. Guy says:

    dad?? i told you not to send emails to websites when you’re drinking!!

  18. Mr. Guy says:

    “Dear mr. president, there are too many states nowdays. Please eliminate three.

    PS, i am not a crackpot.”

    • the-perfect-face-for-radio says:

      @Mr. Guy:

      mr. guy, you’re not a crackpot, you’re a genius. i propose a merger of pennsylvania, delaware and new jersey into one state: pennsylawarey

      homemade potato chips are the bestest. while you’re frying thinly sliced potatoes in olive oil, you can melt little pieces of roquefort cheese on them.

  19. Dilbitz says:

    Aww, I could so go for a Billy Club right now. Provolone, roast beef, ham, all the “salad fixins”…Damn. Now I’m gonna have to order one. Who cares if some schmuck spent $50 on chips? He had the corporate card, and wanted chips…by george he’ll pay whatever it costs as long as he’s not paying for it out of his bank account!!

    Nope, Jimmy Johns isn’t subway…and I love that about them. Their food tastes like a deli’s, not from the back of a walmart like subway’s.

  20. Brie says:

    I used to work for a corporate caterer, where the people calling me to order were the assistants, and bills got paid by req number. One day one of our customers calls up. The big boss is throwing a birthday party. Cake, hors d’oeuvres, oh, and how about Martinelli’s sparkling cider? Sure, I say, I’ll write up the order and fax it over for you to sign. (This was years ago. The internet existed, but we didn’t have access.) Now I’m writing up the order. The cake, etc have set prices but we’ve never served Martinelli’s before. I dimly remember my boss lecturing us about a huge markup so completely out of the air I charged them $9 a bottle and she signed off on it.

    A week later I checked the price of Martinelli’s at Safeway and it was $1.99. I was like “damn.”

  21. bagumpity says:

    JJ Sandwiches = OK. Not a life-changing experience, but you won’t barf or develop herpes if you eat one.

    JJ BBQ Chips = OMG NOM NOM NOM! I love those things, possibly for the very reason that they are in little crack-vial size packages. Each one is a tiny fix for the oily orange crumb monkey on my back. I think if I ate a large package, I would experience an awesomeness overdose and probably never want to look at another bag of them ever again. Quite possibly the best non-hot BBQ chips I have ever had. (For hot BBQ nothing comes close to Gibbles).

  22. chipslave says:

    My fav is the Itailian Night Club. I could eat those all day long… Omnomnomnom!

  23. zeroraveson says:

    Isn’t this common for any catering? In college a few years ago, I was ordering the catering for a breakfast function from the Einsteins Bagel Bros owned by the campus dining services … they charged $13 for a gallon of Tropicana Orange Juice and 8 Dixie cups.

  24. strathmeyer says:

    Multiple servings per bag? Next thing you know people are going to have their own soda fountains and will start buying Gatorade in dry mix form.

  25. I always brown bag my chips and drinks for lunch, then the only thing I buy is the sandwich. I get some weird looks from the Subway people when they ask “Do you want the combo?” and I say “No. Just the sandwich.” Other than that, I save some cash every day doing so. It’s not so much the chips I think are a ripoff, its the drinks. $1.75 for a medium Coke, half of which is ice, and 60% of the time the syrup mixture ratio in the machine is all jacked-up making it taste like brown seltzer water. No thanks.

    I should really just make my own sandwiches and brown bag my whole damn lunch, which would save more money, but that would take… you know… effort.

  26. xwildebeestx says:

    I say midnight raid on the Lay’s factory, then we dump all the chips in the harbor!!

  27. eligiblebachelor says:

    Here’s the thing. I routinely order from JJ for work I’ll spend up to two hundred dollars on chips / cc cookies / and subs. Do I actually pay for this? No, this is a work expensed meal for customers. This is commonly practiced in the business field and is what is contained in that mysterious “Selling and Administrative Expense line in Corporate annual reports.

    Typically we have huge bags of chips in the office to cut down on expenses but you often don’t march up to a high ranking C level customer and tell him he can’t spend $1.75 on chips. Actually our corporate policy is something like $20 per person for lunch $40 for a dinner, so JJ is very cheap all said and done.

  28. dtmoore says:

    Jimmy Johns is delicious. #10 all the way. Now I think I know what I want for dinner… Thanks consumerist! :)

  29. Trai_Dep says:

    But what does Captain Duvel Moneycat think of the chips? Hmmmm?!

  30. evslin says:

    Is the price of chips a regional thing or something? I only pay something like a dollar at the one right down the road from me.

    Dammit, now I’m hungry… slim 5 and jalapeno chips… OM NOM NOM NOM!

  31. guroth says:

    How about don’t buy chips because they make you fat.

    Learn to cut carbs people, live healthier and more productive lives.

  32. lizk says:

    The chips are $1 here, too. I’ll happily pay that because a) the chips are awesome (especially the BBQ) and b) it’s convenient. Isn’t that sort of the point of all “fast food” or short order places? It’s almost always cheaper to make stuff at home, so the business is catering to a specific need–feeding people who are lazy or have no spare time.

    I go to Jimmy John’s because they promise to make me good food fast. If I was putzing around planning my meals and buying ginormous-yet-economical bags of chips, I’d probably also make my own Turkey Tom, thankyouverymuch. :)

  33. Triborough says:

    The best way to cut down on your chip intake is to only eat British crisps. Sure they cost more, $1 a bag, but you’ll not eat them as often and they are much better than American ones. It also works with candy, too. It also helps if there is a nice bricks and mortar store you can take the subway to so you can get them.

  34. Overheal says:

    The walkers are on the march! Run!

    No pun intended, but hey.

  35. balthisar says:

    First, Jimmy John’s chips are great!

    Second, for an order of 30 bags, it sounds like a business lunch possibly. In fact, that’s the only opportunity I ever take to eat at Jimmy John’s (no offense to them; when we eat out, it’s at real restaurants).

    Business lunches are exceptionally common, and when the company hosting you is writing it off (and charging your company in the long run anyway), then paying that kind of money is just a drop in the bucket.

    Now before anyone complains, I’m talking about big group business lunches. If a supplier takes me out by myself or with only a colleague or two, then we go to real restaurants.

  36. lukobe says:

    I love JJ’s #5, w/o tomato, w/ peppers. Not a fan of the chips though.

  37. Screw Jimmy Johns. Give me Potbelly’s. Mmm. Bring Potbelly’s to the East Coast, please.

    • tcp100 says:

      @postnocomments: Potbelly’s? They’ve got ’em down here in the DC area. So, it is on the east coast.

      Jimmy John’s? Sandwich delivery? I have never heard of this thing. You mean there’s a place that delivers.. Sandwiches?

      @guroth: “How about don’t buy chips because they make you fat.

      Learn to cut carbs people, live healthier and more productive lives. “

      ..Your life may be healthier and more productive, but mine is filled with delicious BBQ chips. You can keep your lettuce AND your holier-than-thou attitude, thank you!

      • battra92 says:

        I only get chips when I’m in Saratoga and tell the waiter my fries are too thick.

        In all seriousness, small packages = huge markup.

        @tcp100: You can keep your lettuce AND your holier-than-thou attitude, thank you!

        Or, just go in moderation. I lost 50 lbs over the last year and I still eat chips several times a week.

        Cheese and sour cream are the best with BBQ a close second. :D

    • ffmariners says:

      @postnocomments: Its in DC and Philly… those are two locations I know exist… I am sure it is elsewhere

  38. juri squared says:

    You know what’s worse? That JJ’s took an HOUR AND A HALF to get me my sandwich tonight. The guy called me and admitted he was lost… after I called and demanded to know where my food was.

    They also ask me for directions every.single.time. Dear Jimmy John’s: Buy your delivery guys a map or two. It’s not like I live in Siberia.

  39. Pasketti says:

    This goes for drinks, too.

    Check the price on that glass of iced tea or fizzy water sometime. It’ll cost you upwards of $1.50, and $2.00 is not unheard of.

    Get water instead. It’s free.

  40. cottiescot says:

    I live in the Chicago Suburbs, and there used to be a point in time where the only way to get JJ was to goto on of the State Universities (I think Jimmy Started in the first location at EIU) to get them, save for the single Lombard IL location. They used to be a good value.. I could get 2 slim 6’s add back the mayo for 1.95. All this came crashing down when they told me they couldnt put mayo on my sandwich but they could give me mayo packets, unless I wanted to pay the full price of the sammy. They are better than subway since the meat is actual meat and not reprocessed turkey, but I try to avoid at all costs, Kinda hard when the GF and all of our friends are like.. lets goto JJ for lunch.

    Its highly doubtful JJ or Potbelly will be sucessful on the east coast, especially in PA, since theres like a hoagie joint in every small town, that bakes fresh bread (out of their pizza crust of course) and uses fresh meat (sometimes pizza toppings)

    As for the chips, JJ S&V chips are just weak versions of kettle cooked or Miss Vickie in a pinch.

    Potbellys has better cookies, As the Sugar might be as close to Jesus as you can get as a pagan.

  41. Look at it this way: you’re paying 16$/lb for potatoes. That’s roughly the same price as lamb chops.

  42. Ramrod says:

    I like Jimmy John’s chips, and their sandwiches.

  43. veronykah says:

    Apparently this “Jimmy John’s” is in an area of the country I have amazingly NOT lived…where O where is it?
    As for delivered things being marked up ridiculous. I ordered a pizza, wings and a 6-pack from a place by my house once, being completely LAZY we didn’t want to bother going out for anything.
    I got the total and it was like $60! The 6-pack of Bass was something like $17…HA HA
    Never again.

  44. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    This should probably go for “don’t buy movie theatre popcorn” either. Consider they get a 50lb bag of popcorn kernels for about $10.. of which 2 cups will make an entire kettle full of popcorn (probably about 5 large bags worth, maybe less) And then they charge $6 for that. Heh..

    But, even though the prices are horrendous, remember they don’t get anything off your ticket, so at least buy something so the theatre stays in business.

  45. EBounding says:

    The salt and vinegar are good, but yeah, they really are over priced. But it’s not like they don’t tell you:

    There’s a sign that says:
    (not that good of a)

    Chips and a Drink for $2.

  46. Cybrczch says:

    LOL I was waiting for someone to bring up Jimmy John’s. I have a co-worker who, one day for lunch, decided to try JJ’s, having seen others at work who have had it delivered. She called the nearest store in the phone book, and placed her order. About an hour later, they called her cell phone to verify the address. Ten minutes later they called again to verify the address. She even gave turn by turn directions for the main entrance. She went to stand by the security doors waiting for the driver, and she saw the car pull into the parking lot. Then her phone rang again. It was the delivery driver, telling her that our address was actually out of their store’s delivery area (another store had opened up recently, after the phone book had been published, and we were placed in the new store’s delivery area), and that they couldn’t deliver the sandwich because their store would get in trouble. My co-worker was yelling into her phone “But you’re in the parking lot, I can see you!”, as the delivery car drove off.
    Having worked in fast food delivery before, I wondered why they didn’t transfer her order to the store that did deliver to us, or at least got an okay from them to deliver the sandwich they had to her.

  47. atomicovaries says:

    A friend of mine who works there just told me a few days ago that the in-store guys chuck chips to the delivery guys from across the store, sometimes resulting it smacking someone in the head in the process.
    I think the store around here might be the only one that does it, and overly smashed chips aren’t really something to complain about, but meh.

  48. mariospants says:

    Ketchup Lay’s. That’s all I’m saying.

  49. TMurphy says:

    You want to make your own Italian subs? Try this:

    6-inch french bread rolls (or the bread of your choice)
    Muffaletta mix (olive salad mix)
    Provolone cheese
    Olive oil (if muffaletta doesn’t contain enough)

    A 6-inch would use about 2 tbsp of muffaletta mix; everything else you can figure out the portions by what you have the taste for. It will be unhealthy, but it sure tastes good and you can make them cheaper than your local sandwich shop’s Italian subs. Add other favorite Italian meats if you wish, and if they’re available.

  50. AllenK says:

    Umm Jimmy John’s!!!! We ate at one two years ago,and we liked it. I just like Subs though except for Subway! I usually don’t buy chips whenever I go to a place like that anyway though.

  51. Brunette Bookworm says:

    Yeah, it’s overpriced to buy them by the little bag but when your boss comes to you at 10:30 and wants lunch at 11:30, you aren’t going to be shopping around for the best deal. You’ll order what you can get.

  52. vatica40 says:

    Gargantuan, no tomato, half cut.