13 Email Addresses For An Office Max EECB

In case your efforts to deal with Office Max customer service fail, and you’ve escalated to a supervisor, here are 13 working email addresses you can use to send off an EECB.

williambonner@officemax.com, ryanvero@officemax.com, samduncan@officemax.com, jimdurkin@officemax.com, randyburdick@officemax.com, reubeneslone@officemax.com, reubenslone@officemax.com, customerservice@officemax.com, executivecustomerservice@officemax.com, jenniferrook@officemax.com, sammartin@officemax.com, doncivgin@officemax.com, investor@officemax.com

Need help drafting that letter? Here’s a template for writing a good one, and some tips from a professional complaint letter writer.

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  1. KatieO, yo. says:

    I worked for OfficeMax for 7 hellish years. The Sam Duncan and Sam Martin emails WILL actually get you somewhere, but you’ll also probably get a whole crew of people fired in the process…which, if it’s worth it go for it. But I’ve seen people get fired from Omax for selling a warranty to a relative (you know, one of those really-does-nothing warranties?) because they earned 10 cents commission on it.

  2. Rajesh Jain says:

    Office Max,

    If you make a mistake, you suffer, please don’t make us go through the pain.

    I got a letter from Office Max for an Order I had placed….

    Dear OfficeMax customer,

    Please accept this letter as a cancel confirmation for item number 21202814 on order XXXXXXXXX.

    This cancellation is the result of an inadvertent pricing error on our website. The Brenham Media Center Maple was inadvertently given the price of $25.00. Our pricing system, which is automated, failed to catch this price error before it went live on our website. As this was clearly a typographical price error, we have cancelled all orders for this item relating to this price error.

    We truly apologize for this inconvenience and hope it has not caused you undue hardship.

    If you have questions about this canceled item please phone us at 1-877-OfficeMax. We value your business and hope to see you back at OfficeMax.com.


    OfficeMax Customer Service

  3. FredSmythe says:

    The following addresses now bounce when this particular EECB is dispatched: