Angry Telemarketer Calls Back, Chews You Out For Hanging Up

This telemarketer has had it up to here with all of you people at home hanging up on her every time she needs to sell you something! Randall Whited in Austin, Texas, received an earful recently, when he answered the phone shortly after hanging up on the unnamed telemarketer.

“If you don’t want to get contacted if somebody wins, then don’t put your name in it. That was just such a girl thing to do. Wimp,” the telemarketer yelled.

Whited said he called the company to complain, but not much happened.

“Someone that I spoke with said that it might have been her 400th hang up and she was just frustrated herself but that’s not my fault,” Whited said

We think her tirade seems pretty gentle, considering the things we can imagine someone saying, but then again our brains have been seared by the vulgarity of the Internet.

And as for the telemarketer, if all Whited did was hang up on her then we’re surprised she’d take it so hard. She should read some of the things our commenters say they’ve said/done to telemarketers.

“Angry telemarketer calls back, berates man after he hangs up” [WIS News 10] (Thanks to Megan!)

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