Christmas Wrapping Paper Spotted At Walgreens

Reader James says he spotted this Christmas-themed wrapping paper lurking on the top shelf at Walgreens, waiting to strike…

Most agree that AFTER Thanksgiving should be the start of the CHRISTMAS season, but this idea has been lost on retail for a long, long time.

I spotted this wrapping paper at Walgreens, and although its on the unreachable top shelf and probably just overflow from the stock room, I definitely think it qualifies.

Christmas Creep at Walgreens


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  1. MikeF74 says:

    Where’s the “HO HO HO. IT’S AUGUST!” overlay! Man what a ripoff!

  2. I don’t think it’s overflow as the one on the left has a sale tag on it.

  3. @Git Em SteveDave displays attention-grabbing vanity:

    Leftover from January’s “after-xmas” clearance sale?

  4. coan_net says:

    People must be buying it……

    Otherwise it is simple – if no one bought Christmas stuff this early – stores would not sell it.

  5. umbriago says:

    You can add Hobby Lobby to the Christmas in August list. I asked the clerk putting up ornaments for directions, but I was sure to state the obvious – “oh, Merry Christmas!” She laughed.

  6. Christ Sabo says:

    Who exactly agreed that “after Thanksgiving” is the only time Christmas items should be displayed?

    Just because it is annoying doesn’t mean a business shouldn’t sell the merch that people will (for some reason) buy in August. If it annoys you that OMG THE WRAPPING PAPER IS ALREADY HERE, then shake your head, curse the fools who buy it and move along.

  7. incognit000 says:

    You know, when I was a small child, I really looked forward to Christmas. It was one or two days long, it was the only real time I got presents (my birthday is in late December so it’s always been lumped in with Xmas) and it was nice.

    In my teens the Christmas creep began to get worse and worse, and Christmas went from a nice couple of days to a hellacious month from after Thanksgiving until the actual day, and it was to be feared.

    Now it’s just silly and stupid and irrelevant.

  8. novelgirl says:

    I was flipping through the channels last night and QVC had a countdown to Christmas going on. ::shudders::
    Let me at least get through August before I have to look at Precious Moment Xmas ornaments.

  9. squatchie44 says:

    I just go to my moms for wrapping paper….about 15 years ago a distributor was going out of business and i havent bought wrapping paper since.

    And i like christmas so i dont mind seeing this crap now, gives me time to peruse before i complate my shopping in October.

  10. tamoko says:

    Our country has no soul… time to have a beer at lunch and ponder the absurdity of this.

  11. scagnetti says:


    Exactly my thoughts. Just like violent video games and movies have desensitized us to violence, retailers have done the same for Christmas. Too much of a good thing is just that. You wouldn’t eat chocolate ice cream morning, noon and night just because you loved it, would you?

  12. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    It doesn’t matter. Eventually, all of the US holidays will be rolled into one day. It shall be called “Annual Holiday”. :)

  13. timmus says:

    Could it count as Consumerist Christmas Creep if we’re conversing concerning creep on Consumerist?

  14. @Dooley: 3 for $10.00 on 3.99 paper isn’t a post Christmas sale. As a consummate post Christmas shopper of all my supplies, it’s usually 50-75% off. I have enough wrapping paper to wrap a Escalade from shopping the after sales. And yet I buy more each year ;)

  15. triplehelix1919 says:

    yawn…so they have some wrapping paper on the top unreachable shelf at a walgreen’s and this is news?

  16. Ghettoshark says:

    I’m afraid that “Christmas in July” will end up being more than just a saying.

  17. Kyattsuai says:

    It’s worse than I thought – that Enzyte commercial where Smilin’ Bob is dressed like Santa was on today.

  18. Uptowngirl says:

    I think ya’ll complain too much.

    Who cares!?


    i used to/sometimes still work retail, and have two comments about why this stuff is around so early.

    1) stores have to order their Christmas merchandise in March/April to ensure it arrives in enough time to be inventoried and put on the shelves. some manufacturers insist on certain ship-dates, which are often in the summertime or early fall.

    2) lots of people shop for the holidays year-round to get the best deals and/or are organized enough to have their shopping finished by Thanksgiving. i only managed it one year, but it was glorious.

  20. alice_bunnie says:

    Unfortunately, people do start this early. I can’t believe people stress so much that they have to have a “Grand Plan” to get their houses ready for the Holidays.

    The Holiday Grand Plan begins August 31st.

  21. jamesdenver says:

    @Christ Sabo:

    Who exactly agreed that “after Thanksgiving” is the only time Christmas items should be displayed

    I wrote that – and yeah I do think its conventional thought that Christmas starts after Thanksgiving. Just like, sequentially, 4th of July crap starts after Memorial Day… If you asked a bunch of people “When does the Christmas season start” I’d bet most would say after Thanksgiving. Even though the retailers don’t follow it.

    If it annoys you that OMG THE WRAPPING PAPER IS ALREADY HERE, then shake your head, curse the fools who buy it and move along.

    That’s exactly what we’re doing here – since setting fire to the displays would net more consequences than worth… At least for me.

  22. bohemian says:

    I am so over Christmas. It went from needing to avoid all stores from Thanksgiving til January 1st. Now it is becoming avoiding all stores August – December?

  23. DWalk says:

    Americans need to move Thanksgiving up to Canadian Thanksgiving (2nd Monday in October). We hardly ever see Christmas stuff before that, and Christmas’ accepted start is November 1, the day after Halloween – gives almost a full month ahead of US Thanksgiving. Still to early for most people, though (not me, I love Christmas, but 2 months is enough).

  24. PiNPOiNT says:

    Is the paper actually any cheaper buying it this early out?

  25. Youthier says:

    I do have to say that the Christmas wrapping paper at Walgreens (the Color Studio stuff produced by Hallmark) is high-quality and very reasonable, even in season. Lots of good sales. I remember it being only $1.99 last season though because I bought about 12 rolls on the 26th.

  26. ViperBorg says:

    @Christ Sabo: If it annoys you that OMG THE WRAPPING PAPER IS ALREADY HERE, then shake your head, curse the fools who buy it and move along.

    Or, gripe here, and avoid going to your local retailer and shooting up the place.

    Granted, at that point, you need some professional help, but it does do very good to voice frustrations.

  27. Sasquatch says:


  28. lostsynapse says:

    Enough with Christmas creep stories, I want to read people’s chicken little comments about the future of our economy after the collapse of the mighty Columbian Bank and Trust of Topeka, Kansas.

  29. FeedFaceCoffee says:

    I’ve already put out the milk and cookies for Santa. Too early?

  30. says:

    some of the box-container things that are holding the wrapping paper look like they’re black with orange lettering…maybe halloween wrapping paper was supposed to go there and they ran out?

    for whatever excuse they have, it’s still more disappointing/embarrassing that Christmas as become such a consumer driven holiday

  31. Propaniac says:

    @alice_bunnie: Thanks for the link; that “Holiday Grand Plan” website is one of the most deranged things I’ve ever seen. My Holiday Grand Plan consists of putting up some lights, buying some presents, and wrapping them sometime before December 25.

  32. Skip the paper, use fabric to wrap presents, and then reuse for years!

  33. Joafu says:

    I worked at JCPenneys in high school, and this is just the way things are. “Back-to-school” stocks reached the store in May, the sale started in June- some of the local schools were still in school; Christmas stock came in during the middle of August and displays were made almost immediately.

  34. TechnoDestructo says:

    Just because a business has things on the shelves, does NOT mean people are buying it.

    Visit a Radio Shack for proof.

  35. TechnoDestructo says:

    Oh, also, craft stores have an excuse for rolling out at least SOME of the christmas crap early. Crafts take time, and if someone who’s really into it wants to be ready, they’ve got to buy their plaster Santas well in advance.

  36. paintedchick says:

    I worked for walgreens for over a year and finally got to understand why this happens. They do order all of their holiday for the whole year almost a year in advance. Then, it gets delivered about six months before it’s needed! When I asked why this was the policy I was told,

    “God if I know! I’ve been complaining about it for ten years!”

    This was the head store manager. I guess it’s some higher-ups idea of a joke?
    Also, the paper is not on sale. With the exception of an occasional weekly coupon for a few pennies off it is full priced until a week after christmas. Then all holiday items are dropped to 50% off. A few weeks later everything left goes down to 75% off for one week. Then it’s removed or returned to a shelf at full price!

  37. FCL says:

    My birthday is right before Christmas, and I always got steamrolled as a kid. Now, two of my kids have September birthdays, and the holiday is starting to encroach on them, too.

    Maybe twenty years from now, Christmas stuff will go out so early, it’s actually on time for a while.

  38. peter_in_paris says:

    The most annoying thing about these early Christmas displays is this website’s need to document them. Does The Consumerist not understand the concept of supply and demand or is there just a lack of interesting consumer-related things to write about this month?

  39. Burgandy says: Halloween wrapping paper? Um, I’m a Wiccan and I still don’t do Halloween gifts, please don’t give the stores more ideas.

  40. AgentTuttle says:

    Consumers for Christ!
    Consumers for Christ!
    Consumers for Christ!
    Consumers for Christ!
    Consumers for Christ!

  41. Torgonius wants an edit button says:

    When does the Saturnalia stuff come out on display? I was hoping to get my shopping done early this year.

  42. Breach says:

    Ohhh, dear GOD no

  43. HogwartsAlum says:

    I buy my Christmas decorations and sometimes wrapping paper at the flea market. It’s there all year, usually.

  44. Bryan Price says:

    Good. I’ve got to get some Christmas gifts wrapped soon so that when I get up to Ohio, I can offload them in my under the bell luggage and not have to ship them.

  45. Kaitydid says:

    Just so you know, as a former Walgreens employee (ah, high school), the stuff on the tippity top shelf isn’t for sale. It just goes there to be transferred down later, because the stock rooms are usually itsy and too messy for crushable stuff like wrapping paper. I guarantee in the seasonal aisle of that store, all the summer stuff is being priced to move and there is halloween candy on the top of the shelves, ready to be pulled down when they get the signal from corporate.

  46. queenofdenial says:

    Yesterday my mother-in-law asked me what my kids want for Christmas. My response was that we are going to concentrate on celebrating Christmas, not consumerism. Let’s all try to remember that when we are spending hundreds of dollars on stuff our kids/family members don’t need. I’m sure I’ll forget by Thanksgiving, though…

  47. wiggatron says:

    @MikeF74: Here you go…


  48. springboks says:


  49. oldscud says:

    Why is this here? Slow news day? No one checking receipts at Best Buy? C’mon, you have really begun to scrape the bottom of the barrel. This used to be a useful site.

  50. FrankenPC says:

    I’m waiting for some marketing genius to do a fake discovery of new dead sea scrolls describing how Jesus has a second birthday in the middle of the year.

  51. radiochief says:

    It’s Walgreens, which mean it was left-over from last season. Or who knows how many seasons….?!

  52. therethinker says:

    Today I saw a multi-aisle Halloween display at Stop & Shop. I thought that that was way too premature.

  53. Dyscord says:

    Ok, the “christmas season” to me, begins after thanksgiving. What I define as Christmas Season is all the sales on various stuff. Half off here, 30% off there. Maybe buy one get one every so often.

    Christmas Decorations don’t count, since if you’re smart, you’ll have gotten the decorations before Thanksgiving.

    I’m not seeing any “Christmas sales”. All I’m seeing is a bunch of decorations going on sale early. You buy them now and then have less to worry about then the actual season starts.

    This isn’t really a bad thing and in fact it’s a SMART thing to do IMO. I don’t think it belongs here with the true evils of the world…Comcast and airlines and things like that.

  54. Consumerist-Moderator-Roz says:

    @oldscud: @Uptowngirl: Nothing says that our website is old and tiresome like comments that are also old and tiresome (and against the rules)?

  55. beboptheflop says:

    I have no probem what so ever with Christmas merchandise being on the shelves in August. Maybe I did before I worked retail, but then I quickly realized that more than 50% of a retail business’s profits occure in fourth quarter alone. So why not get a head start? If people are willing to buy it, so be it. For a lot of people out there, it’s simply fun for them to get excited over Christmas “stuff”. So, what’s the harm?

  56. I have boxes of 2009 Wall Calendars already sitting in my warehouse for distribution to customers. I guess I should have waited until late in December to order the calendars just in case somebody decided to change the dates or months in 2009.

    Outside of Halloween candy, who cares if the stuff is sitting on a shelf?

  57. ablestmage says:

    I used to work for the Hobby Lobby chain, and we started putting out Christmas ribbon in early July — reason: we had so much Christmas stuff to put out on the shelves, we had to start in July to get it all out in time for Christmas itself. It’s not a capitalist subversion of the reason for the season, it’s a logistics vs man-hours issue.

  58. unpolloloco says:

    How does Christmas stuff being out on the shelves negatively affect the consumer whatsoever?

  59. Dyscord says:

    @unpolloloco: It really doesn’t. I guess the thing is that they’re putting christmas stuff out early, which happens with most holidays (I’ve seen stuff out for easter in january)

  60. Hongfiately says:

    @jamesdenver: We think alike. I’ve posted before that the year has to have (for me at least) a flow to it. I don’t like Christmas Creep because it kinda robs a bit of the anticipation of Halloween and Thanksgiving. For example, right now I’m really getting geared up for the start of football season this weekend. Once that gets going, I look forward to Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. It builds, like a good song.

  61. loueloui says:

    BUY BUY BUY! BUY!! BUY!!! Why aren’t you buying? You should be buying. Right now. From us. Don’t you care about Christmas? You don’t want everything to run out do you?

    This is disgusting, and inappropriate. Why don’t they just shake you by your ankles when you walk in the door?

  62. Dyscord says:

    @loueloui: Again, they’re only decorations. Some people like to be prepared and get the decorations done ahead of time.

    I don’t get the big deal about the Christmas Creep. All of the posts I’ve seen so far have been stores putting up decorations. *shrugs* Like I said, how many people decorate for halloween and thanksgiving?

  63. notlupus says:

    @Git Em SteveDave displays attention-grabbing vanity:

    friendly walgreens employee chiming in….in most districts if the item is out on the sales floor then it must be have the price displayed on it. Most stores won’t receive their full Christmas trucks until the end of September to mid October. Walgreens ship each store a separate “Christmas Only” truck to each store, with some things filling in space on current trucks.

  64. freepistol says:

    i was pleasantly suprised to see halloween stuff out in august, i love halloween. but im going to be sick of christmas by thanksgiving.

    i think people just get annoyed with the whole ” you need to buy this ” mood pushed on them for months at a time. guilting them into buying their children excessive amounts of toys and making them feel bad for not buying everyone at work some stupid trinket.

  65. Gouda says:

    I start rereading my Martha Stewart Christmas back issues in July. I hate the summer so I welcome Halloween and Christmas decorations in the summer as a reminder that this god awful season will soon be over and fall is on its way.

  66. booksy says:

    Well Christmas season does start for me after the thanksgiving holiday, however all my Christmas shopping is done before labor day (unless it’s something that comes out after video games, toys ..etc) that way I can relax and enjoy the time instead of running around trying to find the best deals here or there.

  67. Birki says:


    Actually, QVC had Christmas in July well….back in July for a full 24 hours. They do it every year. Scary, but it’s probably a big moneymaker for them.@novelgirl: