Good news: Apple is extending MobileMe subscriptions by an additional 60 days to make up for the recent problems with the service. The extension applies to all subscribers with an active account as of August 19th. Apple granted a 30 day extension a few weeks ago.[InformationWeek]


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  1. sahhhm says:

    It’s good that a company follows up after they admit to their mistake in service. *coughjcrewcough*

  2. MayorBee says:

    Good news! It’s a suppository!

  3. mrdeeno says:

    Thanks for giving me 60 free days to continue not using the service because it is well underbaked (ie doesn’t support proxy servers, so can’t do what I bought the damn thing for which was to sync calendar and contacts from my work laptop which the Apple sales girl told me “works great!”).

    I don’t care how may “free” days they give out. I would gladly sacrifice the “free” that I can’t use and would rather pay for something that works the way it should.

    I have only bought 3 Apple things in my adult life…1) iPod that works fine, 2) 3G iphone, 3) Mobile Me.

    Between the problems with the iphone (3G problem, volume problem, constant hangs) and the mobile me problems, not to mention the Apple morons jerking me around and not giving me a refund when i canceled mobile me, this is the worst customer experience I have ever had to deal with as far back as I can remember. People who rave about Apple’s customer service and quality must have very low standards, especially the fools that stood in line for this iPOS.

  4. guroth says:

    I have not yet signed up for mobileme, although the idea sounded good to me; it looks like I will be waiting a while still.

    Like mrdeeno, I have only purchased a few things from apple: two ipods and the iphone 3g.

    I have not had any problems with the ipods other than the fact one got stolen from my broken-into car.

    The iPhone, however, has had a slew of bugs, none critical, but all annoying. Most were repeatable, demonstrated in front of friends, and sent to Apple. The most annoying problems have been app crashes (including built in Apple apps) and sound issues.

    Dropped calls suck but I don’t know whether to blame Apple or AT&T for that, as I had not been with AT&T for a few years prior to this phone.

  5. mrdeeno says:

    I know what the problem is…When apple releases a new product, the first year the product is out is equal to “beta” versions of other brand’s products. Seriously, the iPhone is PLAGUED with bugs that are expected in beta versions of devices, and Mobile Me should only be proud to be called a beta, because it’s not even worthy of that title.

    After all the discussion about the problems with 3G and whatnot, the dropped calls problem is Apple’s. I live between 4 cell towers within 5 miles in each direction, all HSDPA capable, at least 2 are upgraded to the 850mhz or whatever frequency. Yet at my house, I was getting “no service” when 3G was on for hours on end because it would not drop to EDGE, which I have 5 bars of if I disable 3G. Numerous trips to AT&T and Apple resulted in no fix. Even the AT&T guy was surprised that I had no 3G signal at all. After 3 trips to the Apple store and jumping through all the hoops they make you do, they finally exchanged it for me and now I at least have 1 bar of 3G (where according to the AT&T rep I should have 4-5 considering my location from each of the 4 towers around me).

    Funny thing when the guy ran a diagnostic on my original phone…he says, “You only have 5% dropped calls…that’s about average.” I tell him, “that’s because when 3G is enabled in the MIDDLE of a strong 3G area, I can’t even make any calls for them to drop, duh!”

    And the update didn’t fix the STUPIDLY SIMPLE volume problem. Most people don’t even realize they have this unless they have their call speaker volume or music player at mid-level. The ringer volume will reset to the phone speaker or ipod player volume after using the phone or playing music. I demonstrated this to the Apple “moron” and he tried it out on his phone and also a test phone…all did the exact same thing after using the phone or playing music. Such BASIC features and processes like this should not have these types of bugs.

  6. bdgw7 says:

    Whatever. A total of 90 free days. So what when the MobileMe introduction screwed up my email that STILL DOESNT WORK. To Apple’s credit, they are still calling me and trying to figure out a solution. But really, a service I didn’t want, didn’t ask for, has ruined a perfectly good service that had been working fine for a number of years. Sigh.

  7. pinkyracer says:

    I am ready to cancel anyway. Not because of the “upgrade” but because of the horrendous name change. What marketing “genius” decided it would be a good idea to take away our mac identifier? Sure, we’re not being forced to use yet, but even having to see that crap and that whole “mobileme” lameness is nauseating.