Uhaul CEO Gave Out Cellphone Number On National TV, But Never Picks Up Or Returns Calls

In what looked like a daring move, the CEO of Uhaul, Joe Shoen, gave out his “cellphone number” on national TV and invited customers to call him with their complaints. The problem is, when you call, he doesn’t pick up. If you leave a message, it’s not returned. You get to hear Joe’s gruffly charming voicemail message, but can’t leave one of your own. His mailbox is full.

UPDATE: It seems this post may have had an effect. Commenters are reporting that Joe is now picking up. He even reportedly said to one of them, “Yes, this is Joe Shoen, are you calling about the internet?” Good on ya, Joe, now make sure that voicemail box is cleaned up.

The message says that he’s sorry he missed your call, but he checks his voicemail frequently and if you leave your name and number he’ll return your call. I count three lies in that statement. The only thing worse than not being responsive and transparent to your customers is lying to them that you are. When he gave out the number, Joe said, “People can’t get this organization to behave, I can.” Empty words, Joe, empty words.

However, reader Teresa says she’s had success by calling the corporate customer complaint line at 800-789-3638.

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