Mystery Popcorn: AMC Theaters Turns Off Screens With Concession Stand Pricing

Care to guess how much your popcorn will cost? That’s what reader Gabriel had to do when he saw The Dark Knight the other day.

Last night, we went to see The Dark Knight at our local AMC. Since I bought the overpriced tickets, my cousin agreed to buy the overpriced snacks.

When we stepped up to the concession stand, however, we weren’t sure just how overpriced the snacks were because there were no posted prices. AMC had replaced the simple menus with fancy flatscreen tv’s. Most of the screens showed combo meals or their incredibly annoying flim-guy diving into popcorn. Where there should have been clearly labeled prices for individual products, however, there were only blank screens. The theater had turned those screens off.

Um, that’s a little shady, but they might have just been having technical difficulties. We suppose that’s one of the awesome perks of having useless flat screen tv menus.

Then again, maybe they did get tired of people skipping the combo meals to save money. Who knows? Nothing surprises us anymore, sadly.

It’s extremely difficult to report this sort of thing to AMC corporate (in our experience, they always forward the complaints back to the manager you’re complaining about), so if you want to report this, you’re probably going to have to call your department of consumer affairs, your state’s attorney general, or perhaps your local government.

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