Updated: Email Addresses For Register.com Execs

Having problems with Register.com that can’t be resolved, and you’ve exhausted all traditional customer service routes? An anonymous tipster sent in the following email addresses for the executive team.
lkustcher@register.com – Larry Kustcher CEO
rjacobson@register.com – Roni Jacobson General Council and EVP of product development
sross@register.com – Sandy Ross – VP Customer Service
dschuman@register.com – Doug Schuman – VP Marketing
jruggierio@register.com – John Ruggerio – VP Sales

gmichels@register.com – Gary Michels – Chief Financial Officer
mtrachtenberg@register.com – Myles Trachtenberg – Chief Information Officer
rjacobson@register.com – Roni Jacobson – EVP Product and General Counsel
TLam@register.com – Tom Lam – Executive Escalations Manager
dshuman@register.com – Doug Shuman – SVP Customer Marketing
sross@register.com – Sandy Ross – SVP Canadian Sales & Service
shorowitz@register.com – Stuart Horowitz – SVP Human Resources

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