Updated: Email Addresses For Register.com Execs

Having problems with Register.com that can’t be resolved, and you’ve exhausted all traditional customer service routes? An anonymous tipster sent in the following email addresses for the executive team.
lkustcher@register.com – Larry Kustcher CEO
rjacobson@register.com – Roni Jacobson General Council and EVP of product development
sross@register.com – Sandy Ross – VP Customer Service
dschuman@register.com – Doug Schuman – VP Marketing
jruggierio@register.com – John Ruggerio – VP Sales

gmichels@register.com – Gary Michels – Chief Financial Officer
mtrachtenberg@register.com – Myles Trachtenberg – Chief Information Officer
rjacobson@register.com – Roni Jacobson – EVP Product and General Counsel
TLam@register.com – Tom Lam – Executive Escalations Manager
dshuman@register.com – Doug Shuman – SVP Customer Marketing
sross@register.com – Sandy Ross – SVP Canadian Sales & Service
shorowitz@register.com – Stuart Horowitz – SVP Human Resources

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  1. CornwallBlank says:

    Please note — as recently discussed on spam-l, which is the top list for anti-spam researchers and developers, register.com has “moved up” from just supporting spammers — which they’ve done for many years — to actually spamming for themselves. They, along with GoDaddy and Network Solutions, and others, are thoroughly evil.

  2. arby2012 says:

    what an awful, out-of-touch company they have become..

    Register.com tries to block you from transferring your domain name to competitors by forcing you to call their customer service to get auth codes. You can only call during business hours, and then when you do get through after waiting on hold, you get a high pressure upsell. This failed miserably for AOL so I don’t know why they think this is a good business practice.

    When I did have some names with them, their online account manager had so many bugs and problems that even simple contact and DNS changes would fail. Again, call customer service for a hardline upsell – ugh.

    I hope their investors (Vector Capital, Ramius, and others) are not relying on that pack of second tier execs above to bail them out of the hole they are in.

  3. rrrrob says:

    I’m with register.com currently and the sheer amount of spam, both the email and phone type, is incredible. I had to call a customer service rep to “opt out” of getting my house bombarded with 3-4 phone calls from their automated phone bot letting me know I had a couple of domains expiring in 4 MONTHS!

    There is apparently no way to opt out of their amazing amounts of email spam either. So I ask, who’s the best domain registrar? Don’t say GoDaddy.

  4. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @rrrrob: Namecheap.

    Been with them for years; they’re awesome.

  5. Maulleigh says:

    I’ve had to deal with register.com on a couple of occasions and I’ve found them a breeze to deal with. Easy fixes. Easy website interface. I think I had to fax them a couple times and they even called me or emailed me when they got the faxes.

    They’ve never called or nagged me ever. I must have checked or not checked something. Who knows?