10 Most Disturbing Spa Treatments

According to DivineCaroline, “After a long week at the 9-to-5, few things sound better than a relaxing massage and a bubbly drink. Clearly, I’m not alone—there are spas popping up all over the world, each one’s sole purpose to cater to our every desire. Papaya-scented body scrub? No problem. A mani-pedi-Botox package? Standard these days. Bull semen in your hair? You betcha!” See some of our favorite disturbing spa treatments, inside…

9. The “Other” Face Lift
At the Phit spa in New York you can revitalize your vaginal muscle tone. Their treatment can “restore labial and vulvar contour to a plump firmness” by using lasers.

4. Fish Reflexology
At Singapore’s Sentosa spa you can enjoy the luxury of tiny Turkish spa fish eating the dead skin off your feet. Below you can see the fish in action.

3. Aberdeen Organic Bull Sperm Treatment
Hari’s Salon in London offers a hair treatment that uses bull sperm which supposedly moisturizes, brightens and repairs your hair.

2. The Geisha Facial
The Shizuka Day Spa in New York uses a treatment that incorporates powdered and sanitized Nightingale droppings that contain natural enzymes which act as an exfoliant and a skin brightener.

1. Snake Massage
Israeli masseuse Ida Barak uses slithering snakes on your back which she believes has a calming effect and alleviates joint pain.

For the full list, check out DivineCaroline’s article.

Ten Disturbing Spa Treatments [DivineCaroline]
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