Help! Men's Wearhouse Ruined My Wedding!

Reader Brad had to delay his wedding so his father could speed through Vermont to retrieve a pair of pants Men’s Wearhouse forgot to include as part of Brad’s rental tux. Two days earlier, Brad learned that the fitted tuxes he and his father had rented were too short and too tight. Men’s Wearhouse offered to re-order the tuxes, but refused to deliver them to Brad’s wedding, forcing his father to drive three hours to pick up the replacement garments. When he returned, not only did they realize that Brad’s pants were missing, but his vest was missing a button, and his jacket sleeves hadn’t been hemmed.

Men’s Wearhouse was so torn up over the situation that they gave Brad a $10 Shell gas card that didn’t work.

Brad writes:

On Saturday, I got married to the love of my life. The ceremony and everything was great, but my tuxedo rental was a complete disaster.

A couple of months prior, I had set up our account in Nashua, NH. The account had my tuxedo, my best man, two groomsmen, my father, my now brother-in-law, and our ring bearer, bringing us to seven tuxedos total. We decided to use Men’s Wearhouse. It is a national chain, and that would make it easier for everyone to get fitted and coordinated, since I had people coming to Vermont from Ohio, Rhode Island, and the DC Metro area.

We all met on Thursday at the Williston, VT location to pick up our tuxes, and hit a problem. My entire tux did not fit. The jacket and vest were both too tight, and the pant legs and shirt sleeves were too short. Added to that, my father’s tux jacket was also too tight. The only thing they could do for us was to re-order the parts we needed, lengthen the pants, and get everything ready for Saturday morning. This was a bit of a problem, since the wedding was at 2pm Saturday, but about a 90 minute drive from Williston (in Fairlee, for reference). However, the employee we spoke to (Stacey Brower) was unwilling to make any other arrangements, so my father drove up that morning to pick up the rest of the tuxedos.

Forward to Saturday, my father arrives back at the resort with our tuxes a little after 12. I start putting mine on, when I find another problem – there are no pants in the garment bag! I called the store in Williston back, asked to speak to a manager (I believe his name was Tony), and while he did apologize, the best he could offer was to meet us halfway. So the tuxedo is now incomplete -twice-, and both times the management at Men’s Wearhouse is unwilling to bring the items to us. My father had to meet them halfway (speeding down the back roads of Vermont is rather dangerous), and the pants finally arrived, though the ceremony had to be delayed. I only noticed later that the new vest’s bottom button had fallen off, and was floating around inside the garment bag, and the jacket’s sleeves were not hemmed – they only tucked the sleeves in and ironed them, so the sleeves started falling apart shortly after the reception began.

As some sort of compensation, the manager of the store gave my father a $10 Shell gas card. In a hilariously obvious twist, when my father attempted to use the card, he found out it wasn’t even activated.

So here’s why I’m writing you. Men’s Wearhouse really screwed up big, and made an already stressful planning time that much more stressful. I’m hoping that I can get some publicity out there, and recommend people never use Men’s Wearhouse (or MW Tux), since they apparently can’t handle a tuxedo rental when given a second chance. My tuxedo was free, as part of their promotion – if your account has five tuxedos, the groom’s becomes free. Ours had six, plus mine. I can’t really get my rental any more free than it was. However, my father’s tux was incorrect in the first place, and should have been at the very least, heavily discounted. I would also like for Men’s Wearhouse to do something for my guys. Yes, their tuxedos may have been correct, but they were part of this account that included a free tux rental that was messed up. Therefore, they should be receiving at the very least a partial discount, as well.

You could fire off the almighty Executive Email Carpet Bomb to, but if time isn’t a factor, we would send a letter with all the style and class Men’s Wearhouse failed to deliver. Doll up your complaint in the form of a thank-you note. Put it on nice stationery, exactly as if you were writing to your Aunt, and send one to each of Men’s Wearhouse’s executive officers at:

Men’s Wearhouse
6380 Rogerdale Road
Houston, TX 77072

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