Help! Men's Wearhouse Ruined My Wedding!

Reader Brad had to delay his wedding so his father could speed through Vermont to retrieve a pair of pants Men’s Wearhouse forgot to include as part of Brad’s rental tux. Two days earlier, Brad learned that the fitted tuxes he and his father had rented were too short and too tight. Men’s Wearhouse offered to re-order the tuxes, but refused to deliver them to Brad’s wedding, forcing his father to drive three hours to pick up the replacement garments. When he returned, not only did they realize that Brad’s pants were missing, but his vest was missing a button, and his jacket sleeves hadn’t been hemmed.

Men’s Wearhouse was so torn up over the situation that they gave Brad a $10 Shell gas card that didn’t work.

Brad writes:

On Saturday, I got married to the love of my life. The ceremony and everything was great, but my tuxedo rental was a complete disaster.

A couple of months prior, I had set up our account in Nashua, NH. The account had my tuxedo, my best man, two groomsmen, my father, my now brother-in-law, and our ring bearer, bringing us to seven tuxedos total. We decided to use Men’s Wearhouse. It is a national chain, and that would make it easier for everyone to get fitted and coordinated, since I had people coming to Vermont from Ohio, Rhode Island, and the DC Metro area.

We all met on Thursday at the Williston, VT location to pick up our tuxes, and hit a problem. My entire tux did not fit. The jacket and vest were both too tight, and the pant legs and shirt sleeves were too short. Added to that, my father’s tux jacket was also too tight. The only thing they could do for us was to re-order the parts we needed, lengthen the pants, and get everything ready for Saturday morning. This was a bit of a problem, since the wedding was at 2pm Saturday, but about a 90 minute drive from Williston (in Fairlee, for reference). However, the employee we spoke to (Stacey Brower) was unwilling to make any other arrangements, so my father drove up that morning to pick up the rest of the tuxedos.

Forward to Saturday, my father arrives back at the resort with our tuxes a little after 12. I start putting mine on, when I find another problem – there are no pants in the garment bag! I called the store in Williston back, asked to speak to a manager (I believe his name was Tony), and while he did apologize, the best he could offer was to meet us halfway. So the tuxedo is now incomplete -twice-, and both times the management at Men’s Wearhouse is unwilling to bring the items to us. My father had to meet them halfway (speeding down the back roads of Vermont is rather dangerous), and the pants finally arrived, though the ceremony had to be delayed. I only noticed later that the new vest’s bottom button had fallen off, and was floating around inside the garment bag, and the jacket’s sleeves were not hemmed – they only tucked the sleeves in and ironed them, so the sleeves started falling apart shortly after the reception began.

As some sort of compensation, the manager of the store gave my father a $10 Shell gas card. In a hilariously obvious twist, when my father attempted to use the card, he found out it wasn’t even activated.

So here’s why I’m writing you. Men’s Wearhouse really screwed up big, and made an already stressful planning time that much more stressful. I’m hoping that I can get some publicity out there, and recommend people never use Men’s Wearhouse (or MW Tux), since they apparently can’t handle a tuxedo rental when given a second chance. My tuxedo was free, as part of their promotion – if your account has five tuxedos, the groom’s becomes free. Ours had six, plus mine. I can’t really get my rental any more free than it was. However, my father’s tux was incorrect in the first place, and should have been at the very least, heavily discounted. I would also like for Men’s Wearhouse to do something for my guys. Yes, their tuxedos may have been correct, but they were part of this account that included a free tux rental that was messed up. Therefore, they should be receiving at the very least a partial discount, as well.

You could fire off the almighty Executive Email Carpet Bomb to, but if time isn’t a factor, we would send a letter with all the style and class Men’s Wearhouse failed to deliver. Doll up your complaint in the form of a thank-you note. Put it on nice stationery, exactly as if you were writing to your Aunt, and send one to each of Men’s Wearhouse’s executive officers at:

Men’s Wearhouse
6380 Rogerdale Road
Houston, TX 77072

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  1. homerjay says:

    You’ll like the way you look. George Zimmer guarantees it.

    I hope.

  2. buyer5 says:

    We will our best to screw up your wedding, I guarantee it.

  3. buyer5 says:

    I dropped a do lol

  4. chatterboxwriting says:

    MW screwed up twice when doing the tuxes for my friend’s wedding. She got married on June 1. The first mistake they made was delivering the tuxes to King of Prussia. We live like two hours from there, and they were supposed to deliver them here. Well, one of the groomsmen had to drive 4 hours round trip to pick them up.

    The second mistake was that the groom was supposed to have a white jacket and the 5 groomsmen were to have black ones. They delivered 2 white ones and 4 black ones, which wasn’t known until the rehearsal the night before the wedding. Luckily, MW drove the new jacket to the church, so I can’t so anything too badly about them for that incident.

  5. chatterboxwriting says:

    * can’t SAY anything too badly…

  6. Mike_ says:

    The button popped off my Men’s Wearhouse tux jacket just as my bride came down the aisle during our ceremony. I don’t like the way I look in the pictures. I would have rather had my jacket buttoned.

  7. lightaugust says:

    All well and good, but good luck finding anything else… last year when I went looking for my wedding, I swore NOT to go to MW. Only to find that they’d bought, or were in the process of buying every other place in town. Zimmer is on a definitive run to corner this market.

    One of the best pieces of advice on buying I ever got was to bite the bullet and buy a tux. You don’t wear it often, but when you do you save a bundle.

  8. edgesmash says:

    MW did a decent job at my wedding last month. They sent the best man the wrong jacket, but overnighted the new jacket to the close MW and all was well.

    The most disturbing part of your story to me is the behavior of the employees. My MW employees nearly fell over backwards to get me that jacket, while yours acted like you were asking for something completely above and beyond. What a bunch of bums.

  9. suzy-q says:

    At my friend’s wedding, something very like the OP’s complaint happened – only two of the five tuxedos ordered actually fit. Another one (as we discovered later) was missing all the accessories (tie, etc.) I believe. The bride was not too happy.

  10. littlemoose says:

    I hope Brad will take some solace in that old saying that the more things go wrong at the wedding, the happier the marriage will be.

  11. CRSpartan01 says:

    Men’s Warehouse is one company I will never use. At the last wedding I was in, they tie they gave one of the groomsmen was torn and wouldn’t tie. Embarrassing.

  12. Neito says:

    My dad is the DM at the Willoston, Vermont store. I’ll be emailing this story to him.

  13. CRSpartan01 says:

    The. Sorry.

  14. petrarch1610 says:

    strange, i’m going to a wedding today and we rented our tuxes at MW. We picked them up yesterday and tried them on at the store. My pants were too long but they altered them and had them ready in ten minutes.

  15. BuddyGuyMontag says:

    I have to agree with the posters above; I’ve had pretty positive experiences with Men’s Wearhouse, and I have to think this is more of bad employees in one location than a condemnation of the entire chain.

    I also had an issue with my tux before my wedding. And I made damn sure everything was right and I had a lot less time than 2 days. Of course, the wedding location was a lot closer than 60 miles away, but that’s the price you pay for “destination” weddings.

    Conincidentally, the Tux store I bought it from was the place that was eventually bought out by MW Tux.

  16. zippygaelle says:

    Crappy service from MW, no doubt. But I’ve never understood why men rent rather than buy tuxedos, while women buy rather than rent a dress they’ll never wear again. Renting vs. buying a tuxedo saves about $250 (or less) — the savings for renting vs. buying a wedding dress are much higher and could reach the thousands. I didn’t figure this out until after my wedding, of course. My dress has been sitting in a hermetically-sealed box in my garage for the past 15 years (adding another $100 or so to the price), while my (now-ex) husb. has worn his tux at least 4 other times. Stupid wedding industry.

  17. Aphex242 says:

    Yeah I rented mine from MW and picked it up at a MW 1500 miles from the rental location with no problems whatsoever. The pants had to be altered in about 16 hours (overnight) and they did it no problem.

    I’m sorry it happened to the OP though, and have no trouble believing it, although I will say based on my own limited experience the problems don’t seem systemic at MW.

  18. mcrbpc says:

    not what I wanted to read when we’re set to pick up our tuxes there on Wednesday.

  19. Rusted says:

    Can’t help thinking that eloping would have been cheaper and just as effective.

  20. Luftvier says:

    Everyone here should take this as a warning.

    Men’s Wearhouse is garbage.

    I knew that their clothing was garbage. Now I know their service is likewise garbage.

    Don’t waste your time. Just buy a tux from Nordstrom Rack or what have you. It’ll save you a lot of frustration, and won’t cost much more money.

  21. Michael says:

    This is extremely timely for me. I just got married and rented 8 tuxedos from MW Tux. When we went in on a Friday, 5 of them had some sort of issue and 2 had to be reordered. Thankfully, we had a Sunday wedding so we had a day to have them reorder. When I went in to pick up the tuxedos, we were simply handed them and told we were good to go. I asked to check mine, as the groom, and found the sleeves were too long, the pants were too long and didn’t fit quite right. They said they could alter it and did so in 15-20 minutes in store. Thinking I was okay, I walked out of the store with my tuxedo… bad idea.

    On Sunday, when all of the guys got together, we realized that two of us that had to have our tuxedos re-ordered had different coats than the rest of the guys (the differences were small, but there), my pants were WAY too long still and the coat sleeves had been hemmed at least an too short. I was tugging at my pants and coat sleeves all night to try to not step on them/look like a 5 year old who is outgrowing everything he is wearing.

    We also found one of the groomsmen was missing a button from his 3 button coat, it wasn’t in the bag or anywhere to be found, so it must not have been there in store. How that happened…who knows.

    I contacted MW Tux about this in store when I returned the tuxedos and they refused to do anything. As a “gesture”, they gave me $20 off the tux with the missing button and $20 off my father-in-law’s tuxedo (who they gave the wrong shirt to…it was white, my bride in ivory…BIG no no according to every bridal person I’ve talked to).

    Not happy with that, I contacted MW Tux’s customer line and they said they would “investigate” and have the district manager call me. Two weeks later, no call, so I called again. Three days later, the district manager called me and I went through everything with him. He said he would get back to me after “investigating”. That was almost a month ago.

    All in all – stay away from MW Tux!!!!!

  22. chiieddy says:

    We used MW for our wedding last October. We didn’t have a problem. However, my sister always has issues at the NJ stores. Here in MA, never an issue. I think it differs not just store to store but actually district to district.

  23. cjdmi says:

    I used Men’s Wearhouse for my wedding and everything went well. Out of the six tuxes we ordered, only one jacket and one set of pants needed to be refitted.

    I’m surprised that the OP’s entire suit was misfitted. Either he gained some weight since the initial measurements or the measurements were off. Mismeasurements can easily happen if he was measured at a non Men’s Warehouse franchise, where the tailor on hand wouldn’t have known the quirks of MW suits.

    You’re supposed to pick up your tuxes a few days in advance to give the store adequate time to have any new suits shipped to the store. At least in my wedding, the only real duty I had as a groom was to make sure my groomsmen were dressed and on time. Since two groomsmen would be arriving the night before, I asked them to pickup their tuxes at an alternate location near their hometown.

    The only significant mistake MW made was not including pants in the grooms replacement tux. In return, the manager agreed to drive an hour and a half to hand deliver a replacement set. This seems more than fair, and I can’t see why the OP is so bent out of shape.

    Moral of the story: If you’re going to pick a delivery location three hours from the wedding site, it helps to check the garment bag before you leave the premises.

  24. reservoirr says:

    I will never use Men’s Warehouse. 2 months ago I walked into the Appleton, WI store, granted I was wearing a beaten up Ramones shirt, shorts and look mildly disheveled, and in desperate need of a suit for a family funeral 72 hours away.

    No employee made eye contact with me, or acknowledged my presence. The people that came in after me got immediate help. I stood by some people being served hoping for a “one moment”, was not acknowledged at all.

    After having a good look at the suits, by myself, they looked cheap, even some of the brand name ones had sketchy looking stitching (it just looked bad). Screw them.

    Walked over to JC Penny, was immediately helped, sized, fitted, and got a good looking suit in under an hour.

  25. BuddyGuyMontag says:

    @Luftvier: Right. Let me force my groomsmen to buy matching tuxes that they’ll never wear again. I had four male groomsmen (one female groomsmaid) so I’d feel really good about them buying 300-500 dollar suits that they’ll wear for one day.

    How is MW clothing garbage? I’ve had plenty of clothes there that’s nice.

  26. DH405 says:

    I bought a tux on eBay for about $100. Didn’t include shoes, socks, belt, and shirt. The quality was really impressive, though. Check out the seller “lucky86”

  27. GeoffinAround says:

    @lightaugust: I absolutely agree. Buying a tuxedo is the way to go. You can find package deals for them at many of the same places that rent them. At my prom some years ago, a tux rental with everything was $120 as advertised. Unless you asked, they wouldn’t tell you that you can own the damn package for just $30 more.

    Quality suffers a bit at these prices – but a complete, cheap ensemble is better than an incomplete one that requires lots of planning & driving to fix it.

  28. InThrees says:

    This is NOT a blame the victim post, as Men’s Wearhouse quite obviously failed to deliver what they were obligated to deliver… but it does show that it is prudent to take care of things like tuxedos early in the preparation process, and VERIFY that they are taken care of. Try it on as soon as you get it, etc.

    Regardless, to Brad: Congratulations sir!

  29. simplekismet says:

    My brother in law got married a couple months ago in San Diego and sure enough, day of the wedding, we show up for pictures at his house and one of the groomsmen was on the phone with MW trying to get problems resolved. I guess it wasn’t THAT bad, considering the size of the wedding party (like seven or eight groomsmen) but they had the groom’s shirt too small, Dad’s cufflinks were the wrong color, they were missing a set of cufflinks, one shirt had been horribly altered so that the buttons were sewn on backwards(?), etc. etc.. I thought the groomsman was being very patient and reasonable with the girl on the phone: here is our problem, the wedding is this afternoon (it was 11am, we were dressed early to take pictures and could do so with the errors, but wanted things fixed for the ceremony), what can we do? And the girl had NOTHING to offer. He had to prompt for everything: well, which store DO you have cufflinks at, where can I go to get these shirts? The staff/girl on the phone just seemed so apathetic about the whole ordeal.

    That said, I could not fathom how the guys picked up their clothes without trying them on and making sure they each had the correct accessories. Okay, maybe they’re guys. Guys, please get a girlfriend or Mom or someone to come along and double check these things before you leave the store. And for the love of God, please try everything on before you walk out.

  30. RunawayJim says:

    I used them for my wedding in June and they did everything absolutely perfect. I could not be happier. The woman at the store where I got my tux made sure everything fit just right and even helped me get suspenders on the tux and adjusted properly so that I could wear the pants the way they were intended. None of my groomsmen or the fathers had anything to complain about.

    My friend also used them for his wedding and he had no issues.

    I could have gone with a local tux shop, but that would have required groomsmen from 3 other states to come to one location for fittings and to pick them up. That wasn’t going to happen. I went with MW because they had locations within a short drive of everyone who needed a tux. Everyone was able to get them at their nearest locations and drop them off at the location nearest the wedding (which was about 3 blocks from the wedding location and hotel).

    If you ever get a tux, you should make sure you spend enough time getting fitted the first time and lots of time making sure everything fits right when your tux arrives (MW allowed us to pick them up 2 days before the wedding). I was lucky enough to have an employee who truly cared (she actually moved the buttons on the jacket so that it looked right when buttoned).

  31. Bubarubu says:

    I used MW to outfit the men at my wedding largely because I could set up the whole thing in Austin (where I lived), pick up my tux in MO (where the wedding happened), and my groomsmen could get measured and pick up their penguin suits wherever they were (three different states). The OP and comments make this sound like a recurrent, but not systemic problem. My only real complaint was that the closest MW location to the wedding itself was three hours away, and all the tuxes had to be returned the day after the wedding. Since I was leaving on my honeymoon the day after, I had to send my tux back to St. Louis for my dad to return. Minor inconvenience in the end, obviously.

  32. Bubarubu says:

    Despite the similarities in our stories, I am not RunawayJim. He, however, may be me.

  33. @lightaugust: Do you have a Gary’s Tux Shop or Friar Tux in your area? They are national chains on the west coast. And some David’s Bridal stores rent tuxes or have excellent recommendations. I’ve been to and in several wedding and have not known anyone to use Men’s Warehouse.

  34. Benny Gesserit says:

    @Carey: Put it on nice stationary, exactly as if you were…

    You are completely and utterly evil … are you SURE we’re not related?

    Seriously, though, as people have pointed out above, one doesn’t just walk into MW pick up the package and walk out. Take the time to verify item by item before you leave the store.

    I hope he gets something from MW other than another bogus gas card. I also hope that this is the worst thing that ever happens in his marriage.

  35. And fellas, please pick up your tuxes a least a 7-10 days before the wedding, just in case something goes awry. It will make your bride a lot less stressed! ;-)

  36. @BuddyGuyMontag: Well, bridesmaids spend just as much on their dresses, so it guess it evens out? ;-)

    Plus, can’t a guy always use a tux? What if you get invited to a formal event or something?

  37. Wirehead says:

    Most weddings I’ve been part of, we kinda planned around Men’s Whorehouse screwing up, so we all made sure to have our stuff picked up several days in advance.

    The tux industry has gotten pulled a DeBeers on buying a tux. Everybody has been convinced that the entire party’s tux needs to match everybody else’s perfectly. And so they’ve made enough differences between them that it’s like a bridesmaid dress in terms of reusability.

  38. DoctorMD says:


    I saw some tuxes for sale at Burlington for $90. And they were nicer quality than the rentals. Add shirt, tailoring, and cheap shoes (they are plastic) for $100 and good to go.

    All the blame goes to brides and wedding planners. Every wedding should stick with black tux, notch lapel, white shirt with standard collar and have guys just rent the accessories. That way a guy can buy one THAT FITS and wear it to every event if groomsman or not.

    Here are my bad experiences… MW isn’t the only one.

    Gary’s Tux. Wrong style jacket that didn’t fit. Sent the correct style to a different store near event but that one was wrong size and missing a button. Wore it anyway. Their response was I rented a tux, they provided me one I wore it therefore their obligations were fulfilled. Quality, fit, look and satisfaction are bot part of rental contract.

    Independent shop. I rented a tux at and pants were way too short. Wore them anyway (what was I supposed to wear boxers). Got the exact same canned response “you wore it”. Must be some industry guide.

  39. DoctorMD says:


  40. Michael says:

    To all those who said “pick up your tuxedos early”

    MW Tux would not allow us (and I assume anyone else)to pick them up any earlier than 2 days before the event

    I can’t tell you what other places do – but I imagine it’s pretty standard for only 2-3 days before the event.

  41. @Michael: Word? I did not know that. I suppose that makes sense, but could you come in earlier for a final fitting, then pick them up 2 days before?

  42. BuddyGuyMontag says:

    @ceejeemcbeegee: Not really. The Bridesmaids (and my Groomsmaid) in our wedding paid about 150 for the dresses, (on par for the tux rentals, maybe a little more) and the bride maid sure they were the type of dresses that could be worn again.

    Also, you can’t pick up Tuxes until the Weds. or Thurs. before the wedding.

    There is “final fittings”, but it all is human error to lead to these mistakes.

  43. ZoeSchizzel says:

    If you shop thift shops, you can find a really nice tux for well under $50 and have it dry-cleaned and altered for only a little bit more. I kept my eyes open and purchased one for my son when he was about to start attending formal events.

  44. BuddyGuyMontag says:

    @DoctorMD: The problem is that not everyone is the same size. People in my bridal party needed big and tall sizes. It’s all about uniformity. You can’t guarantee that as well as you can with discount tuxes from Burlington.

    And MD, the blame doesn’t go the wedding planners. I knew what kind of tux I wanted, I had full control over that.

  45. BuddyGuyMontag says:

    @ZoeSchizzel: That’s great. Tell me, how are you supposed to find tuxes that’ll match the rest of the groom’s party?

  46. Scuba Steve says:

    @lightaugust: Whatever you do, don’t buy it from MW.

    You can’t, from what I’ve found.

  47. BoraBora says:

    Ages ago I worked at a tuxedo shop. It was a local chain in Northern California. We were highly regarded and were always hearing horror stories about the big chains messing things up. However, things do on occasion go wrong. Measurements done incorrectly or hems not right, etc. It was very helpful that we had the whole line of tuxes in house, and could easily swap out a jacket for a better fit. Thursday was pick up day (unless you planned ahead for an earlier day) and could sometimes be a mad house. There were a lot of guys that would not take the time to try on their tuxes, despite our very strained encouragement. So, as stated in previous posts, do carefully try on everything. Also, if possible, go with a store that has access to the whole line of your desired tux. If they don’t, find out where their closest store does, and hopefully it’s within an hour or two of you, so if worse comes to worse, you can swap clothing out without much hassle.

    BTW, buying a tux is a great idea, it just sucks that the wedding industry convinces everyone to buy matching everything, including tuxes.

  48. dirtleg says:

    Your gonna like the way you look. Albeit with no pants, but just the same…

    As stated above, several times, you can’t usually pick up a tux several days ahead of the event. In the instances where I was required to rent a tux the pick up date has been no more than the day before, or even the same day in a couple of cases. Not that the occasions have been very many, but you get my drift here.

    I am thinking of purchasing a tux for myself. It makes a nice impression at New Years parties and such occasions.

  49. SchuylerH says:

    When my brother got married, he bought a tux at MW and my father, the bride’s father and I rented.

    Day of the wedding, everyone’s getting dressed, and my brother’s putting on the tux. He holds up the suspenders, points to the little plastic bag of buttons and says, “Uh, what’s this?” I say, “Uh, those are the suspender buttons. Didn’t you ask them to sew those in?” (We also bought suits a couple years earlier at MW and I specifically asked for suspender buttons to be sewed on)

    So in addition to running around like crazy trying to do my best man duties, I’m also trying to figure out a workaround to keep his suspenders suspended – safety pins, a quick and dirty sewing job, staples, duct tape, etc. Meanwhile, he’s on the phone to MW (which opened at about 10, wedding was at 11) insisting that they get over with a set of clip-ons. To their credit, the saleswoman did so and everything went off after that.

    I still say that although they should have mentioned something about the suspender buttons, it was his fault for not trying the tux on sometime earlier than the actual day of the wedding.

  50. Sanveann says:

    Buying may be a good solution for some guys. Not everyone needs or wants to own a tux, though — for example, my wedding was the ONLY time I have ever seen (or probably will ever see) my brothers-in-law wear anything besides jeans and T-shirts. Ditto my dad, who pretty much lives in flannel. (This is a guy who owns one tie, which I’ve seen in photos from when I was 3. That was in 1979.)

    And if a guy is in more than one wedding, then he’d still need to rent or buy a second tux, because he’ll need to match the other groomsmen or ushers.

    That said, it is essential to check the tuxes before you leave the store. Preferably, the bride or groom should try to inspect them a couple of days before the wedding, if at all possible, to make sure is what they ordered and all the tuxes match. (My best friend had issues with her tuxes — some guys got the wrong colored shirts, and others the wrong colored vests.)

  51. timmus says:

    You know, it’s kind of depressing to think that there’s not a chance in hell that George Zimmer would be a man and visit Consumerist to make good on his guarantee. I guess he’s busy with his pina coladas in Costa Rica.

  52. JohnMc says:

    Huh? Why the crying in his beer? How aout owing up to some responsibility to CHECK before you leave the store the FIRST time?

    When I got married I did the rented tux thing too. But I insisted that the garment be available at the store a week ahead of time. That a fitting be arranged the day it arrived. Any further alternations from that point be while I wait. So on the appointed day it was me, the manager and the tailor. 2 minor changes, refitted, bagged, paid for and out the door. I returned it 2 weeks later. And yes I paid extra. But I didn’t have the tale of woe this guy has.

    One controls one’s own life whether realized or not.

  53. sponica says:

    @lightaugust: During the period of my uncle’s life when EVERY friend was getting married and he had like 4 or 5 weddings in a 3 month span, he bought a tux. It made things soooooo much easier.

    @zippygaelle: My Nana bought her wedding dress, and 2 of my aunts wore it to their wedding. It’s now in her attic waiting for the next generation (my sisters and I) to have the privilege of wearing the wedding gown. So buying isn’t necessarily bad, if you want it to be a family heirloom.

    I do agree with the sentiment Dad should have checked the bag before leaving the store…I don’t even leave my dry cleaners without making sure they gave me everything.

  54. pfeng says:

    Now, now… they gave you a great story to tell the grandkids about your tux falling apart while you were trying to dance (really, you’ll laugh about it in a few years), and the non-activated gas card is just icing on the cake. ;-)

    But seriously, they need to knock off one rental from the bill. Anything less is ridiculous since they did not provide what they said they could.

  55. SaveMeJeebus says:

    Haven’t people ever heard of making their own clothes? A tux is not that hard and it will fit because you did it yourself. All you need is some fabric, a pattern, scissors, and a sewing machine.

  56. kadath217 says:

    I had a terrible experience with Men’s Wearhouse for my wedding last year. I only used MW because my father-in-law needed to pick up his tux separately – in another state. I went in for the fitting, and found a jacket that fit decently.

    But when I came to pick up my tux for the wedding, it was a completely different size – at least 3 sizes too big. They were reluctant to switch it – and in fact tried to convince me that it really did fit – until I insisted. They eventually were able to find the correct size from another store, but I was forced to drive back up to the store (over an hour away) the next day to pick up the jacket.

    None of my groomsmen were happy with the service they received from Mens Wearhouse, and I’ve advised everyone I know to stay away from there.

  57. Raziya says:

    Hey, this is Brad’s wife! :) Thanks for any congratulations. :)

    It was an annoying experience, but the kicker for me was the fact they gave my in-laws a gas card that didn’t work, heh!

    Anyway, thanks for posting this! We will definitely take your advice. :)

  58. Shadowfire says:

    In regards to some of the questions here:

    Checking the garment bag would have been smart. The tux was ready to pick up at 10am that day, the wedding was at 2pm. My father didn’t check the bag, and yea, the pants weren’t there. Oops. We should have checked, we didn’t… but then, we were all a little frantic considering.

    A couple mentioned that I might have gained weight, which actually isn’t true. I’m not going to lie, I am overweight, but I have actually been -losing- weight. Apparently, not enough. :)

    There were also a few mentions of choosing a store closer to our wedding’s location. If you’d like to look up Fairlee, VT, and find a store closer that could handle everyone, I welcome you to do so. ;)

    Thank you very much to Consumerist for taking up our cause, and to the support (and fellow renters with their own horror stories). Hopefully we will hear back soon!

  59. Michael says:

    I could go in and do a final fitting, and several of us actually did, but it didn’t make any difference…because they didn’t change anything!

  60. Michael says:


    What I meant by a final fitting 7-10 earlier was to go in and make sure the measurements were correct. We all did that, but on the day we went in for our “actual” final fitting 2 days before the wedding, 6 of the 8 tuxedos were WAY off still.

    We actually had one young groomsman (13 years old) who is growing, I swear, like an inch every two weeks, so he went in 4 times to get measured, including 7 days before the wedding. His tuxedo still didn’t fit and was off by more than any human would grow in 7 days. So yes, it helps going in more often and close to the event for a fitting, but if the tuxes have already been processed/changes never make it to the computer, it’s all for nothing.

  61. Hairyback says:

    If you shop at Men’s Warehouse, you deserve what you get.

    Their blazers are lined with George’s ass hair.

  62. linbey says:

    This is why at my wedding everyone will wear shorts and polo shirts while eating hotdogs and hamburgers in the back yard. Its ridiculous to spend all that money on something that only lasts a few hours. I could use all that money to put towards a down payment on a house

  63. Michael says:

    I stand and applaud.

    *hopes the wife doesn’t see me say this*

  64. Nick_Bentley says:

    Yeah, it’s already been said but I’ll count my two cents in. Brad, tell your dad if he’s willing to drive 3 hours to pick up something important, he should spend the 10 minutes to try everything on in a fitting room before leaving.
    It was their fault for screwing up, but he has to take some responsibility for not trying the things on. I won’t even pull away from Taco Bell before checking they put everything in the bag. Lets have some common sense.

  65. RunawayJim says:

    @ceejeemcbeegee: When have you ever heard of a tux shop that had a tux read a whole week or more before the wedding? It’s normal for any event that required a tux for me to pick it up no more than 2 days prior and return it the following day. I’ve had some more local places have me pick it up 1 day prior.

    Also, most tuxes generally cost about the same to rent as the bridesmaids dresses, unless the dresses are ridiculously expensive (and then you end up with some bitchy bridesmaids… my wife had some that bitched about paying $90 for their dresses). I’ve never bought a tux, but most suits start at $200 just for the jacket and pants. Once you throw in a shirt and tie, you’re at almost $300. I imagine a tux would cost a bit more considering you have to buy a special tux shirt usually and then the vest and tie to match. Most people don’t go to enough formal events that require a tux to warrant the purchase of one. A nice suit, sure, but not a tux.

  66. Shadowfire says:

    @Nick_Bentley: …

    We both tried our tuxes on Thursday, and they didn’t fit.

    On Saturday, he drove up to get both my tux, and his own. This was four hours before the wedding. He had a two hour drive back. When he got back, his tux was fine. Mine was not.

    Basically, I want to know what him trying on my tux would have accomplished. Yea, yea many people have said “you should have checked the bag.” Probably should have, but we were understandably frantic. The onus was on MW to include the pants, and they forgot. We could have caught it earlier, but were a bit distracted, and ultimately, the responsibility does lie with them.

  67. anonvmoos says:

    holy shit with the crazy wedding guys and the perfect matching tuxedos.

    who told you that you had to dress in a tux anyway ? i bet it was mens warehouse. i’ve seen people get married in stormtrooper outfits ffs! suck it up nancy boys. this is why people are getting shot over a pair of tennis shoes.

  68. ZoeSchizzel says:

    @BuddyGuyMontag: Who says the attending groomsmen have to have tuxes that exactly match the groom’s? The only acceptable tux for the most common formal affairs is black, single-breasted, one-button jacket of any simple cut, pants with a black side stripe, and a white tuxedo shirt with black tie. How hard would it be to match that? Of course, my husband and I married in my parent’s backyard because we were actually buying a HOUSE instead of a wedding, so I may not be the one to ask if you want advice on how to matchy-match 15 groomsmen in rented finery.

  69. BeThisWay says:

    I used MW for my wedding several years ago and all of the tuxes were either too big, too small, missing buttons, missing shoes…

    Never again…

  70. holocron says:

    Bought my suit for my wedding at MW. Worked out great. I still wear it.

    ’nuff said.

  71. cothebadger says:

    I worked at a tux shop in high school and early college. We were Gingiss Formalwear, a national chain with our own franchise across the Twin Cities (MN). The place had excellent customer service.

    We admittedly botched a few orders every weekend (while serving something like 20-30 weddings a weekend with 5-10 tuxes per wedding). When we REALLY screwed up or when someone had a problem a couple hours pre-wedding (think missing button), we went out there to fix it. It was nice because we had stores around the Cities and we could get something to a wedding within an hour, more often than not. I think they’re called Savvi nationally now. I have no clue how the service has changed.

  72. SlappySquirrel says:

    We did the “wear whatever sort of tux you own or that you feel like or that looks good on you” eclectic tux mix thing and it worked really, really well.

    Also we sent my bridesmaids matching fabric and let them design/make their own dresses so the dresses were made of the same fabric but everybody was in something that looked good on them, also went really, really well. (We offered to pay for a tailor, but our bridesmaids collectively said that getting a tailor to put a dress together was cheaper than most bridesmaid dresses, so we shouldn’t worry about it.)

  73. emich27 says:

    I got married in May, and we went with MW Tux and they did a great job. We had 10 tuxes and even a couple guys had to get fitted out of state. My brother-in-law’s pants were a little big (actually, he kind of looked like he was sporting MC Hammer pants), and there were a few alterations that needed to be done, but those were done on the spot at the store when we picked up. Considering that it was right in the middle of prom season, I was pretty amazed everything turned out ok.

    All chains have their good store and bad stores. The stores in Michigan all seem to be pretty good. The OP obviously got a bad one, which sucks – its time to hold George Zimmer to that “guarantee.”

  74. Luftvier says:


    I am of the opinion that matching tuxes for groomsmen are overrated and look, frankly, silly. What difference does it make if one man has a 3 button notch lapel, while another has a 1 button shawl lapel, or another has a double breasted peak lapel, so long as they are all black?

    I am also of the mind that every man should own a tux. They only going to wear a tux once their whole lives?

    The reasons that MW clothing is garbage are too many to enumerate in one post here. Search the forums at or You’ll learn a little about how men’s clothing is constructed, the history of it, and why MW (and many other lines, e.g. most Armani, HUGO BOSS, etc.) are trash.

    Right. Let me force my groomsmen to buy matching tuxes that they’ll never wear again. I had four male groomsmen (one female groomsmaid) so I’d feel really good about them buying 300-500 dollar suits that they’ll wear for one day.

    How is MW clothing garbage? I’ve had plenty of clothes there that’s nice.

  75. Luftvier says:


    I agree with you completely. Some bridesmaid dresses are so hideous that they should hardly be worn once!

    A good tux is classic, stylish, and always in good taste.

  76. brian25 says:

    This happended to me in 2005… nothing new.

  77. Norsehawk says:

    If your life is so meaningless that a pair of pants ruins your wedding, you are truly a sad and petty person.

    Wear blue jeans with the tux top, take the photos, and then you can always laugh at it in the future.

  78. animeredith says:

    @Norsehawk: Point to where the OP said his wedding was ruined because of this. In fact, he said everything besides this was great.

    Weddings are a stressful thing to plan for, and the fact is that MW screwed up badly, creating even more unneeded stress for the wedding party. To make things worse, they didn’t do anything to make up for said shitty service and shitty product, instead forcing already busy members of the family to spend their time and gas money to fix the problem. Even if that $10 gas card had worked, it really doesn’t make everything even-steven here.

  79. TVGenius says:

    Our only local tux rental place, a mom and pop (more like grandma and grandpa) place, almost blew our wedding.

    I had gone in with a swatch of the bridesmaids’ dress fabric since we wanted to color-coordinate as best we could. I found what I liked for myself and the groomsmen, which came in the exact color we were hoping for. Fast forward two months to two days before the wedding. I get a call on my cell that they need me to come in ASAP. Turns out, the rental place THEY rent from had discontinued that style and color. Apparently, they normally wait until the Thursday before the event, then call their rental place, get everything overnighted, and you pick it up not at all long after they took it out of the UPS box. So less than 48 hours out, I’m stuck trying to find something else when I’ve got better things to be doing.

  80. Raziya says:

    @Norsehawk: He didn’t ever say that at all…it was just stressful, we already had way too much crap to do, haha.

    Even though we did a lot of planning that day was still very hectic!

  81. AceKicker says:

    This is scary, because I went to that same store in Nashua, NH to get fitted for a tux for a wedding in California just last month! They wound up sending it to the wrong store! Luckily the store that had it was just a short drive from the one they sent us to, but I can’t fathom what would have happened if they stranded us near San Diego with no tuxes. Looks like we were pretty damn lucky compared to these guys.

  82. The Unicorn says:

    my husband’s father accidentally left his digital camera in his tux jacket pocket after our wedding. even though we called the store only a couple hours after the tuxes were returned (as soon as we realized what happened) they’d already been “returned to the hub” & there was “nothing they could do” to locate it. needless to say, it mysteriously was never found.

    so some MW Tux employee got a brand-new camera last April, along with some presumably-lovely pictures of our wedding that we will never see. now, granted they do emphasize that they aren’t responsible for anything left in returned garments, but I was still pretty disappointed with their total inability to help us out.

  83. adistius says:

    As someone who once worked for a tux rental place (not MW) as a “survival job,” I would like to offer some tips that will help prevent problems regardless of where you rent.

    1. Come in and get measured. I know you think you know your sizes, but, trust me, must guys don’t. Really.

    2. Any tux place will measure you at no charge for your order wherever. Tip the guy giving you the measurements, however, since you are taking his time and most of them work on commission.

    3. Make sure you have at least two days between the day you pick up your tuxes and the day you have to have them perfect. So, if you are leaving town on Friday, arrange to have your tuxes picked up on Tuesday. If your wedding is Saturday, arrange for Wednesday. Trust me on this, it will save you huge headaches.

    4. Pick up your tuxes at the earliest time possible. Insist that every single person try their tuxes on in the store before leaving with them.

    5. Expect corrections. Yes, it is a pain. But this isn’t custom tailoring. Measurements are taken and an average fit produced, even in the best of circumstances. Most times that works — sometimes, corrections are needed.

    6. Expect corrections. Yes, it is a pain. But hundreds of tuxes are being assembled and people make mistakes. You should have the silver tie, but got the blue. Woops!

    7. Pick up your corrects exactly when they are ready. Try everything that was corrected. Make sure it is right.

    8. The people who do this stuff know you are stressed and the good guys try to help out. They often will offer to deliver things or otherwise help out. The problem, however, is that if they do this, you reduce the ability of the store to fix continued problems. Try to pick things up in the store. Often they can fix things on the spot that would otherwise cause you huge problems.

    If you follow these rules, you’ll pick out your stuff (1 visit), get measured (same visit), try stuff on (2nd visit), pick up corrections (3rd visit) and still have your stuff the day before the wedding.

    Most problems (like the OPs) occur when the tux store is far away and insufficient time is left between pick-up and event.

  84. vladthepaler says:

    Bad headline: the OP makes it clear that his wedding was not ruined, he’s just unsatisfied with one of the tuxes.

    Stuff missing from a tux package might not be unusual for Men’s Warehouse though; when my brother got married, my dad’s tux didn’t come with the tie it was supposed to have. So he had to wear a different tie, he happened to have one with him for the dinner the night before, and it wasn’t the end of the world. But it’s probably a good idea to check and make sure that you have everything you’re supposed to have before you leave the store.

  85. jrubow says:

    I am a vendor to MW. I helped design and implement their new shipping system. Anyway, I would agree with what adistius stated. I would recommend that you have the TUX arrive a few days earlier than the wedding. This allows for any mistakes that are made to get corrected. Also make sure to get measured. This way if they took your measurements you then have a valid argument when you issue a complaint. Also just a FYI, the TUX’s generally arrive the day before your pickup date.

    Also, it does help if you can place as many of the orders from the same store as possible. They generally try and bundle orders together in a shipment. Doing this should help to ensure that your orders arrive together and if an item is missing from your order chances are it could be in one of the other garment bags or in the box it was shipped in.

  86. omyard says:

    Solution? Don’t get married.

  87. djlotus says:

    Reading this particular story shocked me. I worked as a CSA (person who does the measurements/sets up the wedding party/all around bitch work) for TMW for a year and while there were a few hiccups here and there, there was never problem that we could not handle.

    There were multiple occasions where I would drive to another location, with the closest next Men’s Wearhouse just over an hour away, to retrieve garments or accessories for a customer. There were even times where I would deliver the tux to a person, which usually ended up being at least an hour away.

    I was under the assumption that all MW stores operated in this fashion, I guess I was just being naive.

    As for tipping the guy who does your measurements, it really is a nice gesture. Even though we are more than happy to help somebody out (I was at least), that particular position at TMW is an hourly job, no commission to be had (unless you buy the wedding gifts).

  88. baddp says:

    First off let me say I am a manager of an MW Tux location. Second let me say that no matter where you go there is always a bad egg that can ruin things. My suggestions are simple:

    1. You are not a trained professional DO NOT MEASURE YOURSELF.

    2. If you choose to get measured at a location other than one of our stores DO NOT CHANGE MEASUREMENTS that you think are incorrect.

    3. DO try on your tuxedo at the time of pick up. 99% of the problems we encounter are the legnhts of jacket sleeves, pant legnths, and loose buttons. These issues can usually be rectified in a matter of 10-15 mins at the store.

    4. Regretfully we are not psychic, and cannot tell the following things without the customer telling us; you lost weight, gained weight, measured yourself, or called in measurements and did not specify a certain fit.

    5. REMEMBER 5-10 pounds of weight gain or loss can change not only the pant size, but the size needed for every other article or clothing we have ordered for you.

    6. The pick up is scheduled for two days before, PICK IT UP THEN. This allows time for major issues.

    7. Question everything we do when it comes to the initial fitting and final fitting/pick up of your tuxedo. If we are not told something is wrong we cannot correct the issue.

    10. Not every style or cut will look good on everyone. This being said the RENTAL tuxedo is an average and boxy fit. We cannot custom tailor a rental nor are we allowed to.

    11. For the most part the sales floor is 85% of our store. We do not have bushels of product waiting in back and cannot take it from another order or a display for inventory reasons.

    12. The nicer you are to us the more accomodating we will be. Yelling just puts us as employees on the defensive. While I am a fan of being nice to everyone no matter how much they yell or curse at me, not everyone is this way and an understanding customer SHOULD ALWAYS get treated nice. (don’t forget the bad eggs)

    13. Speak to the manager if you are not satisfied!!!!! A large number of decisions cannot be made by the average associate.

    14. If we could deliver every screw up we would. However we are slaves to schedules, transportation our staff use, and other customers who need our assistance as well.

    15. This reminds me YOU are not the only customer we will serve. We will do our best, but repeating the same thing for hours only slows us down to serve others and to rectify your particular issue. Let us do our jobs and I suspect you will be surprised what we can pull off.

    16. Most of us are pros. Do not question what we do in the back room. As a tux employee I have learned hundreds of tricks to “adjust” the fit of a garment without harming it. Some of these methods do require concentration and care and are best done uninterrupted.

    17. I will repeat it again. Ask questions, and talk to the manager on duty if necessary.

  89. Kathleen Sue Klitzing says:

    I work for a Men’s Wearhouse and Tux based in the St. Louis area, and as a worker this is a very horrible story to hear, I do apologize for the grief this caused you on your big day. I hope that the people that worked for that store definetly learned a lesson in how we are suppose to do business. Men’s is all about customer service and I would like to think that at my store if something goes wrong we can fix it. This is way we like for our customers to give us their email so we can notify them right when their tuxedos enter our store. Also why people come in and try on tuxedos because as much as we all hate to admit it, our bodies grow and change weekly. However you have to understand that people do make mistakes, doesn’t matter what company it is. The associate should have double checked their work and I hope this experience with one store doesn’t effect your idea of Men’s Wearhouse it really is a wonderful place to rent and buy men’s apparel. Very sorry for your inconvenience.