Grocery Shrink Ray Hits Ready Pac Produce?

Andrew writes:

I work at a grocery store and am just appalled at how the grocery shrink ray is in full effect. I notice it the most is in the produce department. The company that is shrinking their products most effectively while maintaining the same price is Ready Pac.

About six months ago, Ready Pac introduced a new size for their dinner pack salad. It went from 16oz. to 12oz. The price stayed the same while the packaging shrunk. Their excuse was that it was best for the consumer because they wouldn’t have to buy so much. Whatever! Another item that Ready Pac has targeted is their cut fruit bowls. They’ve gone from 1 pound and a couple oz to 15.5oz packages. They’re still charging the same price too.

Companies to consumers: We’re doing you a favor by decreasing your purchasing power.

(Photo: Ryan Grove)

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