Shame Yourself Into Spending Less With A Hello Kitty Debit Card

Reader MervinGleasner has Hello Kitty to thank for his unique method of curbing personal spending. In a comment on our “Succeed Through Self-Undermining!” post, he writes:

I recently got a new debit card, and decided on the bright pink “hello kitty” card design. It was the only thing that stood out in the catalog over the American flags and bald eagles. I got it primarily because it was pretty, but I have also noticed that it will almost always draw a comment (or beady-eyed stare) from a clerk or passerby, and is a wonderful conversation starter… I admit I am less apt to produce it in certain situations, primarily because I don’t want to explain myself, or in particularly masculine circles of friends. It comes down to my own homophobic insecurities, which I am attempting to cash in on, as they have otherwise proven useless, and as I am reluctant to expose the pretty pink kitten in my wallet.

This, of course, will not work if you actually like Hello Kitty. What works for you?

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