Personal Finance Roundup

8 ways to ruin your chances to retire [Bankrate] “You can stay shackled to a job until your last gasp if you follow these steps.”

Sold out? No problem [CNN Money] “Here’s how to score the hottest ticket in town without paying an arm and a leg.”

New Rules for the Age of High Energy Prices [Yahoo Personal Finance] “Here are some rules to help you adjust to the new realities of high energy costs.”

Getting Around Airlines’ New Minimum-Stay Requirements [Smart Money] “Here’s what fliers need to know to avoid getting hit by an airlines’ minimum-stay requirements.”

Preserve Your Savings for Life [Kiplinger] “New ways to spread your nest egg over the next 30 years.”

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  1. theblackdog says:

    Considering how much my mom wants to go to an NFL game, I may have to try some of these tactics to get a ticket…maybe even to the Ravens vs Redskins game.

  2. treding says:

    Also if you’re looking for presale passwords and don’t want to pay the money for the ones mentioned in the article, there are sites like [] that update every morning and give out the free passwords.

  3. Farquar says:

    I have been able to get into some great events at prices below face. If you are willing to miss the first pitch/tip/kickoff you can get great prices.

    I’ve been to NCAA tournament games, Baseball Playoff games and NFL games. Just wait until right after the game starts. The scalpers will have a product that is now almost worthless to them. Don’t go too low on the price or they’ll ignore you out of spite (it’s happened to me) but offer 75% of face, up to face, and most of the time, if the crowd outside has thinned out, you’ll get the tickets. (make sure they are legit)

    Second round NCAA games are by far the easiest. You can get seats for well under face from fans that bought ticket packages for the first weekend only to see their team bounced in the first round. Most of the time there are far more people outside trying to sell tickets than there are people looking to buy.

  4. ChootinDaChit says:

    Regarding scoring good tickets using Amex presale deals, I have an Amex Blue Cash card. All of the presale ticket deals that I’ve seen from Amex are only for holders of the “classic” card–i.e. the ones they charge a yearly fee for.

    As an “excellent cardholder”, they keep pushing me to sign up for their platinum card with a $300 per year fee. Thanks, but I prefer to continue to have you pay me $800+ per year in cash rebates instead, ‘k?