Reach Washington Mutual Executive Customer Service

If you’re trying to get through to Washington Mutual and regular customer service isn’t helping you, give these numbers for Executive Customer Service, a very high-up customer service team with superpowers to solve customer problems at any and all levels, a try. Be calm, polite, professional, and able to state your case in 1-2 sentences. It’s a good idea to read this post on dealing with executive customer service first. The info really works, read this lady’s story about how contacting WaMu executive customer service saved her house from foreclosure.

(206) 461-2000 x 489 Laura

Rosalva Alvarez
1-800-225-5497, option 1, option1, extension 467
Fax: (206) 965-3082

Executive Response Team
Customer Relations Manager
Washington Mutual Bank
(800) 225-5497 Opt. 1 Ext. 467
Fax (206) 965-3082

(206) 377-8196, (206) 461-2000, (206) 461-6414, or (206) 461-8779. You can try asking for Ms Cindy Modica, VP of Quality Service.

CEO Kerry Killinger
His assistant, Wendy:

CFO Tom Casey

Chief Legal Officer Stewart Landefeld

President and COO Steve Rotella:

Another option is to try launching an “Executive Email Carpet Bomb.” These posts tells you how.

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  1. Transylvanian says:

    The (206) 377-8196 number is for State Regulatory Commission to call.

    (206) 461-6414, or (206) 461-8779 are both DISCONNECTED!

    Either way it’s voicemail bingo.

  2. closed_account says:

    time to update!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had an issue with WaMu recently and all of those e-mail addresses are no longer working. I did get one out of office reply saying that person was longer with WaMu and that you could contact

    This phone # does still work 1-800-225-5497
    Just make sure you listen to the prompts as it has changed…
    Unfortunately Executive Customer Service was not able to resolve the issue to my satisfaction. I have sent the story to The Consumerist and hopefully they will publish the details.