Reach Microsoft Executive Customer Service

[Number Removed, No Longer Valid]

Use only when normal customer service routes fail. When you call, remember to be polite, professional, and succinct–you’ll have much better success!

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  1. Phreggs says:

    Huh, thats my brother in law.

  2. What would even be more poetic justice is to get access via MS toll free number: 800 426 9400 – and go to the employee directory

  3. Sugarless says:

    I’d rather be able to reach Wells Fargo’s executive customer service or offices.

    Does anyone have that information?

  4. JeffM says:

    Hmmmm… maybe this is a way to have them finally respond to the thousands of requests for a Fingerprint Reader driver for Windows Vista x64.

    Odd that in Vista the only piece of hardware I have that doesn’t work is Microsoft branded.

  5. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    Area code 469? Shouldn’t it be 425 or 206?

  6. fhic says:

    Whenever I need something from Microsoft (which is blessedly seldom)I find it most effective to contact my local Microsoft Developer Evangelist, Lynn Langit. She’s never failed to help me or point me to a specific person (with email and phone #, no less.) Google “Microsoft evangelist” to find the right one for your field and geographic area.

  7. b-real says:


    469 is in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. Weird that their executive customer service is so far away from home base.

  8. Cynicor says:

    I work for Microsoft. A couple of notes here.

    – We have customer service sites all over the world. Dallas is one of our big ones. It’s not weird at all that a company this big would have support around the globe. I work in New York, but not in customer service.

    – This is not “executive customer service.” Jared (who I don’t know personally) is one of about 40 people doing support in this particular group.

    – He’s also not a Microsoft employee, so don’t think that you’re picking up the phone, bugging him, and getting escalated a bunch of steps up the chain. If you called in for help, he would be one of 40 people your call might be routed to.

    – No, I can’t come over and fix your computer now because “Microsoft” is broken. (I had to add that in case my dad was reading.)

  9. Ben Popken says:

    Already deactivated. Wow, that was fast.