So, We're Probably Never Going To Know Where The Salmonella Came From

The FDA still has no real idea where those salmonella tomatoes came from. They suspect both Mexico and Florida, but as you may have noticed: Florida and Mexico are kind of big. And there’s no real evidence aside from a guess by the FDA based on the “time frame” of the outbreak matching up with the harvest in those locations.

David Acheson, the Food and Drug Administration’s associate commissioner for foods says that Florida “fits with the time frame” of the outbreak, and “the trace-back continues, but we still have not identified a specific source of the outbreak.” FDA investigators have still not begun testing farms because “we don’t know yet where to send them,” Acheson told reporters.

Meanwhile, Guanabee has a fun clip of Lou Dobbs acting shocked by the incompetance of the FDA, and CDC has confirmed that the total of number of people who have gotten sick now stands at 552, across 32 states. We’re not shocked that the FDA can’t locate the source of the salmonella, but that’s only because we already knew that the FDA was broken.

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(Photo: The Joy Of The Mundane )

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