"So Apparently They Decided To Turn Our Apartment Complex Into A Nudist Colony"

Reader Sam writes in to let us know that his apartment complex is being converted into a “clothing optional” paradise. Tenants of The Arbors at Branch Creek, you are now the hedonistic residents of Eden!

According to Sam and an article in the Tampa Bay Times, current (clothed) residents of the apartment complex were unaware of the plans, and the apartment manager didn’t know what was going on either. Sam says, “I don’t mind nudist colonies, I just don’t want to live in one! What really bothers me the most is the company that owns the property released the information to the public (news, etc.) before they even discussed it with the residents/apt. complex management.” From Eden’s “Lifestyles” page:

You’re going to be very comfortable with our dress code. Our residents are welcome to shed more than their inhibitions as they enter the gates of Eden. Because when our residents come home after a busy day in the working world, they want to completely unburden themselves, shed the trappings of the outside world… and be totally free.

Sam says he’s spoken with the office manager, who’s promised that tenants who don’t want to publicly explore their sensual sides will be able to break their leases without penalty, but he’s worried, as there are lots of children and teens in the community. We browsed around on Eden’s website (and we strongly encourage our readers to do the same, because it’s hilarious), and we were shocked to find out that even the animals are naked.

Eden: As Nature Intended
(Photo: Getty)

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