RESOLVED: Circuit City 24 Minute Guarantee Means Whatever Rob, The Supervisor, Says It Means

Dustin wrote back to let us know that Circuit City corporate had contacted him about his difficulty with their “24 minute guarantee.” It seems that the general manger of the store had misunderstood the guarantee completely. Apologies were given and gift cards were received.

I was contacted by Anita Strepka in corporate who told me I was absolutely correct and that the supervisor should not have refused giving me the gift card.

I was then contacted by the local general manager who asked me to explain what happened. After explaining he told me that he would send the card, but that the policy was that you have to wait in the store for at least 24 minutes before qualifying!

I told him, that according to corporate and their website the 24 minutes starts as of the time stamp on the order confirmation email. He disagreed and we ended the call. He then called back 10 minutes later to apologize and said that I was correct and he was wrong… I guess he went to their website.

So what did I learn? Not even the general manager understood a policy that has been in place for 2(?) years, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the supervisor didn’t either.

The good news? Anita Strepka was awesome and apologized over and over. She said that she was part of the team that started this program, so she was well versed with the policy.I complained on Wednesday 6/4/08 and got my $24 gift card in the mail on Monday 6/9/08… not a bad response time.

Hey, everyone makes mistakes, but it’s a good thing Dustin is out there keeping them honest.