"So Apparently They Decided To Turn Our Apartment Complex Into A Nudist Colony"

Reader Sam writes in to let us know that his apartment complex is being converted into a “clothing optional” paradise. Tenants of The Arbors at Branch Creek, you are now the hedonistic residents of Eden!

According to Sam and an article in the Tampa Bay Times, current (clothed) residents of the apartment complex were unaware of the plans, and the apartment manager didn’t know what was going on either. Sam says, “I don’t mind nudist colonies, I just don’t want to live in one! What really bothers me the most is the company that owns the property released the information to the public (news, etc.) before they even discussed it with the residents/apt. complex management.” From Eden’s “Lifestyles” page:

You’re going to be very comfortable with our dress code. Our residents are welcome to shed more than their inhibitions as they enter the gates of Eden. Because when our residents come home after a busy day in the working world, they want to completely unburden themselves, shed the trappings of the outside world… and be totally free.

Sam says he’s spoken with the office manager, who’s promised that tenants who don’t want to publicly explore their sensual sides will be able to break their leases without penalty, but he’s worried, as there are lots of children and teens in the community. We browsed around on Eden’s website (and we strongly encourage our readers to do the same, because it’s hilarious), and we were shocked to find out that even the animals are naked.

Eden: As Nature Intended
(Photo: Getty)


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  1. Gopher bond says:

    At first this sounds cool, but then I think of my neighbors and realize that it’s not very cool at all.

  2. mthrndr says:

    They look annoying, but I’d still hit it (the woman). as long as she left the heels on.

  3. Mozoltov, motherfucker says:

    As long as I have neighbors that look like her I would have no problems.

  4. Alex Chasick says:

    I should add that Mr. Consumerist is blocking that guy’s upper junk because, as Meg put it, “I feel like maybe I know too much about him.”

  5. GothamGal says:

    The only naked male on the entire site is the squirrel!

    You know that’s bullcrap. It will be a bunch of fat, naked men hanging around wondering why they are at a sausage party.

  6. Gokuhouse says:

    Wow! I personally wouldn’t mind it, but seriously, they should have given the tenants a lot of notice or a vote in the matter.

  7. GMFish says:

    God, they’d reverse that decision the first time I walked through the place naked. Well, they’d reverse it once their vision returned.

  8. Arkley says:

    Dear god, not the children and teens! What will happen if they ever see a naked body? They might be accepting of others after realizing that under our clothes, we almost all look the same!

  9. ludwigk says:

    If I was toned and trim like our musical duo above, I would flaunt it like its going out of style.

  10. ArgusRun says:

    I can totally see the squirrel’s nuts!

  11. catskyfire says:

    The problem with nudity is that most nudists look like the rest of us.

    And I know how hideous that is.

    I think it was poor judgment not to ask/warn the tenants first. That’s a huge change. Bonus question: Will it create a law violation? If youth see ‘too much’ could it create a problem?

  12. Dakine says:

    Yeah…. naked encampments like this are definitely NOT full of hot chicks and muscled guys. They’re generally fat farms. There’s a nudist place just a mile or so down the road from me, and I certainly wouldn’t want to spend much time there. You can see it from the water if you go by in a jetski or a boat, and they are some fugly people. Mostly guys.

  13. thebulkoftheseries says:

    Tampa: where anything goes!

  14. carso says:

    The pic attached to this article would definitely fall into the NSFW category for my office. Can the editors please use additional discretion when selecting photos in the future? I would have appreciated a, “Hit the jump for NSFW pic…” warning or similar.

  15. freepistol says:

    people join nudist colonies because they want to be nude, they live in apartment complexes because they want to live in an apartment complex.

    im willing to bet there are some people who would not have chosen to live there if it had been a nudist apartment complex when they looked into it.

    like wise some people would have found an alternative if they had known that a bunch of naked folk were being invited move in, clothing optional

  16. covaro says:

    Wow, that’s sad… place looks really really nice on their site too. Of course, notice how all the people in the pics on the site are really attractive upper 20’s types.

    Either way, if I lived their, I’d be pissed. I’d be living there because it was a nice community, with very nice looking apartments, and now I’d have to go find another place to live.

  17. SacraBos says:

    It has to be said – She’s got nice maracas. Be sure to tip your waitresses.

  18. weakdome says:

    @carso: Yeah, my office has a strict no-bongos policy too.

    (actually, it doesn’t. Thank god.)

  19. marsneedsrabbits says:

    They’ll have a “Citrus Fiesta” at the pool within a month or two. Not, you know, that there is anything wrong with that.

    Glad I live where it’s so very cold much of the year and the significant shrinkage issue would keep this from ever becoming a reality.

  20. Gotta love Tampa, there is the clothing optional resort off of US41 in Lutz north of Tampa, you’d be amazed how many people drive by it not knowing it’s there.

  21. I’m not sure about the guys “think of the children!” appeal. There’s the culture clash, sure but did you know that nudists often have kids who they raise nudist?

    Maybe I’m just a bleeding-heart liberal.

  22. ninabi says:

    I wouldn’t be totally naked. Nekkid almost never equals hot.
    I’d have a blindfold on to protect my sensitive eyes.

  23. MissPeacock says:

    @freepistol: For real. And it’s great that their going to let people break their leases without a financial penalty, but moving is the biggest hassle in the world and it can cost a whole lot of money, too. I can’t IMAGINE what I would do if I woke up and read that my place was being turned into a nudist colony of all things. My neighbors are disgusting slobs when they’re clothed. I can’t imagine what’s underneath.

  24. Trai_Dep says:

    Image: Bay Watch babes cavorting nakkid, playing volleyball.
    Reality: Grandma squatting in front of you to pick up her paper.
    But a totally hawt grandma!

    I’d argue against Alex’s referencing “exploring their sensual sides”. I’ve been to a bunch of nudist beaches since a kid and it’s not sensual. Just dangly and free. Oh, people? Remember to sunblock ALL your areas or suffer the consequences.

    Can we have the image blocking the guy’s unit extend to say, his sternum? Give us guys something to aspire to, Consumerist!

  25. Trai_Dep says:

    @Dakine: Move to California. Sure there’s some average looking bare people, but it being what we are, quite a few (cough) presentable ones too. :)
    Not that one should gawk, of course. Overtly.

  26. IphtashuFitz says:

    Great website. Go look at any of the pictures and the full images all have titles that say “Photo caption here”.

  27. Ihaveasmartpuppy says:

    Ugh, I see enough of my neighbor’s XXXL sized buttcrack and man boobs now – it’s shockingly hideous. But him without a stitch on? Revolting. I could not live with that view.

  28. IphtashuFitz says:

    I wonder if the owners are setting themselves up for a bunch of lawsuits. People who don’t appreciate nudists will consider the owners to be creating a hostile environment since the residents won’t feel comfortable there any more.

  29. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    They might be accepting of others after realizing that under our clothes, we almost all look the same!

    @Arkley: No. No we don’t.

  30. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    Oh crap. Can someone close that for me? SORRY!

  31. camille_javal says:

    @Michael Belisle: The only “think of the children” aspect that I thought of reading the above was that, if there are a lot of families with children and teenagers, there is a good chance that a lot of families who don’t want their kids to grow up in a nudist apartment complex (whether because they’re prudes or because their teenagers might have coronaries if the new residents were either as hot as the site seems to suggest or as hideous as we suspect) will have to pick up and move.

  32. Black Bellamy says:

    Excuuuuuuuse me while I whip this OUT !!!!!!

  33. Soulgenesis says:

    @ninabi: Naked is no.

    Naked = normal. nudists. nude.
    Nekkid = naughty ;) fun times with the SO

    yep. Nekkid time with the girl in the pic is always appreciated. ;)

  34. fuzzycuffs says:

    I’ve got nothing against nudists. And in fact, a previous comment said they should have brought it to a vote with the tenants.

    Unfortunately, this isn’t a co-op. Instead, it’s an apartment building. Because of that, the landlord decides what goes, and they’re probably realizing that they can get all the current residents out, revamp the place a little bit, and charge a premium for a specialized kind of living. It’s a good idea, especially since fighting for renters is about location and amenities, and if this place is a bit removed from typical commutes, or is far away from where people work, then I bet with the rise in gas prices, they’re going to have a tough time competing with other apartment buildings.

    Solution: provide that special service for people who want it, and don’t mind having to drive out to work (or are retired already, as it seems like a lot of nudists are).

  35. BlondeGrlz says:

    @Alex Chasick: Mr. Consumerist does not look very happy about his current position. He thinks his rights have been violated.

  36. Brine says:

    My parents are nudist, and they have said themselves, “Most of the people are not pretty.”

  37. Geekybiker says:

    It doesn’t sound all that bad on their website. They have a clothing optional pool and nude sunbathing. I’ve been to resorts with a similar setup and they are almost always screened off so casual passer-bys won’t see anything. It certainly doesn’t sound like people walking around everywhere naked.

  38. jimconsumer says:

    This is hilarious – “lots of children and teens in the community.” Heh. I grew up with hippie parents. Every vacation included a stop at nudist colonies. You know what, it really is no big deal. It is not sexual. In fact, as has been stated here, it’s just a bunch of normal people who look like… a bunch of normal people. It’s not attractive and it’s most definitely not a turn on.

    We’re way too prude in this country. It shouldn’t be an issue if your child sees someone naked. They see themselves naked all the damn time, what’s the problem here? Afraid they’re going to see a bunch of people who look exactly like themselves? I understand you don’t want your children exposed to sexual activities, and neither do I, but nudity and sex are two entirely different things. Quite frankly sex is the LAST thing on anyone’s mind when you’re hanging around a bunch of naked people. Your teens will get much more horny gawking at one another’s tight, short jeans. Stick ’em all in a room, naked, with other naked folk and the response will be quite the opposite of what the “save the children” crowd fears.

  39. katylostherart says:


    positive: warm sunny days on naked skin = lots of vitamin d

    negative: skin cancer and alligators having a go at your jiggly bits because they are sans clothing protection.

  40. @camille_javal: a lot of families who don’t want their kids to grow up in a nudist apartment complex … will have to pick up and move.

    Yup. Worse things have happened.

    @Trai_Dep: Reality: Grandma squatting in front of you to pick up her paper.

    “There’s good naked and bad naked. Naked hair brushing, good; naked crouching, bad. When you cough, there are thousands of unseen muscles that suddenly spring into action. It’s like watching that fat guy catch a cannonball in his stomach in slow motion.”

  41. seanSF says:

    From the images on their site, it looks more like a swingers’ club than a nudist colony. (Yes, there’s a difference.)

  42. JaneBadall says:

    As a retired massage therapist, I can tell you that most people look better naked. Which is NOT to say that they all look like sexual ideals. But they do look normal. The human body, taken as a whole with all of it’s variations, is surprisingly unremarkable. Even the people that you think would be scary.

    That being said, I would pissed if this happened to me with no warning. It’s one thing to be comfortable with the body. It’s another to be thrust into someone else’s lifestyle without a vote.

  43. uricmu says:

    Maybe I’m not understanding something, but the description doesn’t seem true nudist… The swimming pool is described as “European style” (though in the pool image they seem fully nude). European style applies just to women, what about the men ? :)

  44. Quantenmechaniker says:

    So what is Eden trying to tell me? That all women that live there have large breasts and gorgeous bodies? Not that that’s a bad thing, mind …

  45. Alex Chasick says:

    @carso: I made it smaller on the main page so there isn’t totally unexpected sexiness popping up, but, and this might make a good future post, if your job doesn’t allow you to look at scantily or unclad people at work, you should probably look for another job…

  46. DrGirlfriend says:

    Children and teens indeed….there will be naked animals roaming about! What is this world coming to, where young people can see a dog’s bare ass. Someone hand me some pearls, I suddenly feel the need to clutch some.

  47. katylostherart says:

    @Alex Chasick: uh… so i mean, barring my job which requires it, you think it’s good that employees can watch porn at work?

  48. katylostherart says:

    @uricmu: well if you’re in france that means men have to wear speedos or go nude.

  49. acutusnothus says:

    Well boo-fucking-hoo for you, mister nudeyville.

  50. ThunderRoad says:

    It will probably end up being mostly time-shared out as vacation apartments or for adult events. Could be fun.

  51. Freethought says:

    As someone who DOES live in a nudist resort (Cypress Cove near Orlando), I can tell you that it is an incredibly great way to live. Don’t knock it unless / until you’ve tried it. Not having to worry — ever — about what, if anything, to wear, is an indescribable freedom most people can’t even imagine. Plus, our neighbors are the nicest, most friendly and unassuming people you’d ever meet.

    So, good luck to the folks at this complex — the world needs more nudists!

  52. thatgirlinnewyork says:

    @jimconsumer: SO true, that–americans are way too uptight about any level of nudity. it’s hard to find even a topless-friendly beach in this country, because it probably turns “grown” men into adolescents/voyeurs, and pisses off uptight women. lame!

    it looks like this place is going condo, so those leases would likely not be renewed, at some point (don’t claim to know fl laws, don’t want to)

    and they boast “two sculptured swimming pools”! what the hell are those??

  53. kretara says:

    Someone please think of the kids!!!!

    Unfortunately, many (most?) people in our overly religious and prudish country equate an adult being naked around anyone below 18 as pedophilia and as something overtly sexual.

    Heck, where I live now (Arkansas — no jokes please; I saw the same in Massachusetts) seeing 2 kids naked (regardless of age or sex) is looked on as a sexual display and is a lot more than frowned on. The parents are also suspected of being closet child-lovers.

    Gotta love our country of fear and religion.

  54. bohemian says:

    I’m not a prude but I do not want to see the average American roaming around the apartment complex naked. If I lived there and had this thrust upon my life I would be asking the ownership to not only let me out of my lease but fork over for my moving expenses and deposits for a new place. Since most places do not give you your deposit back until you move out and the new place wants it up front that can really strain one’s finances if this was unexpected. This could also be a massive problem for someone if there is a certain image expectation where they work and it came back that they were living in a nudist or swingers building.
    As far as a nudist or swingers apartment complex itself. As long as they are clear about what they are to potential tenants and screen their activities from public view not a big deal.

  55. Alex Chasick says:

    @katylostherart: Well, I was kidding, but sure, if it doesn’t disturb your coworkers.

  56. thatgirlinnewyork says:

    @thatgirlinnewyork: and yes, as a rule, i’ve preferred topless or nude while on beach trips, but have had to do so rather far from here. sad!

    freethought is right, too. don’t knock any of this until you’ve swimmed in the ocean nude.

  57. Gopher bond says:

    @Freethought: I have tried it. There’s nothing that great about it other than rain doesn’t bother you because wet skin dries pretty quick outside. It’s freeing not to be running for cover when it starts to rain.

    Other than that, I found that I was always uncomfortable sitting or lying down somewhere, mostly sweating from skin on surface contact and I found that unpleasant.

    Frankly, I find myself more comfortable in boxers and a T-shirt.

  58. PlayerX says:

    I noticed their website is filled with attractive-looking, younger people. I’m sure in reality, it’ll be fat, grey-haired men with beards and their weird, candle-lighting wives.

  59. thatgirlinnewyork says:

    @fuzzycuffs: read the website–it’s going condo.

  60. iMike says:

    @mthrndr: Absolutely. Alas, the actual occupants of this complex are unlikely to resemble her.

  61. MercuryPDX says:

    @Alex Chasick: Or… save this story for later. ;)

  62. jamesdenver says:

    So what? At least he still has the option to live there while he’s looking for another place.

    Around my neighborhood apartment buildings are bought and renovated into condos – residents get about 40 days notice.

  63. revmatty says:

    I have one problem with nudist resorts: hygeine. Seriously. Most people have insufficient hygeine to begin with, I do NOT want to be sitting down on a chair that someone else’s bare ass has been on. It’s unsanitary.

  64. sashazur says:

    Darn, now the site is down. Can anyone post some links to some other unintentionally funny nudist colony sites?

  65. IrisMR says:

    I shrug this off rather easily. Kids won’t be harmed and unlike popular belief, nudists are not sexual predators or exhibitionists. Heck, they’re born naked aren’t they.

    Our family is actually friends with owners of a local well-known nudist colony. Been there a lot as a kid, and there’s nothing wrong going on there. Just your daily camp, only with your clothes off.

  66. webdoyenne says:

    Florida is, after all, home to the American Nudist Research Library

  67. Brine says:

    @revmatty: From what I’ve learned, they should be carrying a towel with them to sit on.

  68. thatgirlinnewyork says:

    @revmatty: do you seriously believe a layer of cotton saves you from predatory microbes? one’s hands and mouths transmit far more germs than one might get from butt cheeks. and sitting on outdoor furniture is not likely an issue around a chlorine-laden pool.

    clearly, there’s more than hygiene coming between you and any sort of nudity.

  69. thatgirlinnewyork says:

    @thatgirlinnewyork: whoops! I meant “sculptured pools”!

  70. Freethought says:

    @revmatty: If you knew anything about what you are commenting on, you’d know that proper nudist etiquette is to ALWAYS sit on a towel, and never sit on anything without a towel between it and your butt. So, hygiene is not a concern and I have found most nudist resorts to be spotlessly clean, since there are no soggy swimsuits dripping everywhere.

  71. katylostherart says:

    @Alex Chasick:


    i think that WOULD disturb me. flying viscous bodily fluids. someone would would eventually shoot an eye out.

  72. genglefins says:

    That pic looks like it coulb be from an Aberchrombie and Fitch catalog. Oh wait, no, it’s not two dudes.

  73. L33tminion says:

    Honestly, I think it will take more than seeing some naked people to traumatize kids. Kids are not so easily traumatized as people seem to think.

  74. DogTheSixth says:

    Tampa Bay is completely overbuilt with shoddy “luxury apartments” – possibly due to years of inflated job reports ([www.sptimes.com])

  75. Shadowfire says:

    If they’re so proud of being a nudist colony, why do none of the pictures feature people nude?

  76. samurailynn says:

    The problem here is that the tenants and the renters had an agreement – the tenant would live in the (non-nudist colony) apartment complex for X amount of time and pay $X per month. If the tenant broke that contract, they would have a penalty to pay. Now the renter is breaking the contract, but rather than having to pay a penalty, they just have “let” their tenants out of the contract.

  77. arl84 says:

    There’s no moral issue here.

    People want to be nude, then let them be nude. Gotta do it somewhere, right?

    The real problem is that this was imposed on the current renters so suddenly, and was released to the public before the tenants were informed. Not cool.

    Also, they really make it sound like it’s going to be a bit more than a nudist colony…

  78. whatdoyoucare says:

    @seanmcleary: I thought the very same thing after visiting the website.

  79. Charred says:

    The masked paintgun bandit STRIKES AGAIN! >,>

  80. PanGalacticGargleBlaster says:

    I think it could solve one of my biggest problems. I just got back from the doc. Menopause… I’ve hit the jack pot! (Please let this be it Gawd! Please.) My primary reason for going was the hot flashes. She gave me sleep meds. I moaned and groaned about not wanting more pills. This is the answer I needed. I’ll move my flabby butt to Florida and bask in the glow of power surges unimpeded by hot clothing! Thanks Consumerist for helping heal me. Now I’m off to go grope some nice looking young men since I can get away with it by blaming it on senility now. Whew who I’m officially a dirty old woman at 38!

  81. quirkyrachel says:

    I just want to point out that Consumerist now how a Nudist Colonies tag. rofl

  82. Landru says:

    If I lived there I would be furious and would ask for moving expenses, as well as all the rent I would have paid for the months left on my lease. If I terminated the lease early they certainly would do that to me.

  83. kinksville says:

    Having been to multiple “clothing optional” events, both adult-oriented and family-oriented (I was NOT raised as a nudist), I have to say that I see nothing wrong with the idea of a nudist apartment complex/condo.

    Springing it on the current residents without any warning? Shabby. Even if everyone has to either buy in or move out, they deserve some warning. Also? Both of the people in that lead in picture? I *wish* I had those kind of muscles!

    As far as the attractiveness of naked people goes…well its about the same as the average people you see on the street. Most of them are…well…average. Some of them are super hot! And some of them are wrinkly/obese/etc.

    After being around naked people for a while it becomes much less of a “thing”.

    Interestingly enough as far as kids around nudist goes, my personal experience is that between maybe 8-18 they seem to prefer clothes for the most part. Then after 18 the older they get the more likely they are to peel. Guys seem less self-conscious about it than girls.

    Personally while I have no PROBLEM with being naked at events like this, I usually wear a sarong…cuz sitting naked on outdoor furniture, concrete, grass, etc is just not comfortable.

    But as far as swimming goes, it definitely beats suits all hollow.

  84. humphrmi says:

    Nudist colonies sound great until you see who actually wants to run around nude. Then, not so much.

  85. snoop-blog says:

    I can understand people who wouldn’t want to live there because of the new rules, but this is a free country, and if they want to turn it into a nudist colony, they have the right to. Much like if you don’t like it, you have the right to move.

    I will say the naked human body is beautiful, and use to be considered worth making statues out of.

  86. Anto103 says:

    Sounds like good clean family fun.

  87. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    I’m posting naked.

  88. humphrmi says:

    @snoop-blog: Um, OK… but what about contract law? Not that I’m morally opposed to it, but unless my lease explicitly stated “fellow tenants will run around your home nude” I doubt anyone could convince me that freedom of expression was at stake.

  89. bohemian says:

    @snoop-blog: The way some apartment complexes are set up in warmer places where there are 4 buildings forming a box around a central courtyard with a pool and limited access, it would be ideal for what these people want to do. I don’t have an issue with a bunch of people wanting to make a nudist or swinger only apartment complex. But they really should have given the current tenants more time to find a new place and compensation that would be enough to get them moved and deposits on a new place or fork over their deposits early. The issue is more with how bad the landlord dropped the ball on the current tenants and left them in a bad situation.

  90. thesabre says:

    Just in case you (pl.) didn’t notice on the website, it does say that the nakedness is limited to 18+ adult only areas. It’s not like there are people walking into the leasing office to pay their rent in the nude. I have a feeling people are reading too much into this. The apartment complex in which I used to live had saunas in the gym with lots of naked people in them. There were no kids allowed and thus, there were no children “exposed” to the scary naked body. Nor were there any little naked kids running around.

    For those of you who are made because the editors of this site didn’t put an NSFW tag on the link – you’re reading an article about a NUDIST facility. If you see an article about nude people, and you’re at a workplace that frowns upon looking at pictures of nude people… perhaps you shouldn’t read that particular article at work.

  91. Lambasted says:

    That is a very interesting perspective from a legal standpoint. A typical constructive eviction may include a landlord turning off utilities, refusing to eradicate an extreme pest infestation, not making repairs to dilapidated units, or harassment. Turning the apartment complex into a nudist colony certainly has to be unique in terms of testing the legal limits of what defines an apartment “uninhabitable and unsuitable for the purposes for which it was leased”. Similarly, subjective obscenity laws test the limits of what is considered a “prurient” interest, and what has serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value.

    The landlord is allowing tenants to break their lease without penalty–a typical outcome in cases where the landlord is held responsible. I don’t know if the legal remedy in that state allows for residents to recoup moving expenses under such circumstances but I would sue for it. As an apartment dweller myself, I wouldn’t want to have to find a new place to live on such short notice. Moving is a logistical and financial burden that an unsuspecting tenant shouldn’t have to bear.

  92. Parting says:

    @bohemian: I would looove to see nudist apartment complex, especially at -30 degrees in winter here *evil chuckle*

  93. robotprom says:


    yeah, no ones knows it’s there, except for the big “PARADISE LAKES NUDIST RESORT” painted on the wall surrounding it.

  94. LintySoul says:

    I viewed the web site, and at first glance I thought those were pictures of unfinished houses. The stark Canary Yellow reminds me of that plastic Tyvec housing wrap. The balcony also looks a bit like scaffolding.
    Strange people must dwell inside such strange places.

  95. ShariC says:

    A big part of what underlies eating disorders in America is reflected in this thread. The idea that only beauty should be displayed (it’s okay if they’re naked if they’re hot) and rampant discomfort with body image is a part of many comments. This sort of thinking makes people neurotic about body image. They become obsessed with food and develop eating disorders.

    The prudishness of a society leads it to hyper-sexualize everything because they are constantly repressing their feelings. Nudity is not about sex in many cultures but simply about not wearing clothing. Americans (and I am also American) see any nudity as sexual from breast feeding to nudist environments. This sort of thinking is one step removed from someone who titters every time they hear the word “come” because they can’t help but mentally connect it with sexual usage. People need to grow up and develop mature notions of sexuality and nudity.

  96. Morticia says:

    I’m with you revmatty. Undies do manage to contain pubes and snail trails.

  97. mikelotus says:

    @PlayerX: you are sure of that? which one are you then?@Ihaveasmartpuppy: i heard he feels the same way about you.
    The jokes about not wanting to see your neighbors nude grow tiresome. Ever think they may not even want to see you clothed? Are people on this site really that superficial?

    Bottom line, sounds good to me.

  98. macMD says:

    It would sound great, and would be great say when you were in college with lots of 18-21 year hotties but seriously who are they kidding. I’m sure the dept of children’s services would like to speak with the management given that exposing (no pun here) to that environment would not be the best.

    Nice looking complex but I really don’t want to see hairy manback walking by as I have breakfast on my balcony, ya know.

  99. For some reason I’m frighteningly inspired by this article, which may result in me drunkenly laying naked on the balcony for most of the day..chainsmoking and chugging vodka as i yell at my neighbors “its only natural man….only natural!”

  100. Robobot says:

    Not an ideal situation, but at least the tenants are allowed to break lease. I’m in a similar situation (no, really) and the lease is set in stone because the changes my housemates are making “improve the value of the house.” 11 months to go…

  101. cerbie says:

    Ugh. I don’t see it being turned into whatever anything to be concerned about…but dropping it on the tenants like this is bad stuff. Is there any chance to get moving costs covered?

  102. LostAngeles says:

    I’m a lover of floorplan porn but the bathrooms on some of those confuse me. It looks like there’s triangles of empty unused space behind the walls. It looks like a nice bathroom, but it just strikes me as horribly inefficient.

    But then, I can’t see if there’s any kind of utility pipe running through there or something.

    On-topic: I’m cool with nudity, but there should have been reasonable notice to the current tenants.

  103. elisa says:

    Are they going to compensate the current tenants who want to move, since the tenants would have had to pay a penalty if they had broken the contract instead of management?

    Also, does Tampa have rent control? I doubt it, since RC is usually only applied to older buildings, but I thought I’d throw it out there, this may be constructive eviction…

  104. hejustlaughs says:

    The crowded elevators must be interesting.

  105. baristabrawl says:

    @GothamGal: Agreed. The people who are naked are always the ones who shouldn’t be. Ug.

  106. claudia says:

    I think nudism is just natural and I think it’s horrible that it’s so frowned apoun, hidden, and outlawed in the majority of places.
    I am always naked when I can be and when I can be is only when I’m alone in my room. My family doesn’t allow it in the rest of the house and the law doesn’t allow it outside. I think it has nothing to do with sex, when naturists want to appear more sexual they change the way they are acting and you view them in a whole different way.

  107. claudia says:

    To me, being nude is being the same person but in a sensually charged ambience that is very pleasurable. Indeed I prefer being with my family and other sociable mixed gender naturists in clubs and resorts for all of our recreation or relaxation. My personal best was three weeks vacation at a resort in France, with everything except sandals put away for the entire duration. The strangeness of shirt and shorts to depart there was almost as strange as becoming a naturist many years before. As regards sex-life; being nude together promotes an appreciation of the pleasure that can be given one to another.

  108. Nic715 says:

    There was an article similar to this in South Florida’s Sun-Sentinal last week. Apparently they’re doing that at quite a few apartment complexes in South Florida…not making them 100% nudist but many with more than one community pool are making 1 pool clothing optional. They seem to think that this will boost rentals since they’ve been losing them left and right lately…..I personally don’t see how making 1 pool clothing optional would make more people want to rent their units…I think it would however make more than a few people who DON’T live there take a drive around the complex!

  109. Barbie8Ken says:

    That photo actually has nothing at all to do with the EdenTampa.com residential community that the story was written about. I happen to have an apartment there and love it. When I asked them why they would tell the news reporters before telling us, they explained that they did NOT tell the reporters, but rather someone leaked it to the reporters who quickly swarmed down on the place with cameras in tow asking a million questions.

    It is funny how twisted around the story seems to have gotten from the truth and the facts. This is NOT a “nudist colony”. It is still a residential community with two swimming pools and one of the pools is for adults only. Just like night clubs and casinos are for adults only and just like many of the upscale resorts in Vegas have swimming pools that are for adults only. This is no different. An adults only pool with fewer restrictions on the adults so we can all sunbath, relax and enjoy the sun and pool without being splashed by noisy kids. I like it and plan to stay and look forward to enjoying European/South Beach style nude sunbathing and swimming.

  110. BlueLobster says:

    Come on now. Of the whole complex, only one of the pools is proposed for clothing optional use (nudity not required) and it is to be landscaped, gated and signed so it cannot be viewed from the outside, and no chance of anyone getting a glimpse unless they decide they want to.

    By the way, “Colony” is so passé. Went out of use, except by the uninformed, decades ago. Today’s terminology include Landed Nudist Club. Nudist Resort, Nudist Community, Nudist Campground, Or as most prefer to be called these days “Naturist” Club, Resort, Community, Campground etc. The proposed change of one swimming pool does not put the complex into any of these categories.

  111. claudia says:

    To me, being nude is being the same person but in a sensually charged ambience that is very pleasurable. Indeed I prefer being with my family and other sociable mixed gender naturists in clubs and resorts for all of our recreation or relaxation. My personal best was three weeks vacation at a resort in France, with everything except sandals put away for the entire duration. The strangeness of shirt and shorts to depart there was almost as strange as becoming a naturist many years before. As regards sex-life; being nude together promotes an appreciation of the pleasure that can be given one to another. The world is full of surprises and the secret naturist, who tends to explore country side and other areas not usually explored by ‘normal’ people and who also present an attractive target by being naked, tend to attract all manner of interesting creatures, many of which are intend on biting, stinging, eating and generally making life a misery for any unfortunate who passes by. Naturist looks like you and I and come from all walks of life. You will find it to be a relaxing lifestyle that is free of the daily stress we all experience. Naturist groups like [www.naturistmingle.com] are looking for people who are open minded and want to enjoy the company of others of a like mind.

  112. meg9 says:

    Ack, please put a NSFW on the link to the main page of the website. Nekkid lady laying by the pool is NOT too great for a work computer.