Yum! Brands Restaurants Now Serving Tomatoes

Junk food connoisseurs will be elated to learn that according to Fox 5, Yum! Brand restaurants are now restocking tomatoes after the recent salmonella outbreak which has forced many restaurants to take them off the menu. Federal officials say that the outbreak has sickened 277 people nationwide. The Yum! Brand restaurants include Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, A&W and Long John Silver’s. This article does not imply, however, that their food alone won’t make you sick.

Yum Brands Serving Tomatoes [Fox 5]
(Photo: ableman)


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  1. sir_pantsalot says:

    Now I don’t have to feel bad about eating Long John Silvers anymore.

  2. lalaland13 says:

    I heard McDonalds was doing this too. It makes me a bit uneasy, since they never found what’s causing this, right? Also, Conan did a nice little bit on tomatoes last night.

  3. So wait, Pizza Hut wasn’t using tomatoes before now?

    On a lighter note, I hate tomatoes, and every place I have gone to lately where I said no tomatoes has insisted that they are safe, b/c they think I don’t want them b/c of the Sam n’ Ella.

  4. trecool95 says:

    Baja Fresh pulled them for awhile and had them back yesterday.

  5. @lalaland13: They aren’t sure of the location of the outbreak. They do know where it DIDN’T come from, as well as what styles were affected. I don’t expect them to easily track down the tomatoes due to the length of time between consumption and sickness, amongst other things.

  6. Tmoney02 says:

    But when will I get the green onion/chives whatever they were back on my Mexican pizza? It used to be so colorful and festive, like an edible pinata.

  7. bologna_wallet says:

    @Git Em SteveDave: I think the issue was with uncooked tomatoes, so that wouldn’t be a problem with Pizza Hut.

  8. legwork says:

    Labor disputes + angry pickers + pooping in fields + long shipping times = bad news.

    I’m sticking with locally grown, at least until Sam & Ella quit visiting.

  9. AD8BC says:

    Mmmmmmm. Long John Silvers!

  10. ptkdude says:

    @Tmoney02: I’m right there with ya on the mexican pizza! They got rid of the green onions, and the problem ended up being the lettuce (which they never even temporarily ditched).

  11. SaveMeJeebus says:

    @Git Em SteveDave: Never did. It is just HFCS with red dye.

  12. SahuaritaSam says:

    As I’ve stated before, companies should have just bought their tomatoes from Eurofresh Farms, which have been safe during the outbreak and are proactive in minimizing contamination. It’s a good company.


  13. @lalaland13: legwork has the story right. It’s a combination of borderline slave labor working in the fields and pooping on the produce.

  14. gjaluvka says:

    My money is on this company having rarely if ever been referred to as “aptly named”.

    Back to the topic at hand.

  15. ElizabethD says:

    Yummm. Not about Yum’s, but I just had a killer* sandwich from Whole Foods that had sliced tomatoes on it. (It’s called a Manhattan sandwich. Highly recommended.)

    *LOL — great verbal slip there!

  16. chiieddy says:

    All it means is they’ve gotten their new supply of tomatoes from a source not related to the outbreak. Mcdonalds has put them back on the menu too and other places (Starbucks) have been slowly adding items with them as the source is cleared.

  17. Ein2015 says:

    Chipotle’s serving tomatoes again too.

  18. Ein2015 says:

    Chipotle has tomatoes again too.

  19. Michifernication says:

    I just think its funny how all of the grocery stores down here in Miami have had all their tomatoes on sale since the Samantha Poisoning news broke.

  20. phelander says:

    The post so nice, he made it twice.

  21. savvy999 says:

    In other corporate news, the Yum! Brands Restaurants are forging strategic partnerships with Arff! salmonella testing labs, Splat! toilet paper products, and Groan! antacid/pain relievers.

    It’s a win-win for all consumers.

  22. Angryrider says:

    Remember Mad Cattle Disease? How long did it take for us to go back to eating beef? 1 day? 1 hour? So why are you worried about tomatoes.
    Other countries STILL won’t accept our exported beef because of it.

  23. yevarechecha says:

    Panera has tomatoes now, too. I was surprised to find them on my turkey sandwich yesterday when I took off the wrapper. I don’t like tomatoes on my sandwiches, but I hadn’t heard that they were being served again so I didn’t bother to tell the cashier I didn’t want them. Oops.

    They’re also slowly appearing back on store shelves around here, but in an ironic twist, we had a massive water main rupture on Sunday night that took out service to most of the county and we can’t use tap water for cooking until Thursday, so the tomatoes would be contaminated again anyway. Ha!

  24. smallestmills says:

    277 people got sick? That’s it!!! How many people must YUM! brands alone have served with salmonella infested tomatoes? When I hear out break, I want large numbers. Last I heard for Michigan, it was 12. TWELVE. Why is this even an issue? (The last question was rhetorical, I don’t expect/want an answer.) I’m pretty sure I’m impervious to all disease. And mosquito bites, ftw.

  25. thelushie says:

    @yevarechecha: They were on my chicken salad sandwich at Panera yesterday, too. I don’t like tomatoes on my sandwiches either. I picked them off.

    I want to change my username to junk_food_connoisseur!

  26. Ritchel says:

    They pulled tomatoes from everywhere, even though there were only a couple of suspicious places the tomatoes could have come from. It was pretty obvious it was going to be illegal field workers again.

    The most annoying part was that this has been dealt with very quickly, and my state was one of the ones that was found to be okay TWELVE days ago:

    “On June 5, using traceback and other distribution pattern information, FDA published a list of states, territories, and countries where tomatoes are grown and harvested which have not been associated with this outbreak. This updated list includes: Arkansas, California, Georgia, Hawaii, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Belgium, Canada, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Israel, Netherlands, and Puerto Rico. The list is available at http://www.fda.gov/oc/opacom/hottopics/tomatoes.html#retailers.”

    (from [www.fda.gov] )

    Of course, the tomatoes are still gone here. I expect that anything with tomatoes in it will magically double in price once they come back, too.

    The most current information can be found here:

  27. Jay Slatkin says:

    @savvy999: I lol’d.

  28. jennacca says:

    My husband was watching our local news channel the other day and part of the newscast regarding the salmonella outbreak was an explanation that tomatoes that you grow yourself are not affected by the outbreak.
    Ahh….rural Michigan. Gotta love it.

    (Although this explanation might be necessary in many, many, many parts of the country)

  29. rattis says:

    My lunch from taco bell had tomatoes in it today.

  30. Balisong says:

    My lunch from Panera has tomatoes in it.

    Didn’t want to go to Panera…

    Stupid MoCo water main bust closing all the good restaurants…