Broadway Express Responds With More Information About The Moving Disaster

The moving company responsible for the moving disaster that we mentioned the other day has written in to share some information about the way insurance works in the event of such a catastrophe.

Broadway Express says:

We have been in constant contact with the customer since the accident. Credit cards are charged for these self moves on the day of loading. Standing procedure in the transportation industry is a load must be paid for before a claim can be filed. The customer called as asked immediately after the accident if we would refund the load charges, and we said we couldn’t, but the insurance was contacted and an adjuster was sent out promptly. The salvageable items were loaded on another one of our trucks in the area and is being transported to the customer’s destination.

The standard claim form sent to the customer states .60 cents/lb. This is not the case with a catastrophe. This customer will probably receive full value from the insurance company. An adjuster is also meeting the truck in California to re-evaluate the goods.

They also let us know that the driver is very experienced and has been with the company for 14 years but is from Illinois and was unfamiliar with the Boston area and made a tragic mistake while trying to merge into traffic. Let’s send everyone involved our best wishes.

(Photo: k a t m )
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