Intern For

It’s time to get some fresh slaves in here. Ideal candidates for email internsare college student who, in order of decreasing importance:

  • Love The Consumerist.
  • Can commit 1-3 hours every other weekday, without fail.
  • Enjoy asking strangers for followup information.
  • Are adept at sniffing out the one good needle in a pile of haystacks.
  • Are a Gmail master.
  • Live for labeling.
  • Rock Gmail macros.
  • We’re also looking to rotate in a new comments moderator. An ideal candidate :

  • Loves The Consumerist.
  • Is already active in the comments section.
  • Is slow to anger.
  • Can facilitate group discussions.
  • Is frequently online.
  • If playing Dungeons & Dragons, character would be “Neutral Good”
  • Send 2-3 paragraphs on why you want the job to No resumes or attachments, they will be deleted unread.

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