Former Employee Says TJX Security In Lawrence, Kansas Is A Joke

Remember TJX’s gigantic security breach problems last year, where data on 94 million accounts was stolen? Good for you, because apparently TJX doesn’t. A former employee of a TJX store in Lawrence, Kansas was fired recently for posting anonymous complaints online about the current sorry state of his store’s security, which included the store manager writing server login and password information on a sticky note, and the store resetting employee passwords to blank fields.

According to The Register,

Benson’s May 8 posting was prompted by news that managers had changed the password for employees to access the store server. Inexplicably, it was set to blank. When Benson first began working for TJX, his password was the same as his user name, he said. Then came word in January 2007 that unknown hackers had brazenly intruded on the company’s network over a 17-month period. For a time following the disclosure, TJX employees were required to use relatively strong passwords. The change to a blank password clearly represented a step backward, Benson thought.

TJX says the former employee divulged confidential information, but Benson claims that he’s acting as a whistleblower to get them to improve their security:

“My information is still on that server,” he continued, referring to the machine that sits in an office at the TJ Maxx where he once worked. “So if their network is insecure, then my information is insecure. I’d prefer they get it fixed.”

“TJX employee fired for exposing shoddy security practices” [The Register] (Thanks to Will!)
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