Reach Northwest's Executive Management Team

Meet Doug Steenland, CEO of Northwest airlines. He and his fellow executives can help fix problems left unresolved by tree-bound call center sloths. Here’s how to reach Northwest’s executive management team…

Douglas Steenland
President, Chief Executive Officer, Director

David Davis
Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President

Michael Miller
Vice President – Law and Secretary

Andrew Roberts
Executive Vice President – Operations

Neal Cohen
Executive Vice President – Strategy, International

Kristen Shovlin
Director, Customer Service

Theresa Wise
Chief Information Officer

Jodee Gruebele
Administrator, Executive Communications


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  1. egoods says:

    Remember folks, abusing this can just dilute the effectiveness for all of us. Us it as a last resort ONLY!

  2. MalcoveMagnesia says:

    After the all-but-approved merger with Delta (which all price & choice loving consumers should be against), most of these executives will be out of jobs.

    Doug Steenland will retain a seat on Delta’s board, and he gets a $20,000,000 bonus to see this merger successfully through.

    No more bitching letters from unhappy customers and a big fat bonus, no wonder he’s gung ho for Northwest Airlines to fade into the sunset.