Dunkin' Donuts Won't Give You A Cup Of Iced Coffee Because You Look Under 18

Coffee lovers, rejoice! Dunkin’ Donuts is giving away free 16 oz. cups of iced coffee today—unless you look under 18 and don’t have identification. Tipster Carolyn watched with disbelief as workers at the Dunkin’ Donuts at 1433 2nd Avenue on New York’s Upper East Side refused to serve two high school seniors who didn’t have identification.

Carolyn writes:

I walked into the Dunkin’ Donuts and there were three people ahead of me in line. The first two were two girls, who were together. One asked for a free iced coffee, and the guy behind the counter asked her for ID.

She asked why he needed it, and he responded that she had to be over 18 to receive the free coffee. She asked if he was serious, and said she didn’t have any ID.

At that point, those of us behind her in line started saying that we’d never heard of that rule, and I said that I’m a high school teacher and many of my 14-year-old students today had gotten free iced coffee.

He replied that he didn’t make the rules, and the girls left.

The woman ahead of me and I then pulled out our IDs to get our coffee, but he said he didn’t need to see them, it was just that those girls looked so young to him.

How odd! Let’s look at Dunkin’ Donuts Brand Marketing Officer Frances Allen’s description of free iced coffee day:

We look forward to treating everyone to a free cup of our delicious, freshly brewed iced coffee on May 15.

Not everyone who look over 18. Not everyone with ID. Everyone!

We called the Dunkin’ Donuts on 2nd Avenue and said that we were 17 and in need of free iced coffee. They told us to get lost, adults only. For the hell of it, we called two more Dunkin’ Donuts’ down the block. Neither is carding customers, and one told us to “bring the kids.”

According to the corporate office, free iced coffee day is for everyone. They’re trying to track down the franchisee to work out a solution. Another free iced coffee day seems in order. Kids only.

(Photo: cheesebikini)

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