United Airlines Glitch Drops Fuel Surcharge And They Won't Be Able To Fix It Until 8pm Tonight

You can save up to $130 due to a “human error” that is causing United Airlines to drop the up to $130 fuel surcharge, says the Wall Street Journal. The airline says they won’t be able to fix the glitch until 8pm tonight, so hurry up and book it:

“What happened was a human error that resulted in us taking off the fuel surcharge on all domestic flights,” said Robin Urbanski, a spokeswoman for United.

Airlines file their fare levels three times a day in the U.S. to Airline Tariff Publishing Co., the U.S. air-fare clearing house. United’s 12:30 p.m. eastern time filing was incorrect, the airline said. The next chance for Untied to file air fares was 8 p.m. eastern time.

Buy now! Tell a friend! Sorry, United!

United Drops Fuel Charges, for a Day [Wall Street Journal]

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