Dear Ticketmaster, Stop Scalping Your Own Tickets

Reader Santiago CC’d us on a letter to Ticketmaster’s parent company, IAC. As we’ve mentioned before, Radiohead fans are upset with Ticketmaster for linking to and promoting a “partner” ticket reseller that is charging exorbitant amounts of money for hard-to-get Radiohead tickets.

Santiago writes:

To whom it may concern at IAC,

Recently I found out you are the owners of Ticketmaster, I don’t know if you are aware but in April 19 tickets for the Radiohead concert in Toronto went up for sale by Ticketmaster at 10:00 a.m. At 10:00 a.m. it was already impossible to find tickets, they had sold out. Instead Ticketmaster was offering the chance of going to their partner website, and buying the tickets from there, which of course meant that a ticket with a regular price of $70.00 could now be found with a value of up to $500. I intended to purchase two tickets and I am not willing to pay $1000 for them. It is not clear to me how tickets might sellout in the first minute of their launch. Should Ticketmaster and your company be abiding by a business code of ethics this wouldn’t happen, I refuse to buy tickets from scalpers and even more so when those scalpers are linked directly (and protected) to the company that was supposed to provide us with the tickets initially.

I expect this letter to cause no effect whatsoever in your companies policies, but would just like to let you know the frustration that my girlfriend, me and many fans of Radiohead feel towards your company and Ticketmaster.



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