12 Stores' Deals For Cashing Your Rebate Check

Dealnews has a roundup of twelve different retailers that give shoppers discounts for cashing and spending their tax stimulus checks in-store. There’s deals by Kroger, Safeway, ShopRite, SuperValu, Meijer, RadioShack, Sam’s Club, Sears/Kmart, Staples.com, Wal-Mart, Rosenau Powersports, and Zonder.com. Dealnews breaks down what the specific deals are, as well as going into the fine print and limitations. Personally, we’re spending our stimulus check at the bank but if you’re already going to spend a big chunk at one of these stores, it might not be a bad idea to take advantage of some of the offers.

Make the most of your stimulus check: Stores that offer stimulus check bonuses [Dealnews]


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  1. Am I the only one who still has not gotten their rebate check? (Yes, I checked their website and was supposed to get it May 9th via direct deposit.)

  2. DeeJayQueue says:

    @Russell’s old room: Nope, I’m not getting mine till the 16th at least.

  3. Plat says:

    @Russell: Ours was May 9th and we received it via direct deposit.

    Thing is, I need to buy some large appliances in the next week or two. I wonder if one of these stores would still give me the 10% bonus if I show them the “Understanding Your Economic Stimulus Payment” slip which mentions the direct deposit.

  4. rmz says:

    Some local car dealerships here are offering to double the value of your rebate check (so, giving a $2400 credit for a $1200 check) which is a pretty nice deal, I think.

  5. highmodulus says:

    Who is still getting checks that reads the Consumerist as well? I would think those Venn diagrams don’t overlap at all.

    Given the the increased security and payment speed of direct deposit, hopefully anyone savvy enough to read the Consumerist is smart enough to use direct deposit for their tax refunds.

    Still haven’t received mine either FWIW.

  6. @rmz: Only if you negotiate the price of the car before revealing you want to take advantage of the “double your rebate” deal.

    Otherwise, they’ll just “mark up” the car’s price so they can “mark it down” and you feel like you got a deal.

  7. @rmz: Depends on the car. If it’s just on the gas-eating monsters they otherwise can’t sell, I say no deal.

  8. @highmodulus: “Given the the increased security and payment speed of direct deposit, hopefully anyone savvy enough to read the Consumerist is smart enough to use direct deposit for their tax refunds.”

    It’s possible that people who paid zero in taxes, or paid in, may be getting a paper check because direct deposit wasn’t set up.

    Paying/getting refunded Zero would be the ultimate Consumerist, eh?

  9. I was supposed to get mine by direct deposit on May 2. No dice.

    I was one of the people the gov’t hates…I adjusted my withholdings to try to break even, but ended up owing $200 or so. From a few searches here and elsewhere, that seems to be the common theme for people who didn’t get DD on time. Everything I could find kept mentioning “if you got your refund by DD”, but nothing on “if you paid by DD”. The latter is apparently completely different.

    The website had nothing on my status until this morning. Now it says I’ll be getting a paper check on the 23rd. Guess they’re sticking it to me for my “underwithholding”, huh?

  10. @InfiniTrent: Yeah, they do that. I would expect prices on everything to be adjusted upwards for the next month or two. As for cars, the usual rules still apply. After the New Year up until about Easter is the best time to buy. Lots of overstock they’re desperate to unload. Sales staff with big credit card bills from Christmas are more pliant than during the rest of the year. So I’ve heard.

  11. @Ash78: I owed money, paid DD, but still qualify for the rebate.

    “The waiting is the hardest part…”

  12. Anks329 says:

    waiting on my DD… i got a refund, but haven’t gotten the stimulus money yet…

  13. selectman says:

    @Ash78: Ditto. I had the same exact problem.

  14. @Russell’s old room: (I mean paid via automatic deduction from my checking account.)

  15. B says:

    I got mine direct deposited into my account yesterday, and my SSN is way at the end of the list. I did file my tax return back in February, though.

  16. Sucko-T says:

    “Customers who don’t have a hard copy of their checks (i.e., those who received their checks via direct deposit) can buy their gift cards with cash, personal check, or credit card.”

    Does this mean I can buy a gift card for any amount and get 10% added on? Not everyone gets exactly $600 or $1200…

  17. B says:

    @Russell’s old room: Did you have to supply your checking account # and routing info to pay?

  18. Erwos says:

    @highmodulus: To be fair, we didn’t fill out the direct deposit forms because we saved too much, and didn’t get a tax refund (and paid a hefty bill on interest, in fact). The wording is a touch confusing in that it seems like you’re not supposed to fill it out unless you’re getting a refund.

    As for the money, I’ll toss it in the bank and spend it when I need to. No sense going on a shopping spree and buying stuff I don’t really want.

  19. @B: Absolutely. Maybe since I owed money I will be getting it via snail mail?

  20. @Russell’s old room: Yes, everything appears to point to a paper check for anyone that owed money on 4/15 (regardless of how you paid the IRS).

  21. B says:

    @Russell’s old room: Well, the IRS has all it needs to do an ACH deposit into your account. I don’t see why they wouldn’t do it that way, as processing a ACH should be cheaper than sending the check through the mail, but who knows what the IRS’s policies are.

  22. theblackdog says:

    I already got mine, and it paid for car and renters insurance for the next 6 months. No running out to any stores for me.

    Now if Costco had offered a stimulus check deal…

  23. @B: Haha. Your naivete’is charming. Yes it would be cheaper and more practical, but the IRS is still a government agency.

  24. catskyfire says:

    I got mine by direct deposit, transferred it to savings, and it’s going to help me buy a house.

  25. highmodulus says:

    For those who paid taxes, if you paid electronically they would still have your information. When I have cut it too close on withholding and had to pay taxes, I always paid electronically for the IRS confirmation number you get that way.

    Even if you paid zero, you needed to file to confirm that. Now if you were except/no income and didn’t file, then you would have to do a separate filing to get the small payment. I would imagine that subset of Consumerist readers is small.

    Not sure what we will use ours for- maybe home improvement, maybe savings for now.

  26. highmodulus says:

    @catskyfire: Congrats- that is a great use of the stimulus payment!

  27. Antediluvian says:

    Mine went right into the IRA.

  28. dr.zaeus says:

    My wife called the IRS the other day, because we were supposed to get our check deposited by the 9th, since we chose direct deposit for our refund, right? Little did we know, that if you chose to have the filing fee applied to your refund (instead of paying it out of pocket) you will be receiving a paper check instead of a direct deposit; our deposit will be made at the end of the month.

  29. chiieddy says:

    @Russell’s old room: If you filed too close to 4/15, you might not get it for 6 weeks after you filed. The IRS has to “process” your return before they’ll release the funds.

  30. chrylis says:

    @highmodulus: Don’t be quite so quick to make blanket statements. In my case, I only withheld about 5% of my total tax liability (legitimately, under a “safe harbor” rule) and paid the substantial remainder with a check drawn on an interest-bearing checking account.

    I actually thought about the possibility of putting in ACH information anyway, but I checked the IRS’s Web site and couldn’t find anything to suggest that it would be helpful since I certainly wasn’t getting a refund. I decided against putting down extra financial information since it didn’t appear to have any benefit.

  31. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    Those deals kinda suck. Only 10% off on most of them. You’re better off investing your stimulus check or using it to pay off some debt.

  32. Tmoney02 says:

    @Russell’s old room:

    My Girlfriend was also supposed to get it by that date but hasn’t. And she filled out her taxes in Feb. Someone mentioned a site to check on the status of one’s rebate. I guess I will have to have her look and report back.

  33. Again, the IRS appears to be “rewarding” those that got a refund.

    Even though I owed money (filed in early Feb) and the DO have my ACH info on record, they are not direct depositing the money–I’m getting a check. By SSN alone, I should have had my money electronically on May 2nd.

    Sorry to say this for a third time, but this site also shows up on google searches on the topic and I like to share experiences/updates for others’ benefit.

  34. Tmoney02 says:


    Funny thing is I just checked I got my refund today even though it wasn’t due till Friday. Anyone know why it was for 563 though? I didn’t make a ton of money last year so why aren’t they paying me the full 600?

  35. Balisong says:

    @Tmoney02: I got an odd amount too, so I’m as confused as you are. Is this typical? I thought these were coming in full 300’s and 600’s. Can someone explain?

  36. Odd amounts: Rebates are apparently reduced if one of these two occurs

    1. You total tax liability for 07 was less than the rebate amount (not likely if you worked a full year)

    2. Your AGI is over $75k, which apparently means there’s a prorated reduction in the rebate.

    Just read this stuff for the first time…

  37. mrm514 says:

    Best Buy takes the stimulus check too.

  38. Balisong says:

    @Ash78: Doesn’t seem like either of those would apply to me :

  39. marzak says:

    i finally decided to fully read the irs site for the stimulus payment. Because I had turbo tax hold out the fees for my return, i will be getting mine mailed (tomorrow) and because my wife could not e-file, hers will be mailed next month. So even though I have irritated with coworkers receiving their checks when I did my returns months before them, It all just boils down to policy.

  40. B says:

    @Tmoney02: If you make less than the minimum (or more than the maximum), you get a pro-rated amount based on how close you were to the cut-off.

  41. idx says:

    That’s good to know about Sam’s Club. I need new tires, so by using my stimulus check I get a $40 gift card just for buying something I was going to buy from Sam’s in the first place. Assuming I get my stimulus check in time.

  42. ThunderRoad says:

    I’m happy to cash in my $600 for $660 at the local grocery and then just deposit $600 into my ROTH instead, but I got my direct deposited so I have no “check” to cash.

    None of these stores seem to have an idea how to handle the people that don’t have a physical check.

  43. thelushie says:

    Another reason you may not get the full amount is if you own someone somewhere. Student loans, social security payment you should have not received, etc. If you didn’t get the full amount, you might want to call and find out why. And from what I understand, if your tax return was not PROCESSED by April 15th, then the payment can be delayed.

    Mine is scheduled for DD on May 16th. My SSN ends in 90 so I am one of the last! I am still happy to get the money though.

  44. thelushie says:

    @idx: That’s a good use of your stimulus check. Get something free for buying something you already need.

  45. jackelmatador says:

    At my Albertsons they did not need proof, plus you can pay with credit card, welcome 5% more cash back!

    The only problem I have is the government did not count my baby girl as a deduction, seems other people are having the same problem.

  46. crevers says:

    Wife and my joint tax return was snail-mailed in mid-March with a physical check (we owed a whopping $5). We used TurboTax, which prompted us for direct deposit information for the stimulus payment. We expected $1200, and in accordance with SSN-based estimates from IRS, our stimulus payment was direct-deposited this past Friday 5/9.

    Except, we got $1194.92. The IRS still thinks we owe them the $5, plus 8 cents fees and interest, even though they happily cashed that $5 check back in March. So, they just withheld that from the direct deposit. Now I have to decide whether it’s worth spending time on the phone w/the IRS to straighten things out…for $5.08.

  47. meadandale says:

    Since I didn’t get a rebate check–I was busy paying more taxes so others could get one–can I write a check to myself and have one of these places cash it for me and give me the extra 10%?

  48. albo23 says:

    Blah.. I get mine around July 11th.

  49. BadBadKitty says:

    Express credit auto is offering to double your down payment (ie : 300=600) and that extends to ANY down payment ..

    Our local “cheap” grocer “buyforless” is also offering a 10% bonus to a gift card purchase with your stimulus check .

    The buyforless deal is a good one , the express credit auto i wouldnt touch if they gave be triple , just a shady dealer .